Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good News!

Hello everyone!

I have great news to share!! I have my job back!!


I nearly did this in my principal's office when I got the news!! Imagine if I did?!?!  So happy to be working with the same kids next year and creating new and exciting activities for them to learn!! Such a relief I tell you!!!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and positive thoughts you sent my way.  All of you are so amazing and I wish I could reach out and hug, jump for joy, celebrate with everyone! Your support means so much to me.  

A quick stitching update.  Two finishes to share with you.  One finish I stitched last summer from the May, 2007 GOS magazine, but put aside to rest awhile in my finishing drawer.  Instead of stitching this weekend, I figured I should finish it up in time for summer.  I still have a number of others that need finishing which I hope to do this weekend.  I stitched it with Nina's Thread "Old Berry" on some scrap of linen.

I thought it would look nice next to my little Midsummer's Nights Dream teapot my Nana gave to me. But I also like it in my basket of smalls that desperately needs filling!!

The other finish I actually completed a few weeks ago but I couldn't show it on my blog as it was a gift for a dear friend of mine, who also stitches and looks at my blog! The design is a freebie from Ink Circles, one of her favourite designers, and I stitched it with Caron Watercolours in Tumeric.  I cannot seem to find the link to the freebie.  I will have to dig around for it and update this post later.

I really enjoyed making this box for her and am glad she loves her gift. 

Take care everyone and don't forget to enter my 300 follower giveaway by June 2nd!!



Monday, May 20, 2013


Thank you all for entering my giveaway.  I will be adding a few little extras for the winner.  For those who haven't entered yet, you can click on the link on the right sidebar which will take you to the post.  Good luck to all!!

Okay, now onto the stress.  I had quite the bad Friday, hoping that I would get a call back for my position but that didn't happen.  I will be waiting with bated breath this week to see what happens.  I truly hope I get to keep this position as I have grown rather fond of the children and want to be there for them next year.  I know if I don't keep this position, I have other options and will fit in wherever I go.  It's just hard to think of leaving a position I finally got the hang of and have grown to love.  Keep sending those positive thoughts and prayers my way. Thank you to all of you who have supported me through this trying time.

That done, I will show you the progress I made for this hermitty weekend.  I focused solely on filling in Hannah's leopard and now my neck, butt and shoulders are sore!! I got caught up on a few shows: Mad Men, The Borgias and the Game of Thrones.  Nothing like a stitch and watch marathon to forget your worries!!


I love how the leopard is snapping at that little hummingbird!  Only half way done on Hannah and I'm already thinking about starting the JCS 1707 sampler.  I actually ordered a lighter fabric that I think will highlight the delicate stitching and will use the other fabric in the kit for something else.  Along with that order, I couldn't resist buying myself a pair of Bohn scissors.  The scissors I have are nice but I wanted some really sharp ones.  I am loving how the Bohn's snip the threads!

I also put together an old finish but forgot to take a photo, so next post I'll show it.  I still have to put together my Spring finishes, even though Spring is nearly over!!

Note about blog readers  

I tried out Bloglovin' and am not really lovin' it.  I find I have to click on each individual post and mark read, which was time consuming, plus the template is a bit awkward and not to my liking.  So, I gave Feedly a try.  LOVE IT!! Feedly is just like Google Reader but not so laggy or problematic.  It transported all my file folders and the left side bar looks just like google reader except I can personalize it to a deep purple.  I love the look of Feedly and find it very easy to use and more efficient.  So Feedly it is and from now on that is what I'll be using!

Hugs to all!!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

300 Follower Giveaway!!!!!

It's here!

The 300 follower giveaway!

Finally I completed the little box I have been planning for this giveaway.  I will include a couple of other little goodies to add to the giveaway.  I had thought about doing something very unique for the giveaway but there has been an awful lot of stress going on in my life right now so I have to keep it simple.  So I'll let Titus introduce the box and I'll explain the rest.

First sniff
Second sniff
Third sniff

I stitched this little box using DMC and VMT's and trimmed it with some gold brocade, left over from my Ukrainian dancing days, so it's very special brocade!!


1. Be a follower

2. Leave a comment on this post only

That's it.  If you want to, you may advertise the giveaway on your blog, however, I'm not making it a rule.  I really love this little box and hope that it will find a home where it will be equally loved! Thank you all for joining my humble blog!

Enter by Sunday, June 2nd and the draw will be Monday June 3rd!

Edited...forgot to put a date on it!

(I will do a separate post regarding other things in my life)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pascha, Flowers, TUSAL and Stitching Update

Christ is Risen!! 

Христос воскрес!! (Khristos voskres)

Pascha has come and gone too quickly.  It was a glorious feast! Our service was so lovely and full of joy, I didn't want it to end.  I spent the weekend at my Nana's and my mother was in from Prince George for Pascha.  The weather has been so hot, as though it was summer.  Thankfully, it is still with us and I'm having a hard time staying indoors.  Needless to say, I have been behind on the finishing front of things.  My blackbird box is coming together slowly.  The paint has dried and I hope to complete it this weekend.  

Enjoy all the photos!
My favourite photo of cherry blossoms.  The lighting was perfect and captures the delicate blossoms perfectly


The beautiful dogwood tree
 Now my stitching progress.  I picked up Tea Bath Fairy and haven't put her down.  I know I was supposed to work solely on Hannah, but Annette encouraged me to pick her up again! Thanks Annette!!
I purchased some new hoops from Michael's.  I love how taut the fabric is in the frame.  
Here's Hannah and her leopard.
Only one leg has been stitched.  I need to get a move on with him!
Love this little bird!
Finally completed the second garden in Knotgarden!
My orts in Mouse's burse.  I have been attempting to figure out how to crochet granny squares.  I've been practicing and practicing and hope to show you one completed square soon!

Thank you all for your lovely comments on my framed Jane.  I am looking forward to visiting all of your blogs this weekend.  

Also if you could say some prayers for me.  There are some lay offs in the district and I may be one of those laid off.  However, I may be rehired right away since I have a specialty position.  I am trying not to panic and trust in God that things will work out for the best.

Take care!

Hugs to all....


Friday, May 3, 2013

Jane Philpott Framed!!

Jane came to me on the windiest day of the year! My husband, thankfully, came to my rescue and helped me pick up my framed Jane.  The frame is perfect and highlights the dark green and the 1 over 1 verse.  Every time I walk by Jane I pause to drink in her beauty.  Enjoy these photos.

A lovely close up of the frame.  I love the rough wood that frames Jane.
I wish it was easier to take photos of her but it was difficult to not catch a reflection. 

I am amazed at how large Jane is! Hannah is tiny in comparison to Jane.  She's such a delight to look at and enjoy.

So, it is Pascha weekend and I'm off to get ready for it.  I will be back on Monday with some Pascha pictures.  I am almost finished the giveaway box prize.  There has been no time for me to complete it but it is in the works.  Here are some lovely cherry blossoms for all of you to enjoy!

Titus wants to say hello!

Take care, happy stitching and I will catch up with all of you later!!