Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation, Bec's Giveaway, Mad Stash

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new followers! Thank you for reading my blog and deciding its somewhat interesting enough to follow. 

Bec from Bec's Cross Stitch Creations is having an amazing giveaway! She is very talented and her blog is always a lot of fun to read, so you should head over there and congratulate her and join in her giveaway!!

So here I am in Prince George, on my parent's computer, which is taking some time to get used to, wondering what happened to the sun? We get a bit of sun, then suddenly RAIN.  Like torrential RAIN!! The rain that falls is the kind that comes and goes in a split second.  I kind of like it though because it reminds me of my broody teenage years listening to Ani DiFranco or The Cure looking out my window and being all wispy about life.  It leaves a wonderful scent on the grass and pavement and is the kind of rain you want to run around in (which I've yet to do but will if it comes again!).  Anywho, I am enjoying my visit here but it would be nice to get some more Vitamin D! I wish I could ask the clouds to go visit the rest of Canada and the USA to let all of you cool down a bit.  Hopefully soon the heat wave will let up.

Misty chewing on a bone
Now, my mother pulled out loads of old stitching and stash.  Some of it was mine, but mostly hers.  It was like shopping in my room!!! So much fun going through all her bits of fabric, buttons, trim, threads, patterns and scissors!! I am taking quite a bit back with me and  thinking of saving some of the aida and patterns for a future giveaway because neither she nor I will use it and it should go to a good home.  I have worked a teeny tiny bit on my projects, but my visit has not allowed me a lot of stitching time.

One of the many Precious Moments I stitched when a teen

Made this for a girl in Uganda who passed away. Very sad.

Red aida and some kind of evenweave

Kreinik, sharp scissors and a box of buttons

A pattern I bought but would like to giveaway, I'll set that up another time

My mom started this, I think I'll finish it as a pin pillow

Nearly done.  Contemplating how to do initials and the date

Leaves almost done.  Not sure how to cover the stain

Take care and happy stitching!!!

Carving on a tree


Hannah - City Stitcher said...

I have a whole box in my mum's attic full of my stitching from younger years, I was just thinking this afternoon I should dig it out, revisiting teenage years without the angst :)

Karen said...

That's kinda cool to go back and find that old stuff! I just finished the Peacock on my Tanglewood Sunday - I'm doing the top branches now :) Hope you can figure out a way to mask/get rid of the stain!

Teresa said...

How fun to go through your old stitching. Glad you are having a nice time.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Carol said...

How nice that you and your mom are both stitchers, Anne--enjoy your visit :) And I sure wish I could figure out a way to send you some of our heat and sunshine!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

How lovely that you share a hobby. My Mum used to stitch but was so disciplined that she only ever had one project at a time. She would have loved to have a stash chest like mine but money was even tighter back then!
She's does enjoy seeing my work now but moans I don't frame them quickly enough!

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, some nice things there. I like that you have some of your stitchy finishes from your teenaged years. I don't think I have anything before twenty eight or so. Glad you are enjoying your trip, and I hope you do manage to send some rain our way. We can sure use it!

Jennifer M. said...

Hi There!

Going through old stitchy stuff is fun. My grandma was a stitcher/crafter and I inherited some of her unfinished projects. I'm planning on finishing them or at least restarting them if I feel they have become too discolored. Living in a humid climate doesn't help.

P.S. Don't send the rain to Florida. We have enough of our own in the summer. LOL

I'm following your blog so I'll be watching for more progress postings.

Take Care!

Gabi said...

How lovely to go through memories like that.
Love your Tanglewood. What a pity about the stain. What about stitching a small celtic pattern over it...or your intial?

Anne said...

Ooh Gabi what a great idea!!I was just asking my mom what I should put there: bird, butterfly, falling leaf, etc. I think the initals or a celtic symbol would be great!

Bec said...

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway Anne! :)
Your teen stitchings are so cute! I love the Japanese one.
I felt like a kid in a candy store when my Mum brought me all her old stash.
Tanglewood looks great! Can't wait to see it finished.

Here's hoping you get to see the sun on your holiday :)

Sally said...

How lovely to see your old stitching :)

Tanglewood is looking gorgeous as is the heart.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday :)

Lynn said...

Going through that stash would be so much fun! Shopping without having to leave home!
Your WIP look great. I hope you have lots of stitching time on your holiday. Enjoy your time!

Lissanne said...

How awesome to be able to see some of your older stash and stitching! I think all of mine was tossed years ago! Your WIPs are coming along and still are so pretty.

Margaret said...

Oh, old stash shopping! lol! Must be fun to see old projects and to see how your tastes have changed or stayed the same depending. Hope it's not raining anymore!

Joysze said...

Oh my!!!!!! That's like so totally awesome, Anne. It's so much fun to travel down memory lane, esp when you can reminisce with your mom. :D Love the Precious Moments stuff you stitched. Are you going to bring the Japanese couple home with you?

I like Gabi's idea of covering the stain with your initials. :D