Saturday, January 30, 2016


Eek! Over two months since I've last posted! If I thought I had no time back then, boy do I not now that my boy is into everything and I'm making all of his purees which means more dishes, washing and planning.  In the evenings I don't feel like stitching at all. Instead I've been vegging on reruns of the Office or playing with my essential oils, making bath salts, sprays and massage oils.  I did put in a few stitches the other night on Sarah Chapple, finished one Christmas stitch and the border of my granny stripe.  Yup, that's all the crafting I've done.  My mojo is gone and who knows when it'll come back.  

Thank you to those who have stuck with me.  I've noticed over 20 people dropped my blog, which is odd because when I was more active, I usually deleted a blog if they hadn't updated in 2 years! I've also noticed on Instagram, because of my Nathanael pictures, I've lost loads of stitcher friends.  Which is fine because if you want your feed to be purely stitching, delete the cute baby feed!! Odd how people are.  Anywho, that's my rant and again, thank you to those of you who continue to stay in touch with me during my first year as a mother.  It's definitely challenging but so rewarding at the same time.  

So Nathanael has been an early crawler, stander and basically, getting into everything.  He babbles and said "Mum!" last week which melted my heart.  He loves the water and so we took him swimming which is such a fun family activity. He loves most food but isn't too fond of avocados, peas, beets or green beans.  But what child is?!! We'll keep trying though! He gives big smiles to everyone, loooooves guitar and is clapping all the time.  What an enchanting age.  I wish I could time freeze and stay in this stage forever.  Without further ado, here's a plethora of photos, including some minor stitching ones.  

Cut out backing fabric have yet to sew them together

A finish that was supposed to be done in 2014

The vine on the left is finished, just need to add the flowers!
There's a border but I forgot to take an updated photo
Not into these photos anymore
After the hand flapping, he destroyed the string
Not interested in looking at Mama now
Swim time with daddy

Having the time of his life!

He's a big boy eating toast!

Me and my precious boy

Nana and Nathanael

Touching plants at the mall

Loves his kangaroo jumper

Titus and me on Christmas morning..N was asleep

Christmas time

Ukulele lessons

Papa and Nathanael

Titus and N

Couldn't resist adding this photo of his blue eyes!
Made some wool dryer balls with essential oils

Sleeping boy...rare

Chilly park day

I'll try to update a bit more often but it's hard to do being so busy.  I go back to work in May - insert major waterfall tears here- and will be even more busy! 

Hugs to you all!!