Saturday, July 25, 2015

Two Months Already!

My little guy is two months today! Boy does time fly when all you get is 2-3 chunks of sleep! We are settling into more of a routine and this week I've noticed he's now sleeping his first sleep as long as 3 1/2 - 4 hours! But I don't get that much still.  I'm waiting eagerly for the day that I can sleep at least 5 hours in one stretch! It's so hard on me and my body.  I feel like an old lady.  My knees creak when I bend down and I have a hard time getting up from a sitting on the floor position.  My feet ache all the time as does my head.  But I'm rewarded with the most darling smiles, coos and "ahgoos" from Nathanael.  I've managed to stitch and crochet a bit when he goes down for a nap once I've done the never ending mountain of dishes and laundry.  I've restarted a Prairie schooler Santa for my husband as the last one I cut the fabric too narrow and there was no point in ripping it out.  Take a look!

I heard that the makers of Prairie Schooler designs--the names escape me right now--are retiring so the other day, I ordered a bunch of charts....charts I won't stitch for quite some time but nice to have on file.  I ordered some of the folk tale ones so I can stitch them for Nathanael. 

During his naps, I managed to stitch some more of the border on Sarah Chapple, frame the BBD "Her Sampler" and crochet a bit.  It's nice to craft a bit...maintains my sanity!

I almost forgot to mention that I was a winner of some of Terri's fabrics - Dixie Samplar- and little fall freebie that I think I'll try to start sometime next week.  Her fabrics are so lovely! Thanks again Terri!

That's it for anything stitching related.  As a new mama, I can't help but take a gazillion photos of my little man.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Starting him early on Russian authors..hehee

He figured out how to get his thumb into his mouth...oh boy!
 That's all for now.  I hear him fussing and I need to get some makeup on my raccoon circles in order to be presentable for the farmer's market!  I thank you all for staying with me and sending your lovely comments even though I haven't responded to them all I still have hopes to send everyone a little email eventually! 

Hugs to you all!!