Monday, November 29, 2010

Estonian Snowflakes

I found these wonderful snowflakes to stitch up from the amazing Needleprint site.  The snowflakes were fun to stitch and I am thinking of how to make them into ornaments. I'm a bit slower than most with finishing, but since I've started this blog I can happily say that I have been finishing projects! I have finished a second pinkeep for a friend and can only show the back of it, since the front will give it away.  Once Christmas is over, there will be a lot of pictures of the fronts of the pinkeeps so look forward to January!

Question: How does one stop the fraying of cord? I knotted the cord that is on the pinkeep but I am concerned that it will come undone.  Will craft glue work?

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Pinkeep!

Well, I managed to finish my very first pinkeep! Certainly not perfect but it is still lovely.  I'm sure my mom-in-law will love it.  Now I need to reorganize my sewing desk and set up my sewing machine so I can get on with the rest of my projects.  I've been very busy lately and will get busier as the weeks go on, so I will try and update when I can.

Here are some photos of the pinkeep as well as this great little "Merry Christmas" Design from Nan at Threadwork Primitives.

My trusty old Stork scissors
Some cotton fabric I found at my moms's
28ct Evenweave Design by Nan from Threadwork Primitives DMC threads
See the holly fabric? I just got that and it will work perfectly

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Tale of Two Thumbs

Wow.  It took me an hour to stitch two parts of a pinkeep today!  I didn't even know that an hour had passed until my husband called me and said "Haven't you left yet?"  I was supposed to be at my Nana's for her birthday party by 2 p.m., but got caught up with my two thumbs trying to fiddle around with "perfecting" the edges of my pinkeep.  I take my hat off to all you ladies (and gents!) who make their stitching finishes look so perfect and easy.  Perhaps since it was my first time crafting a pinkeep, I should be easy on myself.  I just hope my next three...or is it four...will be easier and faster. 

Once I arrived at my Nana's, I rifled through her big button tin and pulled out some really great buttons.  I told her to keep her eyes out for charms, ribbon, and all sorts of crafty things that I could use for future projects.  It was great fun for the both of us, since she has saved those buttons for well over 50 years!  We had a lovely dinner with wine and a yummy cake and talked about all sorts of things.  My aunt gave her a beautiful picture of a blue heron, from the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park.  My aunt is a very talented photographer and should be selling her prints!  I might get some of her prints to post on my blog for people to see until I help her start her own. 

Here are some photos of the pinkeep in process, although I still need to add the ribbon and whatnot for decoration. There is an uneveness on the top part of the pinkeep that I just couldn't get to work for me.  I think it has something to do with the cardboard I cut out :(
Look at those ghastly corners!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Christmas Ornament

But this time it's for us! I realized I haven't really made anything for myself so I decided to do a cute little ornament from the JCS magazine.  It was very quick to do and fun to stitch, now to find some kind of carboard or mat board to finish up all the pieces I've been stitching.  Here are some photos below:

Happy Skater by LHN

28 ct Raw Linen DMC Threads

 I didn't have all the DMC threads the pattern called for so I used what I had.  Also, I'll post a peep of another gift I'm making for a friend.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Close up of Blackwork Ornament

I found a better picture of the blackwork ornament.  Here it is.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mmmm Italian Sausage with Rice Pasta

Hello all!

Just finished an amazing dinner, Italian sausage with rice pasta, courtesy of my lovely hubby.  We are really starting to like organic rice pasta.  It tastes great, and you can't get better than organic! Anywho, I'm just going to upload a picture of my current project that I'm working on for a friend.  The linen I used is kind of a butter like colour, although I don't think it shows very well in the photo.  I used the one of the letters from the Sajou website, which is linked on my sidebar.  The site has so many different letter designs to choose from it makes it difficult to settle on one.  I think the one I used is perfect for her and I can't wait to see what it will look like when it is completed.  Here it is!
The cord on the upper right hand of the photo is from my Nana.  She told me that she bought it a long time ago to put onto my Grandpa's chair in his office at UBC, but never actually got around to adding it! Good thing she saved it because it works perfectly with the linen and thread.  I'm thinking of turning this into a pinkeep and will add the cord and some red ribbon to match the thread.  Can't wait to find the fabric for the back!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some old unfinished pieces

Here area some pictures of unfinished pieces I have done.  The geisha and teddy bear just need a bit more backstitching then I will have to frame them.  I will attempt to frame them myself.....yes I will frame them myself! I just hope I don't hammer my finger or anyone else that might be helping me (side glance to my husband).

Tatty Teddy Birth Sampler

Geisha Girl

Some old house I stitched when I was 15

A cute pansy pattern I stitched when 
I was young, just finished into a 
lavender pillow a few months ago!

Ornament Finished!!

Woot woot!! I'm pretty happy with the way the ornament turned out.  I did take awhile to get to it, but alas, life is busy and we have had a sick kitty.  Well she is not so much a kitty, but an ol' gal, much loved by all.  Luckily, she has done a turn around and is more like the Lucy we love and know. Once the kitty crisis passed, I set my self upon the three projects I promised to complete before Christmas. I'm amazed that I am ahead of schedule and can actually fit in 3-4 more projects for more friends and family.  Two of the pieces I have not "finished" but I did prep the pieces for what I have in mind, so I am on the way. I've been itching to buy some more linens and threads to make some cute Christmas ornaments, however I stopped myself from pressing the "buy" button! Anyways, here are some photos of the ornament, and the two pieces.The ornament is the last photo.
  "L" from Sajou Alphabet Stitched on Raw 28ct linen

                                              Rose Garden by Blackbird Designs
                     Stitched with R & R Reproduction linen 30 ct Valentine Blend
                                    Threads Crescent Colours in Jakey Brown