Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daffycat's Bunny Arrived!!

So today when I got up, I raced down to the mailbox and found Sharon's, aka Daffycat, package waiting for me!! I couldn't believe how cute the little bunny fob is with its silk ribbon and tiny beads stitched in along the sides.  Sharon your work is incredible! And it smelled of lavender too! My sister is visiting from Prince George and both her and I were amazed at Sharon's finishing skills.  I have a lot to learn still and hope one day with practice I can make sweet little finishes like Sharon's and everyone else that I am friends with in blogland.

Thanks again for your gift Sharon!

Bunny Fob made by Sharon aka Daffycat
At home with my stork scissors

This would not load the right way for some reason
I decided to have fun with my sister's camera and take close ups of Debi's Roses, which I still need to finish!

Waiting to be beaded
Only a few more branches to do!
Having fun with the macro setting!

Take care!



mdgtjulie said...

Great pics, and your fob is cute. Are those Algerian Eyelets around the roses border? Tanglewood looks good too. Keep up the good work!!

Teresa said...

Debis's rose is so pretty, I love it. The scissor fob is cute, she did a wonderful job.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Elaine said...

Sweet fob from the lovely Sharon.
Two lovely wips!

Koala said...

I like this little fob :-) How are you going to finish the roses, btw? :-) The tree is gorgeous, I really like this design!

Sally said...

How cute is that fob from Sharon! Love it.

Debi's Roses is looking beautiful and Tanglewood is coming long really well.

Melissa said...

What a lovely gift from Sharon!

You're just about ready to do the Happy Dance with your two WIP's! Yay!

Rhona said...

Your gift from daffycat is gorgeous! As for the Roses,I'm in awe....totally amazing.

Carol said...

I just love that little fob from Sharon--really beautifully finished. And your roses piece is gorgeous, too...The more you finish, the easier it gets. I'll bet your finishes will look just as good before you know it :)