Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nearly done Tanglewood!

I'm very close to finishing Tanglewood and I am happy yet sad at the same time.  It has been a lot of joy stitching this piece and a lot of interesting stitching memories have gone into each stitch! As for my biscornus, well, I finished the back of Barbi's design, and nearly done the other side of Debi's Roses.  I wanted to stitch them together, however, I was dog sitting this whole week and couldn't find the iron to iron down the edges to make the biscornu. Now I have to run off this weekend for church and work is super busy next week! Hopefully on Sunday night I will have some time to stitch it together.  I have decided to leave the edges clean on Barbi's design and bead Debi's Roses.  I think both will look fantastic!

Onto other news, Nataly is having an amazing glogiversary give away! Hop over to her blog and wish her congrats.  Nataly's stitching is always a pleasure to look at and her finishes are lovely! Click here for her blog:

The edging of the branches will take awhile!
Cute bird showing off his colourful feathers
Biscornu back, a simpler version of the front

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Much Progress

As my post title states, not much progress to report :(

I have been more than sidetracked with life.  My sister came to visit after my mother left, so I had her to entertain.  I've been working a lot which leaves me tired at the end of the suck up your energy!!! My husband's birthday was yesterday, so there was that to plan and run around for. Oh, and I made bread for my first time!! Tons of fun to make bread! It didn't look that great, but it tasted amazing. With all of that going, where did my stitching go??  It was staring at me pleading to be worked on!! Especially those biscornus.  I have started working on the backs of them but I am really unsure of how I want to finish them.  Beading the edges seems to me to take a lot of time and I really just want to get one done.  Tassels are not my best friend, and no matter how much I try to make them look good, they never do.  So hopefully this weekend will be a bit quieter and I can finally get my biscornu's under way.

Questions on finishing

Suggestions to making beading go faster? Should I stitch up the biscornus then bead with the beading needle if I feel they need a little pizazz? Or just leave the edges clean?

Pics of slow progress. Also a pic of the picture frames I found while scouring the Lower mainland thrift shops. Still no frame found good enough for my geisha girl!

Thinking of projects to fill the frames with

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daffycat's Bunny Arrived!!

So today when I got up, I raced down to the mailbox and found Sharon's, aka Daffycat, package waiting for me!! I couldn't believe how cute the little bunny fob is with its silk ribbon and tiny beads stitched in along the sides.  Sharon your work is incredible! And it smelled of lavender too! My sister is visiting from Prince George and both her and I were amazed at Sharon's finishing skills.  I have a lot to learn still and hope one day with practice I can make sweet little finishes like Sharon's and everyone else that I am friends with in blogland.

Thanks again for your gift Sharon!

Bunny Fob made by Sharon aka Daffycat
At home with my stork scissors

This would not load the right way for some reason
I decided to have fun with my sister's camera and take close ups of Debi's Roses, which I still need to finish!

Waiting to be beaded
Only a few more branches to do!
Having fun with the macro setting!

Take care!