Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blooms and Samplers

Hello again everyone!

Wow two posts in two days! A record for me this year.  I'm glad everyone enjoyed the Easter Hop Jo coordinated.  It was fun to take part in.  I still need to collect a few more letters then try to decode the message.  I thought I would give everyone a little update on my stitching, crocheting and Bean of course.  I have about 7 weeks left before Bean arrives and she/he is growing so much! There's little room left in me and I spend my days hobbling, wobbling around like a penguin.  My back pain is bad and the acid reflux just doesn't let up.  So I'm counting down for those to go away but I also want to sleep before Bean comes! I know I won't get much of it and even though you can't stock up on sleep, I need to be rested before I start my work days.  

I've been trying to make more progress on my WIP's and adding a few more lines in my granny stripe because I know those will all be put down for awhile when Bean comes.  I made two more Granny square bunting triangles and I think I'll make two more before I string them together.  Where I'll put them I don't know, but eventually they will go in Bean's room.  

I have about 14 more colours to add to my granny stripe before I start the border.  I hope to add a few more tonight.

I've thoroughly enjoyed making this blanket.  It's been almost a year since I started it and I hope to finish it soon.

Now onto stitching.  Sarah Chapple has been receiving some love.  She is just the prettiest sampler.  I love the colours and the honeysuckle flowers on the vine.  

I added the last few, little filigree details on JCS.  There's still so much of this lovely sampler to do I don't know when this will be completed.

I love how the backstitching really makes those flowers pop! 

I've been fairly faithful too to working on Knotgarden at least once a week.  The last knot has actually more progress than this picture but I'm too lazy to pull it out and take a new photo. 

As for smalls, I wanted to start a new little stitch but haven't yet.  There's just too many other things to work on for the moment!

Oops, almost forgot to add.  I stitched a wee bit last night on BOAF's Sarah Emery.  She's such a sweet sampler and so pleasant to work on.  

I did buy some stash....why I don't know.  I bought a sampler from Scarlett Letter to make at some point in my life.  Polly Phillip.  She's such a beautiful sampler.  I adore the blues! The amount of AVAS silks is crazy.  I'll have to slowly collect them and maybe when Bean enters school, I'll have the supplies and the time to stitch her!

Some yarns from Loveknitting asked to be bought.  I love using Stylecraft's DK for the granny stripe so I figured why not add more colours to the collection.

Fun colours to work with! I also got some baby wool to try out and I have some ideas of what I want to do with them. 

I also bought some charts from Maggee when she had her stash for sale.  They are older BBD charts and I would love to stitch them some day!

The other day, we had a visitor outside our window.  Not sure if he's a hawk or falcon.  He's such a majestic bird and I'm glad he stayed long enough for me to capture a couple of photos.  

Isn't he handsome?! I've seen him before but he flew off before I could get my camera.  A very shy bird. 

Okay, I'm signing off now.  We will be doing some pregnancy photos with my aunt next weekend so I hope to have some updated photos of us soon for you all.  I truly appreciate all of your comments and I know I have been bad in replying and commenting.  I actually caught up during Spring break but am falling behind again.  Anywho, lots of hugs and love to you all!!



Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Blog Hop 2015!!!

Good morning everyone!!

I hope I am not too late to post my letter for Jo's Blog Hop! It's quite early here but I forget that everyone is on different time zones.  Anywho, I wanted to participate in this year's blog hop just to feel connected to all my bloggy/stitchy friends. I wanted to make a new spring themed stitch but no, I haven't had the time.  So I'll post a few Easter stitches that I have made in the past for exchanges.  Our Easter, called Pascha, will be next weekend, so I'll be back with more photos.  
I made this cute Spring themed mailart for Meari last year
A pretty tulip biscornu for an exchange I had with Sarah
My letter is G and the next person you should visit to figure out the secret message is Gracie at Needles Pins and Dragonflies.

I can't leave without a few tantalizing photos of our Russian Pascha bread and sweet cheese we spread on the bread....can hardly wait!!!!!!

Looking forward to having Kulich at Pascha next weekend!!

Yum!1 syrny pascha with kulich for breakfast!!!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!!!

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