Friday, September 4, 2015

August End and September

Hello everyone!

It's been too long since my last blog post.  Many times I meant to do a write up but as many of you know, having a baby is a full time, round the clock job.  So many thing fall to the wayside.  I try to do at least one activity a day, whether it be a walk, a visit with a friend or an adventure.  Some days we stay in and just nurse to get my supply up.  Breastfeeding is a joy but also a lot of work! My little guy had a couple of weeks of not feeding very well so in order to increase my supply, I had to pump 6 times a day! That takes a lot out of a person.  But now we are on track and he's gaining weight nicely.  He's more of a lean and tall kind of baby, like his father.  He's already fitting into 6 month sleepers! I sometimes wish I could slow down time a bit though.  He's growing too fast! It's been a joy to observe his little personality come out.  He's already quite musical and likes to hum to me playing the piano.  I've also noticed he's very sensitive.  The other day I played some baroque music, a bit on the sad side, and his mouth turned down and tears started to flow! Oh my boy how he feels the music! When he hears other children crying, he cries too!  Crazy how emotion affects children! Anywho, I hope I don't bore too many people with endless baby photos.  I do have a few crafty photos to show though.  I am trying to finish my granny stripe blanket.  Only 13 more rows to do then I can start the border.  I also bought a pile of Prairie schooler charts as I know they are retiring this year and one can never have too many charts.  Right?!!! With an abrupt, horribly blustery, wind damaging end of summer this week, I pulled out my fall ornaments to say goodbye to a beautiful summer.

I am halfway done on my Prairie Schooler Santa.   I find the evenings are the best when he goes down for his first sleep which is usually anywhere between 2-3 hours.

Prairie Schooler Charts!! YAY!

Granny stripe progress!

Added 4 more rows since the photo above
I also received some amazing baby gifts as of late.  The lovely Noni from Fireflies and Cats in the Garden sent the most adorable Australian themed gifts.  She cross stitched the most adorable Koala with Eucalyptus flower as a hat for Nathanael.  Once we get a decent bookcase to shelve his growing collection of books, I'm going to put the frame above the bookcase.  I adore the koala slippers she sent too!!

I met up with Melissa from Words and Blooms and she made Nathanael three adorable pairs of cotton pants! He looks very handsome in all three of his pants.  Melissa has become quite the seamstress and she serged the pants impeccably!

Such sweet fabrics.

Okay, now onto a barrage of baby photos.  

Grandpa and Nathanael chatting

Titus and Nathanael

Great Nana and Nathanael exchanging smiles

Mamma, Nathanael and Nana selfie

Those eyes!!

3 month photo

Today's smile
And one of my favourites that a friend of mine edited with some thought bubbles.....

Last but not least, little Titus sleeping in Nathanael's bassinet.  Nathanael has graduated to his crib and for now the bassinet is Titus' new bed.

I hope you all enjoyed this baby filled post! I do feel a bit disconnected from all my bloggy friends.  I will try to be a bit more connected in the future.  I do read people's posts at night but I have difficulty writing comments from my phone.

Take care and thanks for visiting!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Two Months Already!

My little guy is two months today! Boy does time fly when all you get is 2-3 chunks of sleep! We are settling into more of a routine and this week I've noticed he's now sleeping his first sleep as long as 3 1/2 - 4 hours! But I don't get that much still.  I'm waiting eagerly for the day that I can sleep at least 5 hours in one stretch! It's so hard on me and my body.  I feel like an old lady.  My knees creak when I bend down and I have a hard time getting up from a sitting on the floor position.  My feet ache all the time as does my head.  But I'm rewarded with the most darling smiles, coos and "ahgoos" from Nathanael.  I've managed to stitch and crochet a bit when he goes down for a nap once I've done the never ending mountain of dishes and laundry.  I've restarted a Prairie schooler Santa for my husband as the last one I cut the fabric too narrow and there was no point in ripping it out.  Take a look!

I heard that the makers of Prairie Schooler designs--the names escape me right now--are retiring so the other day, I ordered a bunch of charts....charts I won't stitch for quite some time but nice to have on file.  I ordered some of the folk tale ones so I can stitch them for Nathanael. 

During his naps, I managed to stitch some more of the border on Sarah Chapple, frame the BBD "Her Sampler" and crochet a bit.  It's nice to craft a bit...maintains my sanity!

I almost forgot to mention that I was a winner of some of Terri's fabrics - Dixie Samplar- and little fall freebie that I think I'll try to start sometime next week.  Her fabrics are so lovely! Thanks again Terri!

That's it for anything stitching related.  As a new mama, I can't help but take a gazillion photos of my little man.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Starting him early on Russian authors..hehee

He figured out how to get his thumb into his mouth...oh boy!
 That's all for now.  I hear him fussing and I need to get some makeup on my raccoon circles in order to be presentable for the farmer's market!  I thank you all for staying with me and sending your lovely comments even though I haven't responded to them all I still have hopes to send everyone a little email eventually! 

Hugs to you all!!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Time Keeps on Slipping

Into the future....wooyoo! 

Well, can't believe my little guy is nearly a month old! He is growing and keeping his mommy up every 2-3 hours.  I'm learning to deal with this kind of sleep schedule but some days are worse than others.  I'm healing from my c-section but still can't carry my son as it's still very tender and sensitive.  We are busy moving and packing all of our stuff to our new place.  We move all of our furniture on the 27th of June so then we will be out of our apartment for good.  I hope no one is planning on sending me anything.  If you are, please email me and I'll give you my new address.  Stitching is a no go for now.  I have no desire to do it when I'm so sleep deprived.  I'm forgetting where I put stuff and even sprained my little toe and have no recollection of when/how I did it!! OI!!!  Here's some cute photos of my little Sarah Chapple where I left off before he was born. 

Daddy time

Lambie and Nathanael
Cute burp face...looks like an Ewok

Gassy smile

Mommy and me

Lambie and me again

First park walk with Daddy and Mommy

"I will get you all, muwahahahahaa"

Nathanael wearing his crocheted booties

Sarah Chapple before Nathanael was born

Well, that's all for me until next time! I hope everyone is well and I thank you all for your lovely well wishes and congrats on his birth.  Hopefully I will get into a groove again. Right now it's just survival!  Titus has been a good guardian kitty but when Nathanael cries, he meows and it's quite the cacophony of loud crying and meowing!!

Hugs to you all!!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Welcome Our Little Baby Boy!!!

This will be a quick post as my new son is crying...

Our little boy, Nathanael Hunter, was born on May 25th, 2015.  We are adjusting to his night habits and we love him dearly.  We are exhausted with lack of sleep as he is a fussy boy.  Hopefully we will get into a routine soon! I had a hard labour that ended up in a c-section which should have been done in the beginning.  But we both survived the ordeal and are recovering.  

Here's a little photo of our precious boy

That's all I can do for now.  Hugs to you all I hope all is well with everyone!


Monday, May 11, 2015

The Bean Countdown

Well hello!

I'm surprised my blog hasn't disappeared with the lack of effort I have put into it lately. I can't believe how time has flown by.  I've been off of work now for over two weeks and have seriously, severe, pelvic girdle pain, making it impossible to walk around, move in bed, do anything that requires standing so I sit and wait.  Since I've been sitting around, watching lots of home and garden TV, I've been stitching on Sarah Chapple.  I've thought about starting a few new pieces but that would be silly as baby Bean is coming in a few days...I hope! We have also moved a pile of boxes over to my great aunt's house which we will move into July 1st.  There's still a lot of work to be done in the house before it's ready, but we are looking forward to it as we will be across the street from my Nana, and in an amazing area in Vancouver, Kerrisdale.  Back to my roots! I grew up there until I was 4 and visited every summer until I went to UBC, where I lived with my grandparents for a few years.  It's a nice flat, quiet area with shops 6 blocks away.  A great place for me and Bean to walk around in and get back into shape! I sure hope this pain goes away as nothing is helping it.  I've tried physio, massages, everything, nothing works.  I think I'll have to go for the epidural during birth as I won't be able to stand the hip pain.  As long as Bean is okay, then I'll do what I need to do.  Enjoy some photos of my stitching progress and granny stripe.  

Finished the left vine!!
 Sarah Chapple is such a massive sampler.  I told my hubby the other day that I probably won't finish her for another year or so with a little baby around.  We will see!

Some Knotgarden progress. Another massive project that will be put on hold for some time.

My granny stripe is coming along.  I think I need to add only 11-12 more colours then I can put in a border!

An almost finish on the Rooster I am stitching for my friend's little boy.  I have a bit more black stitching to do then it's ready to be framed! He's a very majestic rooster isn't he?!

My baby's rag quilt washed and ragged.  It's such a soft quilt!

A few photos of me, my siblings and Titus of course. 

Before I was completely immobile

Siblings being silly looking at my belly

Sleepy Titus

A few thoughts on blogging.  It feels to me that there has been a decline in blogging, including my own decline in writing posts and commenting.  Instagram is where I tend to be as it's quick and easy to post photos and peruse other people's photos.  Blogging has been enjoyable however, I feel like it takes a huge effort to post and eats away so much time, of which I know I won't have a lot of very soon! I don't think I'll give it up quite yet but we will see how things go! I will definitely let everyone know about Bean's arrival and if it's a he or she...I think he...but after that, if I don't have any stitching to show, I probably won't post that often as this blog has been more of a great stitching journal for me over the last 4 almost 5 years.  Anywho, I hope everyone is doing well, I do miss you all and sorry for being so remiss lately.  

Hugs to all!

Anne and Baby Bean