Friday, November 13, 2015

Ummmm....It's Been Too Long!

Wow, over two months since I've last posted.  What can I say? Babies take up a lot of time and time just zooms by when you're a zombie!! Or what I like to say "Mombie"! Nathanael is now 5 1/2 months and we are in the thick of sleep training both for nighttime and naptimes.  I've had to try a number of different methods and try to steer away from rocking him to sleep as it's no longer effective. This lil' guy has had a number of issues that have interfered with him learning to self-soothe: mainly me, construction that had been going on for 3 months beside us, colic, GERD and well just being a baby.  So I've been attempting the pick up/put down method and going in every 3-5 minutes until he falls asleep on his and today for his morning nap...wait for it...I only went in once!! NO BATTLE TO SLEEP FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. SSH.....maybe I shouldn't have shouted that and jinxed myself.  Well, it's one small feat for a mamma who is at her tethered end.  I want to be able to craft again!! Speaking of crafts, I am almost finished the granny stripe, only 4 more stripes then the border! I finished the PS santa and put in some stitches in Sarah Chapple but that's about it.  Nothing else has been going on.  I feel bad that I have neglected this space and all of my stitchy friends.  Did you know it was my 5th blogoversary on September12th?? I missed that too! If I had more than a 1/2 hour stretch at a time to do things I would have planned something as I want to get rid of lots of charts and things.  Well maybe in the new year when he's a bit older.  

Would you like to see some stitching and baby photos? Well here's a few! Be prepared for an onslaught of photos!

First the stitching and crocheting:

Sarah Chapple's border meets which is always exciting for us stitchers!!
Sarah Chapple: the border meets!!!

Added a few stitches into Sarah Emery

 An autumn stitch which is sort of Halloweeny but since I like crows and don't celebrate Halloween, I consider this more of an autumn stitch

 Helped my mom start Autumn Fraktur by PPS

 Kinda jealous that I'm not stitching this...but perhaps I will be as she hasn't really stitched it since!

A finish...finally! I love this PS Santa!

Now onto crocheting.  I finished Nathanael's Granny bunting which looks great above his crib.  He enjoys looking at it too!

More Granny stripes have been put in since this photo was taken so no need for an updated one.

Now onto some Autumn and baby photos.  We had a deliciously warm October so lots of walks around my neighbourhood.  However, November has been cold and rainy so not as many walks as we'd like.

Shades of Red

A gorgeous churchin my neighbourhood with a brilliant sunset sun shining through the trees
Baby photos....

Ground control to major Tom...hehehe

Having a laugh with Great Nana
Well that's all my dears.  I hope you enjoyed the update.  If you want to follow me on Instagram my username is @annithadoll.  Much easier for me to post onto Instagram than find some time to do a blog post, although I do miss it! 

Hugs to you all and from Titus too!!