Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation, Bec's Giveaway, Mad Stash

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new followers! Thank you for reading my blog and deciding its somewhat interesting enough to follow. 

Bec from Bec's Cross Stitch Creations is having an amazing giveaway! She is very talented and her blog is always a lot of fun to read, so you should head over there and congratulate her and join in her giveaway!!

So here I am in Prince George, on my parent's computer, which is taking some time to get used to, wondering what happened to the sun? We get a bit of sun, then suddenly RAIN.  Like torrential RAIN!! The rain that falls is the kind that comes and goes in a split second.  I kind of like it though because it reminds me of my broody teenage years listening to Ani DiFranco or The Cure looking out my window and being all wispy about life.  It leaves a wonderful scent on the grass and pavement and is the kind of rain you want to run around in (which I've yet to do but will if it comes again!).  Anywho, I am enjoying my visit here but it would be nice to get some more Vitamin D! I wish I could ask the clouds to go visit the rest of Canada and the USA to let all of you cool down a bit.  Hopefully soon the heat wave will let up.

Misty chewing on a bone
Now, my mother pulled out loads of old stitching and stash.  Some of it was mine, but mostly hers.  It was like shopping in my room!!! So much fun going through all her bits of fabric, buttons, trim, threads, patterns and scissors!! I am taking quite a bit back with me and  thinking of saving some of the aida and patterns for a future giveaway because neither she nor I will use it and it should go to a good home.  I have worked a teeny tiny bit on my projects, but my visit has not allowed me a lot of stitching time.

One of the many Precious Moments I stitched when a teen

Made this for a girl in Uganda who passed away. Very sad.

Red aida and some kind of evenweave

Kreinik, sharp scissors and a box of buttons

A pattern I bought but would like to giveaway, I'll set that up another time

My mom started this, I think I'll finish it as a pin pillow

Nearly done.  Contemplating how to do initials and the date

Leaves almost done.  Not sure how to cover the stain

Take care and happy stitching!!!

Carving on a tree

Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Award, Lace, Lavender, Tiny Progress

So first up I must give a big thank you to Teresa from Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches for awarding me the most stylish blogger award.  I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded anything!! Now since I have been busy like a bee, and blogging takes time which cuts into my minimal stitching time, therefore I have been remiss with following the rules.  At the end of this post I will award a few blogs that I enjoy reading because so many of the ones I read have already been awarded! Thanks again Teresa!!!

I also have to give a BIG HUG to Denise from Riverside Stitching for sending me an inordinate amount of lace!!! Look at them all!!!
 Now I have to make a lot more smalls and other projects to use all those lovely trims!!
Onto stitching news.  Not much to report. Sigh.  But I have done some stitching! I started stitching my friend's wedding heart, but frogged out the bit I did because I didn't like the Anchor White that I had in my stash since I was a teen.  The floss was really fluffy and didn't lay properly.  So I used Gentle Arts Sampler Thread Oatmeal which is pretty much the same as the white.  Luckily I had this thread because I only have four choices of specialty threads!! I like it much better because it isn't fluffy and it stitches nicely.  

I won't bother with pictures of the 3 or 4 leaves I stitched onto Tanglewood.  Not worth showing.  I managed to fill up the queen's skirt a bit more than before.
Here's a picture of my TUSAL threads.  I decided to follow that SAL along even though it was too late to enter.  I kind of like how the threads look in my pretty white porcelain cup.
Everything else
Tanglewood TUSAL

Some lavender that I collected.  Lavender is one of my favourite flowers and I can't get enough of it!

I would love to pass the Stylish Blog Award to these blogs.
1. Joyce from Random Ramblings
2. Rhona from Tangled Threads
3. Bec from Bec's Cross Stitch Creations
4. Sana from Tussie Mussie
5. Lesleyanne from Lesleyanne's Life of Stitches
6. Lissanne from Lissanne Creations and Stitching
7. Jo from Serendipitous Stitching

The rules are very simple:

1. Thank the person who has awarded you.
2. List seven things about yourself.
3. Pass  the award to 15 other stylish bloggers.

What I really like about the award is learning a bit about everyone.  Here are my seven things about myself:

1. Born in city of Vancouver, raised in the countryside of Prince George (got the best of both worlds)
2. Can play piano, guitar but never took lessons
3. Danced Ukrainian dancing from age 8-16
4. I can speak French somewhat and some Russian
5. I started stitching at age 8 or 9 and was obsessed with stitching Precious Moments designs...gave them all away to family
6. I'm addicted to french fries and would take them over chocolate
7. Have read almost every book by a Russian author, War and Peace is still remaining.

There you have it!! Happy Stitching and until next time, I will be up in Prince George visiting my family!! Pray for sunshine!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Update

So I have been fairly busy with working at a summer school camp this week. My stitching has not been progressing as much as I'd like, but that's how life goes. Summertime for me is more about being active and being outside, hence why my stitching has taken a little vacation.  I also want to say that I haven't been very good lately at leaving comments, but I have been checking everyone's stitching!!! Here's a couple pictures of what I've done so far in the past two weeks...also starting a freebie wedding heart pattern from the Needleprint Blog for my girlfriend who is getting married in August.  Since it's a small pattern, I should be able to get it done in time!!
The grey has a slight purple tone to it, very pretty
Outling done!! Leaves in progress!
Tiny progress on Queen's dress
Finally framed for my friend!! Gave it to her and she loved it!!

Until next time...happy stitching!!