Saturday, June 23, 2012

Drum Roll.........Giveaway Winner!!!!!!!!!

Drum Roll....................................................

The Winner of My 200 Follower Giveaway is.........................................

Barb from the Wicked Stitcher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Barb! I will email you shortly to get your snail mail info!!

Don't laugh about what I'm about to show you.  Well, okay you can!! (It's the only way I can figure out how to show you my list and results....sigh)

Yup, I took photos of my computer screen!!!

Note on Random Generator

If anyone knows how to take a "picture" of the random generator results please let me know.  I'm having a very frustrating time trying to figure out how to make a snapshot of the win.  I made a list for my lovely readers from that Memories Suite thing and it took me all morning to download and figure out the silly thing! I thought this was going to be easier than cutting paper! But putting names onto a numbered list and using random generator has been more tricky than I thought and it has wasted my precious sunshine, biking, stitching time!! Next time I'm going back to paper!! Also keep checking my blog because there's some stash purging I want to do and will make it a mini giveaway to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer!!!!

A Big warm thank you to all of you for entering and joining my blog! I have full intentions of visiting all of your blogs and taking some time to catch up with you and your stitching.  Just know that I have been looking at your blogs and admiring all that I see.  I have been praying for many of you who are going through some hard times and smiling with you when you show us wonderful pictures of your families, stitching, gardens, pets and cooking. 

Titus sends you all a big loving head butt! (He head butts us like a bull...his way of saying he loves us)

Friday, June 22, 2012

TUSAL and Last Day for Giveaway!

Good morning!

I just realized I forgot my TUSAL post!! Yikes!! There is a lot of Jane bits in there as well as the LHN Bee Fob! Hopefully next month I will have more orts as I'm planning on stitching my heart away when school ends!!
This is also the last day to enter my giveaway, so if you haven't yet, do so today!!

Big hugs to all!

Got to jet off to work now!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

IHSW Results and Giveaway Fob Finished!!

Hello my fellow hermitters and stitchers!!

A big warm hello to all my new followers! I am flattered that you like my little blog and thank you for joining.  Remember to join my giveaway and the other giveaways posted here------------------------->>>>>>>>>

Sooooo busy with only 8 more days left of school! Loads of reports and administrative duties to perform.  Filing out applications for positions next year.  Signing up for some course work in September and thinking seriously of when to do my Masters.  Yup.  Lots of things to do and think about!!

Today was quite the day...I have to say this before I head into photos of my progress.  It started off fine, as usual, with my coffee, a Titus snuggle and all my buses/skytrains/transfers were on time and went smoothly.  Until.....I got a text from a fellow teacher who also commutes telling me that there was an accident on the bridge and that she was stuck on her bus for over 1/2 hour and barely moved an inch! Uh oh I thought.  What will I do?! I stayed on my bus for awhile until I realized we weren't going to get anywhere fast, so I asked the bus driver to let me off, knowing that walking would get me to the other side faster.  So, off I went, hastily walk/running towards the street that would take me to the bridge.  It only took me 10 minutes to get to that street! On the way there, I passed a massive gridlock of cars, trucks, buses and people wearing worried and angry faces.  The stress didn't phase me though.  I figured, why bother getting upset because I left a message with the school informing them of the problem and I knew they would understand! So off I trotted, with the wind blowing my hair all around me, my clothes sticking to me from perspiring and the black clouds behind me, taunting me, threatening me. I passed a crowd of people at the foot of the bridge waiting for the bus and told them "Come join me for my walk over the bridge!! Your bus won't come anytime soon! Might as well!!" And off I went.  As I was walking, I noticed a crowd of people behind me.  Glad they took my advice because not one of our buses made it across the bridge! The view in front of me was astounding.  North Vancouver was twinkling in the bright, morning sunshine and behind me was ominous black clouds of rain.  I made it across the bridge in 30 minutes, hopped in a cab and made it to the school by 9:15! Not bad at all hey?!!!

My photos do not do the splendor justice.  At all.

Pretty crazy start to my day!!

Stitching!!! I stitched as much as I could this weekend, with only a few, irritating, interruptions! I finished the giveaway fob!! Woot Woot!!!! I hope you like it! I think it's adorable and kinda wished I made myself one too! I guess that will be another project for me to do sometime in the future!
Those are the threads needed for the Bee Chart and I picked up those lovely gold scissors for the winner!

GIVEAWAY STILL OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY JUNE 22nd!!! --------------------------------->>>>>
Enter by clicking on the sidebar picture!

Also check out all the lovely giveaways that everyone is having!!!

Good Luck to all!!

Guess what?! The border on Jane MET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put in the stitch that brought the border together in last night.  I was very excited!!Here's my IHSW progress.  I think I did fairly well! Pardon the wrinkles and the poor photos!

Love that big flower even though it took me over a week to do and I had many froggy visits!!

Big hugs to you all and I hope to catch up with everyone in the next couple of weeks!!

Anne and Titus sends a big hello and thanks for all the love!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Updated Giveaway Photo, Jane and Titus

Hello again!!

As promised, I have gathered a few more items for my giveaway today and have taken a new photo. There are still a few little things left to add but that will have to wait until next week when I hit up Michael's.  Thank you all for entering my giveaway.  It's been fun to read everyone's comments about their first stitches and/or their first blog posts.  I noticed that the majority of us, have given our first stitches to our moms.  Our lovely moms who would say nothing less than "It's the most beautiful, precious gift I have ever received!!! I will treasure it always!!" For most of our moms, I'm sure our first stitches are still on display!

I just had to take this photo of Titus lying on my giveaway stuff as I was prepping it for a photo.  Sorry if you see a spot of fur on your items! I will try my best to get all Titus fluff off!!!
Oh my darling fluffy boy!!! I had to roll him off after this photo! Literally!!!!

Giveaway Disclaimer:

Titus will NOT, I repeat, NOT be included in the giveaway! Sorry everyone!!

Updated Giveaway Photo!!

The linen is 32 count Natural Linen.  I really love natural linen and hope you do too!!

Close up of this lovely, adorable fabric I found! Isn't it the sweetest?!?!!!
It's a sort of soft pea green, not as beige like the photo.  You will have to take my word on it!

Oh and I stitched the other part of the bee scissor fob!
Other than the DMC threads I need to pick up and a couple of other treats, oh and of course finishing the fob, these are all the lovely items you can win!

Onto some stitching news.  After long days of transit and teaching, I come home fairly tired but have managed to add at least a 1/2 hour to an hour of stitching.  I have had to frog the vase on Jane Philpott, but after that....HE HASN'T VISITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know the guy I'm talkin' about, that B*****D Frog!!!!
That vase and flower is massive.  It's larger than my hand!! I'm pretty excited about finishing up the corner so I can focus on the right hand side of the sampler! I need to work the border in a certain way because I had to add a stitch on the right to fix a mistake earlier on.  I am really hoping and crossing my fingers that they will match up.

I've been mulling about what to do with my Knotgarden.  I made the scrolls, but the holes for the screws aren't further enough in, so I had to take pliers and try and force them in which made the screws off kilter thereby making the scroll rods off too.  It's a long story, but the best option I have is to find out from Michael's if they have longer scroll rods. So here's my wee start on Knotgarden!

I've been uber behind on the blog posts! So sorry! I hit quite a few this morning and hope to do some more tonight and tomorrow!!!

A toast to all of you!

This is my Caribou look that I tend to sport when I drink a Caribou beer, made in Prince George, my hometown! Represent PG!!!!! Although in this photo I'm holding my sample of iced cider from Quebec.  Truly a lovely drink! I had a lot of fun sampling all sorts of liquors and liqueurs! But the headache I had afterward was not so fun!

Big Hugs to all.

Monday, June 4, 2012

200 Follower Giveaway!!

It's here!!!!!!!

Finally! Right?!!!! I wanted to do this earlier but the weekend got crazy busy and last night I had a little time to stitch one part of the scissor fob I'm making for the giveaway!

So here's the details of what I'm including in the giveaway:

1. LHN Bee Pinkeep design, the center part made into a fob
2. The Bumble Bee Chart
3. A bit of natural linen and threads to start the Bumble Bee design
4. Some extra little goodies from me!!

I don't have a full picture of everything yet because I've been hunting for some extras and haven't found them all yet.  When I do get everything together, I will add the photo to the side bar.

The Giveaway Parameters. I will close the Giveaway on June 22nd and draw on June 23rd using the Random Number Generator, since I don't feel like typing and cutting names!!

1. Be a follower
2. Leave a comment on this post only
3. Tell me about your very first cross stitch finish you made and/or your very first blog post where you introduced yourself to the world!! Don't forget to add your link if you chose the first blog post option!! I would love to read it!!

That's it! My very first cross stitch finish was my mom-in-law's Christmas present which was a little pinkeep.  She loves it even though there were flaws.  We all start somewhere!

My first blog post.  So funny to go back and read it! Oh how unsure I was of blogging and what I was getting myself into!!

I hope you enjoy this giveaway.  I truly appreciate all your lovely comments and support! It means a lot to me!

Titus also says hello and wishes you all good luck!!

Yes, he has his paw on the linen and threads I put together for the bee scissor fob.  See how he loves to help!!

Big hugs to all!!

Anne and Titus!