Monday, January 28, 2013

Stitching and Finishes While Sick

Hello everyone!

Thanks for all your well wishes and hugs! I'm feeling a bit better today and am not using the kleenex by the boxful...although I've gone through quite a bit.  While I was sick, I did stitch on quite a few of my projects.  I sort of had stitching ADHD and would pick up one, put it down then pick up another. I took photos today while it was brighter out, however, during my importing session, my computer froze and all the photos were deleted.  

The stitching photos I'm not too upset about those photos but there were some videos of a man playing some beautiful guitar music at my Uncle's house on Friday night, and now I have lost the videos of him playing.  Luckily, my Uncle and Aunt got the impromptu concert on their iphones and will send me their version of the concert.  This man, known as Jan de Chloe, wrote a biography on Boris Perrot, who was the guitar teacher of the famous classical guitarist Julian Bream.  My grandfather also studied under Dr. Perrot and our family contributed many photos, anecdotes and historical papers to the book.  There are a couple of parts about my grandfather in the book which was fascinating to read about. Here's the link to the book if anyone is interested. Boris Perrot: A Life with a Guitar.
My Grandpa is on the left with his hand on his chin

Onto my sick stitching.  Please pardon the horrible photos.  My camera's flash is not working very well and the daylight disappeared for me when I had to retake the photos.  I did finish a really old stitch for Valentine's Day...finally.  I think I stitched this two years ago!!


The pillow looks lumpy but it's really not that bad.  I think I needed to add some of the new stuffing I bought to have made it more full.  Well, it's finished and I'm happy about it!! It's a freebie pattern from The Sampler Girl

I finished the RAK's too and thankfully, they turned out WAY better than my finishes.  Phew!!!

I finished Tweet today too although I may replace the bow on top.  It's not really how I wanted it to turn out.  I think I should've waited until I was completely better to finish some of my stitches!!

I stitched more on Hannah and was a wee bit concerned about the right side coming to close to the edge.  Luckily it's got about 3-4 inches leeway however, I thought I measured the fabric perfectly and figured out exactly where to start.  I obviously counted incorrectly because there is a lot more fabric on the left than the right.  Thankfully, there's just enough on the right to get it framed! I hope!!

I stitched some of the outlines for the cup handle on TeaBathFairy.  I enjoy making outlines on HAED's and not stitch them in 10 by 10 parts.  That's just too confusing for me to do!!

Some wee progress on Baked Goods.

And a blurry photo of Titus sleeping by the heat register.  He really loves his heat!!
That's all for now! I need to go rest now after all the energy I spent finishing.
Hugs to all!!

(Edited some of the photos)

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Urgghhh.....hate the runny nose sickness.  

I will fight this cold and return tomorrow feeling better!!!

Don't worry though, I'm drinking lots of tea and trying to stay hydrated!! Trying to stitch a bit and watch lots of movies...probably the only good thing about being sick!


Monday, January 21, 2013

First ISHW of the Year and A Hot Dwarf

Hello everyone!

I think I forgot to thank all of you for your birthday THANK YOU!! I've been trying to get into the groove again with blogging, commenting, etc and I've made some progress this weekend in that department! Also I would like to welcome my new followers! 

The first hermitting weekend was sort of successful for me.  I finished stitching two Rak designs and found the fabric to match, just need to pull out the sewing machine and finish them up! I also spent a good portion of Friday night frogging Hannah's first bloom I stitched.  I should know that when working with 40 count, 1 thread is more than enough coverage! I did start the pattern with 2 threads of silk but found it to be rough going so I frogged the flower, salvaged most of the silk (YAY!) and made some progress on Hannah.  Here's the first 2 over 2 bloom that I frogged.
Looks pretty but the threads were too bulky.  So here's the second attempt. Also the colour of the fabric in the first photo is much closer to what it really looks like.
The stitching went a lot faster and I'm really enjoying working with AVAS silks.  I've worked with a number of silks before, but AVAS is by far the best! Loving this design!!

I also managed to finally fill in Tea Bath Fairy's massive kreinik block.  I worked on this for over a month in the evenings since filling in stitches is easy work.  No need to look at the pattern...just stitch away!
I liked working on TBF every so often because it's amazing to see all the shading and details those tiny little stitches make.  Quite fascinating isn't it?!

I almost forgot to take a photo of my finished Tweet!! I used an assortment of sillks and DMC's stitched on 40 ct. R & R Reproduction's Creme Brulee, the same linen Baked Goods is being stitched on.  I need to find the perfect fabric for this one.  I think I'll do a simple pillow finish because it's faster and I won't procrastinate with that kind of finish!!

Funny thing about the post system, I received many Christmas cards WAY after the fact and just received Vickie's Christmas card on Friday! It must have got lost in the US because it didn't leave the States until January 13th but she posted it almost a month before!! Well, I'm glad I got it and thanks so much Vickie for the sweet little counting pins! My first counting pins ever! They are so delightful.

Can't show you the two RAK's I finished because I want them to be a surprise! I really liked the patterns and colour schemes I chose. Being a part of the Random Act of Kindness Blog has really pushed me to stitch more smalls and finish them!

Onto hot dwarves!! Finally saw the Hobbit! Wow! It was amazing and I looove Thorin! 


 Joyce also did a post about Richard Armitage if you'd like to go pop over there and ogle him a bit!!
 I think it's his eyes right?!!

Oh, almost forgot to show you all something I put together.  My finishes of 2012!! I had a pile of others but the "mosaic" would've been too massive and there were a number of pieces I actually didn't finish completely.  I hope to get to them this year!! Putting the finishes together was neat to see how much I actually accomplished!!
Okay, that's all for now!

I hope you all had a wonderful stitchy weekend and sorry for no Titus photos today.  He needs his beauty rest for the next photo session!!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Tusal of 2013 and Homemade Gifts

Well the first part of 2013 has certainly gone by quickly.  I can't believe I've already had my birthday, Christmas and am starting a second week of work already! Whoooooshhhhh!!! Time flies!! So without further ado, I want to share with you some lovely homemade gifts I've received from my friends, my first TUSAL orts (lots of sparklies) and some stitching.

As many of you may know, I have a Russian background and many of my friends love to me anything that is Russian and a doll, since I am a Russian Doll!! Literally!!! Well, to my complete surprise, one of my dearest friends cross stitched me the most amazing gift ever.  A Matrioushka doll!! 
Isn't she a the sweetest doll ever?!!!

While I was in Prince George, I got to visit with one of my oldest and dearest friend.  We had a lovely time together and she surprised me with the most wonderful gifts: handmade soaps, scrubs, lipgloss, cream, little notecards, tags, and a pin cushion.  Both my mother and sister said that she should start her own business making these lovely things and I agree.  So A. if you are reading this, get an Etsy account pronto!! She also made the most adorable felted pin cushion I have ever seen complete with handmade pins! I will have a hard time parting with them!!

That mushroom pin I think I'll keep. It's too darling to part with!! As you can see, Titus got all involved as he likes to do.

When I arrived back home to rain (insert groan here) I had a number of little packages waiting for me.  One was from Tiki Stitches.  The other was from Mouse from Tales of a Stitching Mouse.  Tiki gave me some lovely fabric and tea. I already have a project lined up that will work perfectly with the fabric.  Thanks Tiki darling!! Mouse gave me a bourse to catch my orts!! That sort of rhymes doesn't it?! Thank you my dearest Mouse!! I love it!! So sweet of you both to think of me!!

Lovely fabric and tea from Diane
The prettiest little ort catcher from Mouse
My TUSAL picture didn't turn out as I wanted it to but someone popped into the scene to make it better.
Darling boy.  He missed us so much.  Our neighbour who looked after him, told us that when she visited him, he would often sit facing the door waiting for us to come home.  Awww, my big, baby boy! We are lucky though to have such a lovely neighbour come and make sure he's okay.

As for stitching, I didn't really stitch a lot during my  "holiday" with everything that was going on.  I forgot to take a progress photo of Baked Goods but there really isn't much to show.  I started two new RAKs for the Random Acts of Stitching Kindness blog.  I am nearly finished one and would show it but I can't since it would ruin the surprise. I also finally started Hannah Brassington tonight and am loving working with the silks.  Again I am mulling over whether to stitch 1 over 2 or 2 over 2.  Now that I've completed almost one flower with those pricey AVAS silks, I think I'll stick to 2 over 2 since I don't want to waste ANY of those silks!!! I think it'll be fine.  I'll post a photo to the Scarlet Letter Challenge blog tomorrow.  I do have some Tea Bath Fairy progress to show you.  Loads of sparkle!!!

I'll leave you with a photo of the Sister Cookies aka Sugar Cookies.  I designed the tree and angel.  They were really yummy!!

 PS: I still haven't caught up with all of you and your blogs...I feel so badly about it too :(  I really hope next weekend will be a bit slower although I have a feeling it won't as I'm trying to catch up with some girlfriends and I have to find the time to see THE HOBBIT!!! I can't believe I haven't seen it yet!! I may have to go on my own.  Anywho, when I do catch up I will be a happy camper!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's My Birthday!!!

How I wish I could stay at 35....oh well. Welcome 36!!!  I feel a wee bit old today as I usually do every time I have a birthday.  Funny how time flies.  I can remember my 2nd birthday when I spat out my candles! Now I just blow them out.  Thank goodness we learn from our mistakes!So today, my mom and I will be making a special Lenten cake because we are not eating dairy or eggs.  It'll be a chocolate cake with some icing on top.  My sister, her boyfriend, my brother, my auntie and best friend and her children will all be here for my birthday dinner. My mom just came in the room and said I was such a tiny baby when I was born and that she cried with joy.  Moms are funny aren't they! She says I will always be her baby!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's.  We had a lot of fun out in the snow.  It actually wasn't too bad with the firepit.  We all took turns warming our backsides!! As soon as we finished with the fireworks though, we went inside.  My husband and Dad stayed out there chatting for another 2 hours! Brave men!!

My Dad spent a lot of time snowblowing and setting up a nice area for everyone to enjoy! I thought it looked great!

Here are some photos of my parents tree.  Recognize that snowman ornie? I made that for my Mom earlier this year.

There are a lot of white birds on their tree. My Mom loves birds. I think they make the tree so pretty. Luckily Titus isn't around because he would tear them off! Oh how I miss my Titus!

I haven't done a lot of stitching, but I did finish a teeny tiny Noel heart and started LHN's Baked Goods last night.  I am stitching Baked Goods 1 over 2 on Creme Brulee 40 ct. linen with DMC and my favourite red, Nancy's Red from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

Before I left for Prince George, I finally received my materials for Hannah Brassington.  Wow.  AVAS silks are scrumptious!! I can hardly wait to start Hannah when I get back home.  I would have brought her up here with me but I need room in my suitcase for Christmas presents, so I left her.  

That's all for now! I hope to spend some time visiting blogs in the next little while but every time I go to the family's computer, someone wants to use it or else they want me for something or other!! Even writing this post was difficult...many interruptions!

Big Hugs to you all!!