Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Update

So I have been fairly busy with working at a summer school camp this week. My stitching has not been progressing as much as I'd like, but that's how life goes. Summertime for me is more about being active and being outside, hence why my stitching has taken a little vacation.  I also want to say that I haven't been very good lately at leaving comments, but I have been checking everyone's stitching!!! Here's a couple pictures of what I've done so far in the past two weeks...also starting a freebie wedding heart pattern from the Needleprint Blog for my girlfriend who is getting married in August.  Since it's a small pattern, I should be able to get it done in time!!
The grey has a slight purple tone to it, very pretty
Outling done!! Leaves in progress!
Tiny progress on Queen's dress
Finally framed for my friend!! Gave it to her and she loved it!!

Until next time...happy stitching!!


Isadarena said...

This project for your friend wedding looks very sweet and I hope you can finish it on time :-)) The other updates are very nice too.
Have a lovely week-end,

Joysze said...

That seems to be how summer goes for lots of people and that's great for you... cos winter will see you holed up at home and stitching, I'm sure. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding heart. It looks super cute. Tanglewood looks awesome, as always, and you found the perfect frame for your friend's A. :D

Lynn said...

I love the piece you chose for your friend's wedding. You'll have it stitched up in no time.
Nice job on the A for your friend.
I like seeing your progress on Tanglewood. It's such a neat design. We're heading to the cottage soon so I'll be stitching but I won't be online much.

Sally said...

Love your progress and your finish for your friend.

Can't wait to see the Needleprint piece for your friend's wedding.

mdgtjulie said...

You have a lot on the go! Can't wait to see the wedding heart started. Glad you are having a good summer too. It seems to be the time for most people to be active. It just messes with my asthma though, so I usually stay inside.

wendy111 said...

I like the heart and look forward to seeing it stitched up. Tanglewood is looking really good.

Carol said...

I don't do nearly as much stitching in the summer either, Anne! Our summers are too short to not spend time outside...

Love your little wedding heart WIP--that will make a sweet gift for your friend. Nice framed "A" as well...sounds like you give away a lot of your stitching just like I do!

Gina said...

Oh, that freebie wedding heart is awesome. I love it.

Teresa said...

Hi, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. You can visit my blog for instructions.
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