Monday, January 10, 2011

Useless Post

Hello all!  Yesterday I noticed everyone is posting jars of floss so I began to investigate why.  I found out that Sharon, aka Daffycat, started a totally useless stitch along.  Wow there's tons of members!! What fun!! I really wanted to join Daffycat's TUSAL but unfortunately it is too late to join. Ah well, maybe next time.  Perhaps I'll start my own jar of useless bits of floss just to play along.  Here are some pictures I thought I would post just for the sake of posting them.

Snow in North Van about two months ago
Greeta and Hamish playing (my aunts' dogs)

My brother's dog Misty...sooo cute!!

Backstitched squirrels frolicking

I think the above squirrels deserve a bit of a story.  They are part of this really OLD WIP I started when I was a teenager and is, embarrassingly enough, not yet complete.  It's a rather large project and unfortunately I used 18 count aida, which I don't like stitching on (at all!!), especially when the pattern has a gazillion 3/4 stitches and uses loads of Kreinik 004 gold filament.  This is the main reason why I haven't finished the project.  Not only that but I have had to seriously frog out loads of it throughout the years, noticing the mistakes I made from years ago.  For some reason I tend to work on this project when I'm tired or there's bad lighting.  It's the bane of my existence!!!! Perhaps tomorrow I will reveal other bits to you, so check back soon!!

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