Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Mad Stitcher

Ever have one of those nights where all you do is stitch until your neck hurts? Well that was me last night.  I decided to pull out my geisha girl and attack all the lazy daisy stitches and backstitching that I have put off.  Plus I started a new Dimensions project and made some progress on that.  I'm pretty proud of myself that I managed to finish the geisha's obi!! My first lazy daisy stitches were ok, but I got better at them as I progressed. 

Look at the lazy daisies!!
Hobbit town as I like to call it
Half a man, buggy, door and horse!
I'm going to try tackling the geisha backstitching and try to finish it today! It was started, eh hem, 2 years ago! That's how much I hate backstitching!


Meadows08 said...

Great work! So if you do the back stitching does that mean your geisha is finished???

Heidi said...

Your Geisha girl deserves your attention as she is just beautiful. The lazy daises look really nice. Practice does make perfect in most things in life but you did fine.

I would love to live in Hobbit Town instead of living in a city suburb. *sigh*

Hugs from Holland ~