Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Heat and Stitching

Hello everyone!

Wow! It's been some time since I've posted.  There have been a number of times I wanted to but then I got distracted by this and that.  We are in a heat wave right now, although I know there are hotter places than here, it's hard for us not used to it to handle.  Poor little Titus has been lying around in our heat apartment trying to keep cool.  I've put ice packs around him so at least some sort of cool air evaporates for him.  I've also been trying to get in shape with eating better and exercising, yet I feel like a slug in the heat!! I know a number of people go to the gym, where it's nice and cool, but I just can't really afford paying a monthly gym membership at the moment. 

So to catch up.  I've gone to a stagette on an island, a wedding, farmer's markets, short bike rides, visits with friends, Barnston island with my mom, uncle and hubby, and more doctor's appointments! Yay! Stitching has happened and I'm so glad I got two RAK's finished.  I put crocheting down for the moment since the yarn is too hot to work with at the moment.  How about a little picture walk for everyone? 


A little Primitve Hare freebie finish.  Love bees and will be finishing it as a prim pillow.

Stitched on Old Salem Linen with DMC threads
 Eyelet progress on the BBD's Her Sampler SAL.  Hoping to forge ahead on finishing the eyelet bands tonight.

Mind the hoop wrinkles!
Sarah Chapple grass complete!! It took an age to do.  Grass stitching is great for watching shows though.

Some JCS 1707 progress. The vines got tricky and my eyes get tired from counting.  I think the chart's symbols are a wee bit too small for me.

Stash buying from over a month ago.  Forgot to post a photo of some Goode Huswife charts  I found at an online store.  Also I had to get a few of Nina's threads to try out.

Granny Stripe progress...three rows before the heat came.

Titus is such a good little model.
One more thing related to stitching.  The other day I received a most wonderful RAK in the mail from Mii!! She knew I was having a rough time last month and the sweetheart that she is, mailed me the most beautifully stitched pinkeep and little treats for me.  I was very surprised and it made my month!! Her attention to detail is amazing.  I love the saying "Good things come to those who stitch" and I sure think it does.  She also included some pretty threads, polka dot fabric and yummy chocolate bars! Thank you Mii!! Many hugs to you!!

Enjoy the rest of my photos of some of my adventures these past few weeks.

Wild and crazy boat ride to Bowen Island with 15 girls and!
Barnston island donkey.  Hubby called him over with a cute!

A young, loud baaing ram.  He took off after this.
My darling hubby bought me this gorgeous blue diamond, white gold necklace and a knife! Brawn and beauty as he says!!

No post is complete without a photo of Titus. 

Hoping to come by and visit people soon. I thank you all for staying with me and giving me support during a hard time.  Bloggy/stitchy friends are the best and I feel like a bad one not coming I mean to make an effort this week! 

Hugs to you all and keep cool!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tumultuous Times

Hello everyone!

Thank you all for your condolences and prayers for the passing of my Grandma.  It was good to be back home and to reminisce fond memories of her with my family.  She looked very peaceful and I was sure she was there watching me while I read the service.  She was a very kind and loving grandma who looked after me quite a bit when my mom worked.  She always made my favourite deserts and being a typical Ukrainian Grandma, made us eat, eat, and eat!! 

Memory Eternal Anastasia!!!

That's what we say as Orthodox Christians.  

Here's a lovely photo of my Dad's parents. Doesn't my grandpa look like Clark Gable?!!

Now I have one grandparent left, Nana.  I spend my Sundays with her and cherish every moment.

Although this month has been tumultuous, yes we are still on strike, I have been trying to look on the bright side of life.  Stitching and crocheting has kept me sane and level headed.  It is as though crafting soothes me and lets me work through my thoughts and emotions.  So without further ado, enjoy my photos of some of the therapeutic work I have done and the photos of a beautiful Prince George I took during a few walks and hikes with my family.

A Bull Moose in the Forests of the World trails

Little country road by my house

Forests of the World lake

Forests of the World dock and lake...people fly fish here

close up of a moose butt!!

Red breasted woodpecker
Wildflowers picked by my railroad here in New West

Finally, I framed Magic Garden.  

Magic Garden Framed!!
Progress on BBD's SAL, granny stripe and Sarah Chapple

Eyelets were stitched outdoors in the heat of the sun

Onto the repeat colours now!

Sarah's pretty cherry tree with a delicate 4-sided stitched fence
Did I forget anything...or anyone?

Titus!! My little furbaby! I missed him and he missed me terribly!

Titus helping me stitch!

Again, thank you for taking the time out of your day to come here and comment.  I am horribly behind in my blog reading and hope to catch up next week.  I have a wedding to attend on Monday and a stagette tonight...then nothing for a time!




Oops! Forgot to mention that I was featured in Cross Stitch Collection's August issue!! I was so flattered they asked to interview me and they will be sending me a copy of the interview. Most people won't realize this, but when they sent me this, I noticed I sent them an unfinished photo of Hannah Brassington! Notice how there isn't any writing in the diamond?! 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Taking A Blog Break

Well, what a funny, in an ironic sense, this month has been.  

We are on strike.  The government refuses to budge.

Husband had infected root canal removed and the darn root was growing into his sinus and left a hole there.  Thankfully it is healing now.

Then, today, my Grandma Doll passed away.  I know she is better off and she passed away peacefully but I'm so sad I didn't get to say goodbye to her.  I am off to Prince George to be with my family and for the funeral.  Hopefully, next month will be a better month.

Hugs to you post will be a happier one I hope.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Seaside Mandala

Greetings my lovelies!

It's a beautiful sunny day here.  Too nice to be inside so I will write a quick post.  Thank you all for your support with my work situation.  We are still doing a rotating strike and I've had my pay docked...which makes me angry.  So what's a girl to do when her cheque is -$200?! Buy dresses and threads!! Like I can afford to buy anything right now right?! It's therapy in my opinion and it has helped!! I've also had some crochet therapy this past week.  Nothing like sitting in the sun, hooking and meditating and feeling the breeze on my sunned shoulders.  I try to be positive in all aspects of life since life is so short and it's important to revel in simple pleasures.  Without further ado, here are some uplifting photos I've taken this past week of crocheting, flowers, stitching and of course my furbaby Titus.  

Seaside Mandala....I hear the waves and smell the ocean brine....

Attic 24's Mandala with Debbie Bliss cottons

Giving JCS 1707 some love and sunshine

Leaping deer

Granny Stripe colours make me giddy with joy

Sampling Saki at Eat Vancouver...little sips of heaven!

BBD SAL eyelet agony....taking an age to make

Riverside Pink Poppies...reminds me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting

Luckiest find in the world...signed 1987 Andy Warhol photograph just before he died.  I will try to authenticate the photo when I have some time in the summer.  Found this at our SPCA thrift mart for $12!!

Doctor Seuss flowers

Finally, a regal photo of Titus!

I will be replying to emails from last post and this post shortly.  I like to do this since I think it's the polite thing to do, although I know others don't reply to comments for whatever reasons. Probably busy or whatnot.  Do you find it important to reply? Tell me your reasons if you do or don't...I'm curious.  Shirlee recently wrote a post regarding some blogger issues, which are frustrating for me too, and she mentioned her thoughts on replying to comments.  I do try to reply to each and every one although it takes me awhile to do so due to being busy.  

Until next time! 


Anne and Titus

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mayday Weekend and BBD SAL

Hello everyone!

It's been quite some time since I've posted.  Life has been a whirlwind of activities and decisions.  Thank you all so much for your support and advice on all of my decisions, both in life and in stitching!! I appreciate the love from our blogging community.  Couldn't ask for better ladies to be friends with!! HUGS!!! I've also tried to respond to all of your comments however, I've noticed some I don't get in my email account.  Very strange that I don't get all of them.  

Anyways, to bring you up to speed in my corner of the world, my hubby and I went to Porpoise Bay for the May long weekend and his birthday.  Although it rained off and on, we still had a good time.  We explored a new area that was "off" limits and may even camp there next time! I stitched on the BBD SAL and actually changed the thread for the 4 sided stitch using a darker gold thread that didn't disappear in the Buttercream linen.  I added a few more stripes to my granny blanket but am thinking that the larger it grows, I may have to leave it at home instead of taking it with me on my travels to and from work.  Work has been stressful too, since we are being locked out by the government.  Still no agreement has been made and now the government is blackmailing us into accepting a deal and if we don't, our wages will be deducted 10%.  Big Jerks in my opinion!! So we are going on a rotating strike this Thursday, which also means I won't get paid for that day.  Sigh.  I guess I can't buy some lovely cotton yarns I spied or any stash for awhile.  Okay, enough rambling, onto the photos which are the best part of posts!! Eye candy!!

Finished 4 sided alphabet
Camping and stitching!

 Granny stripe progress! Loving the colours.  I have 8 more to put on then I can repeat!!

Added a few flowers to Sarah's border.  These flowers take an age to do.  I thought I'd be whizzing through this sampler but rather I'm plunking along. 

Started my mandala with some pretty cottons I bought at Urban Yarns...very expensive though! There weren't any bright colour choices so I picked colours that are reminiscent of the sea.

Birthday man

Photos of flora and fauna from Porpoise Bay

Canopy of Maple leaves

Wild Hearts

Miniature world of moss and sprouts

Hairy trees
Watched a storm roll in

The fluffy big boy Titus

That's all for now.  I know I've been very bad with commenting/blogging and I mean to check out everyone's posts soon!! Hugs to you all!