Friday, September 4, 2015

August End and September

Hello everyone!

It's been too long since my last blog post.  Many times I meant to do a write up but as many of you know, having a baby is a full time, round the clock job.  So many thing fall to the wayside.  I try to do at least one activity a day, whether it be a walk, a visit with a friend or an adventure.  Some days we stay in and just nurse to get my supply up.  Breastfeeding is a joy but also a lot of work! My little guy had a couple of weeks of not feeding very well so in order to increase my supply, I had to pump 6 times a day! That takes a lot out of a person.  But now we are on track and he's gaining weight nicely.  He's more of a lean and tall kind of baby, like his father.  He's already fitting into 6 month sleepers! I sometimes wish I could slow down time a bit though.  He's growing too fast! It's been a joy to observe his little personality come out.  He's already quite musical and likes to hum to me playing the piano.  I've also noticed he's very sensitive.  The other day I played some baroque music, a bit on the sad side, and his mouth turned down and tears started to flow! Oh my boy how he feels the music! When he hears other children crying, he cries too!  Crazy how emotion affects children! Anywho, I hope I don't bore too many people with endless baby photos.  I do have a few crafty photos to show though.  I am trying to finish my granny stripe blanket.  Only 13 more rows to do then I can start the border.  I also bought a pile of Prairie schooler charts as I know they are retiring this year and one can never have too many charts.  Right?!!! With an abrupt, horribly blustery, wind damaging end of summer this week, I pulled out my fall ornaments to say goodbye to a beautiful summer.

I am halfway done on my Prairie Schooler Santa.   I find the evenings are the best when he goes down for his first sleep which is usually anywhere between 2-3 hours.

Prairie Schooler Charts!! YAY!

Granny stripe progress!

Added 4 more rows since the photo above
I also received some amazing baby gifts as of late.  The lovely Noni from Fireflies and Cats in the Garden sent the most adorable Australian themed gifts.  She cross stitched the most adorable Koala with Eucalyptus flower as a hat for Nathanael.  Once we get a decent bookcase to shelve his growing collection of books, I'm going to put the frame above the bookcase.  I adore the koala slippers she sent too!!

I met up with Melissa from Words and Blooms and she made Nathanael three adorable pairs of cotton pants! He looks very handsome in all three of his pants.  Melissa has become quite the seamstress and she serged the pants impeccably!

Such sweet fabrics.

Okay, now onto a barrage of baby photos.  

Grandpa and Nathanael chatting

Titus and Nathanael

Great Nana and Nathanael exchanging smiles

Mamma, Nathanael and Nana selfie

Those eyes!!

3 month photo

Today's smile
And one of my favourites that a friend of mine edited with some thought bubbles.....

Last but not least, little Titus sleeping in Nathanael's bassinet.  Nathanael has graduated to his crib and for now the bassinet is Titus' new bed.

I hope you all enjoyed this baby filled post! I do feel a bit disconnected from all my bloggy friends.  I will try to be a bit more connected in the future.  I do read people's posts at night but I have difficulty writing comments from my phone.

Take care and thanks for visiting!