Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Crafts and Flowers

Hello Everyone!

It's been a very productive and restful Spring Break for me so far.  We've had a mix of nice and rainy days but the weather has definitely warmed up for spring.  All the magnolia and cherry blossom trees are in bloom and I have even spied the tulips starting to pop up! Amazing how early our spring has come this year.  My sewing machine has been busy too.  I managed to finish a rag quilt in 3 days.  It took a lot of work though and it isn't perfect by any means, but it is done other than the tedious snipping I have to do and the last throw in the wash and dryer.  Baby Bean will love it and that's the most important thing right?! I've also been researching cloth diapers and what baby needs, which we are sorely lacking but I think we will be okay.  Bean doesn't need much in the first few months other than me! Bean has been jumping, jiggling and kicking around in me and sometimes, gives me discomfort with sharp jabs to the bottom of me. OUCH! I can hardly wait to meet our little one! Plus I want to "sleep" without acid coming up my esophagus every night.  I say "sleep" with quotations because I know I won't get a lot the first little while.  But that's okay since we will have a sweet little one to love.  As for stitching, I've put in a lot of love into JCS and have been doing eyelets and backstitching.  I've yet to find a spring design to stitch with all my other crafting going on but that's okay.  There's still time left! The Nashville releases have been tempting but with the Canadian dollar so low and the postage rates so high, I've passed up buying anything.  Although I did purchase a linen grab bag and chart from the Scarlett Letter and was shocked at how much I had to pay for the two things.  That's the last of stash buying for a LONG time!

You came here for some eye candy so here it is!

The back of the rag quilt and my little crocheted bootie

The little ceramic button is made by my friend, Niki Holmes, quite a talented pottery artist.  The yarn is actually very white but I think the hue of the IG mode made it look pink.  

Titus adding his fluff into the fabric
Here's some adorable cotton fabric hubby wanted for another baby blanket.  Funny thing is he said he was going to make it and now, he's asking me to do it! 

Love bees and this blanket will be simple yet sweet.

JCS has some lovely little eyelets and backstitching peppered throughout the design.  I'm nearly done with the backstitching and then I can move onto more cross stitching.  I may start Adam and Eve next. 

I adore that little hear in the corner.  So pretty!!

Now the blooms of Spring.  I've been in awe of all the magnolia trees that have been opening their luscious blooms for us.  They come in so many different varieties it's amazing!

These last fushica blooms are stunning to see.  What a vibrant colour!

Couldn't leave without a photo of some cherry blossoms.  I have so many more flower photos but I'll save them for my next post!

Hugs to you all and thanks for visiting!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bitter Flower Sampler Finished!

Well, it's my second finish and my third post of the year.  I'm on a roll. NOT! Oh well, life gets us busy and things go to the wayside when you spend most of it sick, writing reports and going to appointments all the time.  Thankfully, I'm on the mend with Spring break to look forward to.  I have a number of little projects in mind for Spring break so we will see if I get them done.  I want to attempt making a cloth diaper, make those cute crocheted booties and a wet bag.  Should be manageable right? We will see! 

Onto my bitter flower finish.  It's a BOAF design that I had kitted up for awhile.  It was a pleasure to stitch in hand.  I used 32 ct. Ray of Light Belfast with the recommended WDW threads.

The linen is a bit topsy turvy for some reason. Hopefully it'll straighten out when I frame it.  

I've made some progress on my other big WIP's so here are the photos.



Sarah Chapple
I'm itching to do a little small but not sure which spring one to do. I'll have to look through my freebie charts and other spring charts to see what speaks to me.  

Speaking of spring, we have had an early start to spring.  Many of the blossoms and flowers are out although we are now going through a bit of a cold snap.  Hopefully the flowers will be okay!

I've also done a wee bit of knitting just to practice my knitting skills.  I'm attempting to make my hubby a scarf for next winter. So far so good!

Knitting in the BClabs waiting room
Hum, nothing much more to report other than I'm having loads of fun with my acid indigestion and pregnant insomnia.  Thankfully I smile when I feel Bean roll, kick and push parts of me.  It's such an amazing feeling to have in my belly!

Of course I can't forget my first fur baby...Titus!

Helping me with reports

Hiding under a blanket

Giving me "I want kibble" eyes
Hugs to you all and thank you for visiting!!