Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Post of January!

Well, it's the middle of January and I am finally posting.  I've wanted to post on a number of occasions but in between packing, working, horrific indigestion, a bought of flu, I haven't had the oomph to do so.  Let's see, I had my birthday on the 3rd, which was quiet as usual, Christmas on the 7th, also quiet since I wasn't feeling all too well, and my third ultrasound, baby is beautiful and healthy so far.  Lots to celebrate and be thankful for amidst the turmoil of our house.  I packed a lot of my stitching stuff away, and am now regretting that since I've wanted to start so many things, but I do have my current projects out so I've been working on those when I can.  

January is one of those months that I begin to feel the first sprout of glee at the prospect of Spring.  I saw the teeniest buds of snowdrops poking through here and there which means crocuses will be on its way soon too.  There's always a sense of awakening with the coming of Spring and of course this year, it'll be a big awakening...possibly keeping me awake all night! I look forward to the birth of our child.  Not the actual birth, but the after part of course! 

Now I do have a few things to share with you all.  Back in November, I finished a little BBD pillow for dear Jo as a little thank you for the fertility gift she sent to me way back in April.  When I was prepping the package for Jo, I heard Titus leaping onto the pillow and rolling around onto the package.  Uh oh! There were three pins in the pillow and then there were two! I couldn't find the third pin which freaked me out.  I checked Titus all over to see if a pin was sticking in him and thank goodness, there wasn't one.  He seemed fine and not like he just ate a pin, plus that would be very out of character for him to do that.  He does like to eat toilet paper, but not pins.  Anyways, a few weeks ago as we were packing, I moved some books over and found the pin! Phew...what a relief to me!  Silly cat!

I also received two amazing gifts from two amazing ladies, Melissa and Vickie. Vickie is so sweet to have sent me yet another lovely little ornament to celebrate our new family. 

We will be putting this on our tree for this year's Christmas.  Thank you my dear friend, we will treasure this ornament for many years!!

Then I had the unexpected pleasure of having a tunic made to fit for me by the creative seamstress Melissa, from Words and Blooms. Other than my mom, no one has made clothes for me before and I have to say, Melissa, you did an amazing job!! I love my tunic and it looks great on me with room to grow too! The fabric is a pretty sky blue with whimsical blossoms falling all over.  Very comfy too!

I did make one new start this year.  It's the BBD freebie "Souvenir de France" for one of our French immersion teachers who will be retiring this year.  I chose a scrap of linen and GAST Blue Jay to make it with.  I hope she will like it!

A Sarah Chapple update.  I stitched a lot on the borders and just started the second vase last night.  Instead of pulling her off the qsnaps to show the border, here's just the vase.

I'm really loving stitching on Sarah as I know I won't get much of a chance once Bean arrives.  As for Bean, I've been thinking of making things for him/her but have held off because I don't have a baby room yet, so no clue how to decorate it.  I thought about making some bright coloured Granny square bunting triangles to string up in the room for a burst of colour.  I think I'm going to start some tonight and see how it fairs.  All my yarn is in a plastic bin which I've kept out so I can still craft.  Maybe starting with the bunting will inspire me to make more things for Bean.  I'm just not good at making clothes and stuff like that.  I so wish I mastered knitting ages ago!!

I borrowed Lucy's photo of her granny bunting triangles to show you what I mean.

Not my photo...Lucy's from Attic 24
I hope you have enjoyed this little update from me.  I wish it was more packed full of stitching but there you have it.  I also felt guilty for posting as I have been so behind in blog commenting it's not funny.  I did spend some time last weekend going through and reading/commenting and it was fun! I'm amazed at all of you who have been keeping up with the 15-30 starts this month in honor of Debbie.  She was such a lovely lady who has inspired us to continue making new starts!!

Hugs to you all!!

This photo I took makes me think of an inky watercolour

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Flutter, Flutter, Bye 2014!

Hello everyone!

The end of 2014 is at hand and with that I have thought back to my year of accomplishments, both in life and in stitching.   It has been a year of ups and downs but boy did it finish with an up!! Never in a million years did I think we would be having a child next year.  But the Lord blessed us with a little wee bean to cherish and love. It's been fluttering lately and kicking a bit.  The coolest feeling in the world!!!! Most likely, I won't be blogging as much next year with working full time, moving and preparing for little bean.  I hope to update at least once in awhile, but we will see how things go.  Not only are we blessed with a wee child, my husband's health has improved a bit.  He still is susceptible to colds and flues, but his pain in his thyroid is gone and that's a relief, for both him and me!! We just hope that his health continues to improve next year.

Onto stitching, since that's why we are all here.  Last night, when I was thinking about doing a post, I thought, oh...I didn't really stitch or finish much this year. Yet, as I looked back at my photos, I actually did manage to finish things! I added a few more WIP's to the mix and most likely, they will remain WIP's for awhile now.  New babies take up loads of time! Which is wonderful....stitching can always wait.  So I created a few collages for you to enjoy.  One is dedicated to stitching, the other to crochet. 

Crocheted loads more stars and mug cozies not featured here
After some thought about a making a baby blanket, we decided to use the big granny square blanket for baby.  I am trying to make a nice edging around the blanket but ran out of creamy white yarn.  I started making one with some beautiful silky cotton but the holes are too large and I think baby's toes and fingers would get caught in the blanket.  At least I will have one blanket finished for baby!

Stitching WIP's.  Well, I've carried two WIP's now into their third year: Knotgarden and Tea bath Fairy and added 4 more to the mix! Here are my WIP's.

All I did this year was add in some kreinik!

Made significant progress but it stopped in March
Now the samplers!

JCS started in January and last stitched in November

Sarah Chapple started April 27th and last stitched last night!
Had to include a close up of the 1 over 1 butterfly

Next up, my newish WIP's that I think I could finish one at least in January.

Bittersweet Flower

Sarah Emery
Well, there you have it, my stitching in a nutshell.  I'll leave off with some photos of my new camera, and some random photos.

My cool new camera photo of a blazing sky!
Trying to learn how to knit.  Boy is it complex!

No clue how to pick up stitches, decrease, increase, follow a pattern...nada.

Thank you all for your support this year, your love and prayers.  It means a lot to me to have such lovely friends all over the world.  I hope to continue our friendships next year too!

With love, from us.....

And Titus of new photo but this one still kills me every time I see it!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December News

Hello everyone,

It's been some time since I've updated the ol' blog.  I'm finally on a two week vacation and am so happy! I haven't been overly productive in the crafting department but I hope to make that up these next few weeks.  I'm sure everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas in a few days.  I have some time before I need to get gifts and whatnot for my Christmas on the 7th of January.  I tried going out to a mall last weekend and it was packed...making me feel closed in and sweaty.  

On the stitching/crafting front, I managed to mail away my snowflakes yesterday, although they will be received quite late.  I also have finished a few little things and can only show 2 since one is a surprise for a friend.  

One of the crocheted snowflakes

LHN's JCS ornament finished with Annette's fabric

An old quaker stitch finally finished for a friend
 I've made some progress on Sarah Chapple, the granny stripe and the Sarah Emery sampler but I won't bore anyone with teeny tiny progress photos.  

On the Little Bean front, I am growing a wee bit more.  Waking up still in the night to go to the bathroom multiple times but I'm getting into a groove with less sleep. 

I received a lovely surprise in the mail from Shirlee the other day.  She made me the most loveliest ornament that is now hanging in our tree. Thank you dear Shirlee!!

I hope to visit some blogs this time around.  I do peep by often but haven't been very good at leaving comments.  It seems that facebook and IG are easier for me when I'm busy.  Speaking of FB, I'm a part of the Scarlett Letter group and there have been amazing giveaways on there lately.  One from Kelmscott designs where you post a chart you want to stitch from the Scarlett Letter.  It's been fun looking at all the samplers I want to stitch at some point in my life.  I've saved the photos so I can refer back to them to purchase.  Here's just a few of my favourites:

Sarah Dutnell
Sarah Singleton
Dorothy Walpole
Aren't they gorgeous?!! Oh to dream of stitching them one day!!

Off to church now.  Take care everyone! Have a very Merry Christmas from me, Titus, Lee and Little Bean!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Snowflake to Love and Winner!!!

Hello everyone!!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my last few posts.  I am finally finished reports, save for one complex report.  I was on a roll yesterday but it had snowed and I wanted to take a walk along the river, so that's what I did! It is so cold here but beautiful.  I will take this over rain any day.  Nothing worse than having to commute with bags and umbrellas and fighting with the wind.  Anyhow, I did do a wee bit of crafting at night which I will show after I show you what my dear friend Vickie sent to me when I told her about Little Bean.  She stitched the cutest ornament for us that I can't wait to put on our tree.  

Isn't it the sweetest ornament?!! Thank you so much Vickie dear! We will put it up every year on our tree and tell Little Bean all about it.

I also got a few more rows crocheted in my granny stripe which I have abandoned for awhile. 

Titus had to step in to model for all of you.  See how he's eying the string?!

Then I finished Sarah Chapple's vase, which is just so beautiful.  I'm going to stitch the other one then work on the 1 over 1 butterflies that are around the vases.  

I did try to stitch on the PS Santa ornament last night but I decided to cut the fabric which was really silly because I cut it without taking into account the stick he's holding so either I will rip it out or leave the stick out.  My hubby asked why I would do such a thing...I don't know why I make my life more difficult for myself, I just do.  Oh well.

The Winner of the $25 Gift Certificate is..............................

Maggee from Stitching Devotee!!!!!

I did the random generator thingy and the number came up 26, which was Maggee's comment number.  I couldn't take a photo of it for the life of me so if anyone knows how to do that, let me know for the next time!!

I'll be contacting you Maggee to get your info and send you the GC tomorrow after school.  

Thank you all for participating!! I wish I could give out more!!

Hugs to all


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Can't Sleep and Reminder About Giveaway

It's 3:30 am and I can't sleep.  I went to bed early but woke up wide awake.  Is this the "energy" burst you get during the second trimester? If that's the case, I'm not a big fan of it.  I like my sleep!! Give me energy during the day not when I'm sleeping!!

Okay, rant over.  Thank you all so much for your well wishes, hugs and hurrahs.  I mean to respond to everyone once reports are over, which I will be this weekend. We are thrilled about little bean and everything seems to be fine except this waking up early bit.  So as I was transferring over photos onto my computer, I realized I forgot to do a post about my little Victoria trip a few weeks back, for my sister's convocation at the University of Victoria.  The last time I had been in Victoria was when I was 12 so it was nice to revisit the city again.  We stayed in a charming B & B and wandered through the downtown, which I fell in love with.  Victoria has amazing old buildings and the most charming little shops, including a knitting and stitching store!!!! I hadn't been to a local needleshop since the one in Prince George closed when I was 11! I was in heaven, and did a lot of damage too...hehee.

Buttons Knitting Needleshop
Loved all of the framed stitching on the walls!

Carriage House Samplings...forgot to even look at the ribbons
Birds of a Feather Sampler Sarah Emery
 I felt sort of rushed since my auntie and sister's boyfriend don't really have an interest in stitching, so I completely bypassed the beautiful wools and ribbons, forgot that they were there until I saw the photo, and sort of in an elevated state, ran to the fabrics, threads and charts.  It was so nice to see and FEEL the linens! I bought a few.  Couldn't help myself, plus I saw the beautiful Sarah Emery on the wall and realized I have that chart, so I bought the linen and threads to stitch it with.  

I also found a Good Huswife chart and a cute PS Santa that I am going to make for hubby this Christmas.  My sister, who didn't want to come in at, came in and ended up buying the same Good Huswife chart, linens and threads to stitch it.  Here she is stitching on the ferry.  I got her started.

I took a lot of other photos of Victoria but it was getting dark already at 4 so not many photos turned out that well.  We visited the Empress Hotel and wow, is that an amazing hotel! I felt like I was transported back to 1882.  The Parliament building was all lit up but again, photos turned out crappy.

Cool little alley
A door from old China town

A really cool Irish Pub I want to visit when I can drink again

Parliament all lit up

The tea room where High Tea is $50
Next time I visit Victoria, I will have more time to explore and revisit the stitching store with ample time to peruse. Very charming city if anyone is interested in visiting.

Well, I have done a smidgen of stitching, but mostly crochet.  I have been stitching snowflakes like crazy and you never know, some of them may float into your home soon! I started a baby blanket but changed the pattern since the bamboo cotton I got is very fine and doesn't work well with crocheting from the back stitches.  Those who crochet will know what I'm talking about.  

I actually finished the vase on Sarah Chapple but the lighting right now is pretty dim so I'll post an older photo.  

I stitched a bit on the PS Santa and started Sarah Emery.

Low 3:30am lighting
Last but not least, I guess I forgot but I ordered two more charts and some black lugana  awhile back.  One of the charts is Beggar's Christmas and I want to pull the threads and stitch that one to add to our Christmas ornaments this year.  

Reminder!! My giveaway ends on the 30th so there's still time to enter! Click on the right side bar under the header Giveaways and it'll pop you over to the post.  Good luck to all who entered!

Hugs to all...maybe I can get another hour of sleep in?!