Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Crafts and Flowers

Hello Everyone!

It's been a very productive and restful Spring Break for me so far.  We've had a mix of nice and rainy days but the weather has definitely warmed up for spring.  All the magnolia and cherry blossom trees are in bloom and I have even spied the tulips starting to pop up! Amazing how early our spring has come this year.  My sewing machine has been busy too.  I managed to finish a rag quilt in 3 days.  It took a lot of work though and it isn't perfect by any means, but it is done other than the tedious snipping I have to do and the last throw in the wash and dryer.  Baby Bean will love it and that's the most important thing right?! I've also been researching cloth diapers and what baby needs, which we are sorely lacking but I think we will be okay.  Bean doesn't need much in the first few months other than me! Bean has been jumping, jiggling and kicking around in me and sometimes, gives me discomfort with sharp jabs to the bottom of me. OUCH! I can hardly wait to meet our little one! Plus I want to "sleep" without acid coming up my esophagus every night.  I say "sleep" with quotations because I know I won't get a lot the first little while.  But that's okay since we will have a sweet little one to love.  As for stitching, I've put in a lot of love into JCS and have been doing eyelets and backstitching.  I've yet to find a spring design to stitch with all my other crafting going on but that's okay.  There's still time left! The Nashville releases have been tempting but with the Canadian dollar so low and the postage rates so high, I've passed up buying anything.  Although I did purchase a linen grab bag and chart from the Scarlett Letter and was shocked at how much I had to pay for the two things.  That's the last of stash buying for a LONG time!

You came here for some eye candy so here it is!

The back of the rag quilt and my little crocheted bootie

The little ceramic button is made by my friend, Niki Holmes, quite a talented pottery artist.  The yarn is actually very white but I think the hue of the IG mode made it look pink.  

Titus adding his fluff into the fabric
Here's some adorable cotton fabric hubby wanted for another baby blanket.  Funny thing is he said he was going to make it and now, he's asking me to do it! 

Love bees and this blanket will be simple yet sweet.

JCS has some lovely little eyelets and backstitching peppered throughout the design.  I'm nearly done with the backstitching and then I can move onto more cross stitching.  I may start Adam and Eve next. 

I adore that little hear in the corner.  So pretty!!

Now the blooms of Spring.  I've been in awe of all the magnolia trees that have been opening their luscious blooms for us.  They come in so many different varieties it's amazing!

These last fushica blooms are stunning to see.  What a vibrant colour!

Couldn't leave without a photo of some cherry blossoms.  I have so many more flower photos but I'll save them for my next post!

Hugs to you all and thanks for visiting!!


Annie said...

Lovely quilting and stitching. The bootie is so cute!

Sound like Bean is full of energy! Sorry you are having indigestion and sleep trouble. Guess it goes with Motherhood. I never had kids so no advice from me.

Postage rates have really gone crazy! And the service has become more spotty too. Not so great for our stitching community, but a lot if stash built up is quite a help!

Cindy's Stitching said...

pretty quilt. Love the fabrics. Flowers are in bloom where you are.

butterfly said...

What a lovely post , love the little bootie and the
quilt .
Beautiful Spring flowers.
Enjoy your week.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The magnolias are amazing, I love when they appear over here - most likely another six weeks or so before we'll get close to that happening. You've been very busy with your crafting, all such lovely things too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's getting closer! Have you researched slings and wraps? They are a great way of keeping bean close but still having your hands free.
JCS is coming on really well and the bootee is just so tiny and cute!

Barbi said...

Such beautiful blooms!!! I really love that bee fabric!
Great stitching and that bootie is to die for! :)

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! That bootie is precious. What a great rag quilt Anne.
Could you elevate the head of the bed just a bit?
You two are in my prayers daily.♥

Justine said...

I love your rag quilt and that gorgeous bootee! You're so clever. I'm sure you will get many many gifts when Bean arrives and as you say, they need very little in the beginning.
Your sampler is looking beautiful. Have you found something to stitch yet for Bean? xx

Justine said...

I love your rag quilt and that gorgeous bootee! You're so clever. I'm sure you will get many many gifts when Bean arrives and as you say, they need very little in the beginning.
Your sampler is looking beautiful. Have you found something to stitch yet for Bean? xx

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Lovely post. The rag quilt is so sweet. Little Bean is a lucky little soul to be so loved already. I don't want to sound like my mother, but take care that little Bean doesn't eat the bootee button. Irene xxx

gracie said...

The quilt is beautiful and Little Bean will snuggle nicely with it. So is your plan to use cloth diapers?

Blu said...

What a darling little quilt! Little Bean sounds like an energetic fellow!

Linda said...

Beautiful quilt and stitching Anne. I love the pictures of all of the blooms.


Margaret said...

I know you are excited for Little Bean to make his/her debut! Enjoy those last months of pregnancy -- things will change very quickly. lol! The cloth diapers can be a pain but they are a good way to go. We used these wool diaper holders -- I can't remember what they were called, and this was 20 plus years ago too. They probably have better things on the market now. Love the rag quilt, and the fabric, and the little bootie. Have loved seeing all the magnolia pics and cherry blossoms too. I can't wait for our magnolia to bloom!

Julie said...

A wonderful blanket you have made, its adorable as is the little tiny bootee.
Very sunshiney skies you captured in your flowers pics.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching! Love that quilt you made. And look at that teeny tiny bootie!! Great job, Anne! :D

cucki said...

Beautiful quilt and lovely stitching...
Sweet spring pictures...
Big hugs xx

Lesley said...

What a lovely quilt and sweet bootie:-)
and your stitching is gorgeous as are the Magnolias

Melissa said...

My first thought was "what's a rag quilt?" I'd never heard of it before. It looks very nice though and not made of rags like I'd expected - lol.

You've been busy, little mama! It's that nesting thing happening and it's all good!

Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!

woolwoman said...

Your baby quilt and bootie is so sweet ! I hope you will continue to do well with all the kicking and moving going on. Baby Bean is ready to see the world ! Glad you are making such awesome progress on JCS - it's a beauty.
Take care - Mel PS - I apologize for all those deleted comments - something hiccupped on blogger and posted my comment about 10 times. urghhh

Mii Stitch said...

What a beautiful little quilt! Baby bean will be so comfy :) The first little bootee is sooo sweet xx

Lumiruusu said...

Your large smpler looks really pretty and you have already achieved a good proggreswih it-well done 1 Those flowering trees are just geaorgeous -I have never seen magnolias in bloom for aplletrees to be in bloom we have to wait for late May...Greetings from Finland !

Melanie said...

*squeeeee* It's a little bitty booty! So cute!!
All the fabrics are awesome. :)

Ellen said...

Love that quilt and booty!

What gorgeous flowers, just love them!


Lois said...

Such a lovely quilt! The bootee is so sweet too. Lovely pictures of the magnolias in bloom, they are only starting to bud here. Look after yourself, soon that little Bean will be in your arms!

Carol said...

Looks like your "nesting instincts" are really kicking into high gear as you prepare for your baby's arrival, Anne! I just love the little rag quilt and the bootee is precious--so teeny! I always forget how absolutely tiny newborns are :)

I'm so glad you had a good break and the spring weather is coming at a perfect time for the arrival of your little one. We are a long way from cherry blossoms or anything blooming so I love seeing your photos, Anne.

Sorry about the digestion problems, I didn't encounter those when I was pregnant, but I seem to have them now and then now that I'm older--not fun!!

Take good care of yourself now, my sweet friend--I'm thinking of you and your little Bean :)

Maggee said...

Such a cute little bootie! And the quilt is going to be perfect for Baby Bean's arrival. Considering all the demands on your time, your stitching is coming along nicely! Big Hugs!

Annette-California said...

The little bootie melts my heart! Beautiful Anne! Your quilt is so pretty. Great Job!! WOW your sampler is looking more & more spectacular!! LOVE it! love Annette

Brigitte said...

So nice to hear that you were making the best of your school holidays. Oh what a lovely quilt you made for your little Bean. I love the sweet owl fabric - and also the new quilt with the bees will be beautiful. Nice progress on your sampler.

Magnolia trees are my favourite trees because their blooms show that spring has arrived. Unfortunately they are very rare up here in the mountains, it's just not the right climate for them up here.

Heidi Kuijer said...

How fun to have read that you also made a rag quilt. I have to get busy with one for my grand niece. She is graduating collage. Yours is adorable and has cuddle factor for your upcoming bundle!

Your spring weather is farther then ours. We had no winter this year so are anxious to get into spring and seeing our garden come to life. We are sick of cold winds and rain.

What is the designer of your last stitch...bitter flower? I love it and you did a beautiful job. I am collecting bee charts to make for my kitchen and want to look for this one.

Hugs from Holland,

Gillie said...

Oh gosh, Anne, I remember those horrible heart burn nights! Lovely stitching and knitting and thank you for the blossom pictures. We got snow again yesterday!

Annette said...

So a very late comment from me, but still with love.!!
I love love love the Magnolia flower!
I put a plant of it in my garden last year, really hope it will give me flowers!!
here it's still to cold, I haven't seen blossom flowers yet.. BUt the green is getting there!!
Ow My your quilt is so darn cute!!
Baby bean will love love it!!!
The show is so darn cute too..
Your on a roll sweteie.. great job on teh stitching too.
Enjoy it all!!

rosey175 said...

Eee, baby stuff is just so cute! We aren't planning on having kids (yet?) but all the little baby items make me squeak in delight. Your little bootie is just adorable and so is that cute owl fabric!

Beautiful flowers, too! We have yet to see much in the way of blooms down here which may be a good thing as it's supposed to dip below freezing again this weekend. I'm so ready for spring!

♥ Nia said...

Sleep? Oh sweetie, you won't sleep again for the next few... Years!! LOL :p
Well, my boy is one year already! :) and no one sleeps over here hahahahaha hope you'll have better luck ;) not all babies are the same :)
Diaper cloths (lots!), baby clothes (they also change a lot), some warm blankets and a good bag to put everything you need when you go out... I think those are the essentials!
And if you'll Breastfeed, you can easily make a special pillow, very very useful! There are a lot of tutorials on the web ;) those are expensive to buy but very easy to make :)

I'm trying to find some time to catch up on blogs :) slowly but I'll get there ;)

♥ Nia said...

And i looooove your quilt!! :D

Meari said...

The quilt is adorable! As is the bootie. Titus... He's so thoughtful... adding his bit to the project. ;-)