Thursday, June 18, 2015

Time Keeps on Slipping

Into the future....wooyoo! 

Well, can't believe my little guy is nearly a month old! He is growing and keeping his mommy up every 2-3 hours.  I'm learning to deal with this kind of sleep schedule but some days are worse than others.  I'm healing from my c-section but still can't carry my son as it's still very tender and sensitive.  We are busy moving and packing all of our stuff to our new place.  We move all of our furniture on the 27th of June so then we will be out of our apartment for good.  I hope no one is planning on sending me anything.  If you are, please email me and I'll give you my new address.  Stitching is a no go for now.  I have no desire to do it when I'm so sleep deprived.  I'm forgetting where I put stuff and even sprained my little toe and have no recollection of when/how I did it!! OI!!!  Here's some cute photos of my little Sarah Chapple where I left off before he was born. 

Daddy time

Lambie and Nathanael
Cute burp face...looks like an Ewok

Gassy smile

Mommy and me

Lambie and me again

First park walk with Daddy and Mommy

"I will get you all, muwahahahahaa"

Nathanael wearing his crocheted booties

Sarah Chapple before Nathanael was born

Well, that's all for me until next time! I hope everyone is well and I thank you all for your lovely well wishes and congrats on his birth.  Hopefully I will get into a groove again. Right now it's just survival!  Titus has been a good guardian kitty but when Nathanael cries, he meows and it's quite the cacophony of loud crying and meowing!!

Hugs to you all!!