Saturday, June 10, 2017

WOW How long has it been?!! One Year!

Not sure if anyone will read this but hello out there!

I've wanted to post many times but had difficulty getting into my blog until now.  Not sure why, perhaps it has to do with all the changes to blogger since I last logged on.

Now an update.  My little boy is two! Time has flown by as a full time working mama with a busy toddler.  No stitching has been done but I've been feeling an itch to stitch! My replacement hobby has been making essential oil products for me and my family.  I've got quite the collection growing and love studying about each essential oil and their benefits. 

Really not a lot to say here other than a big hello from me and it's been lovely to see so many of my blogger friends on Instagram.  It's the easiest platform for me to use on the go.  I do miss blogging though just a wee bit.  I still would like to update every so often and not take over a year to pop  in.  Hopefully I can upload a few photos for you to all see!

Cheers and big hugs from me...

Me, my boy and my tired eyes

Climbing trees the little monkey

Playing with sticks as always

Second birthday chocolate mouth

Mother's day bouquet

Snuggling under his favourite granny stripe

Getting towed around by Papa on his "guck"

Hope you enjoyed the light sprinkling of photos! There's been so much going on it's hard to make edits!