Monday, November 1, 2010

Ornament Finished!!

Woot woot!! I'm pretty happy with the way the ornament turned out.  I did take awhile to get to it, but alas, life is busy and we have had a sick kitty.  Well she is not so much a kitty, but an ol' gal, much loved by all.  Luckily, she has done a turn around and is more like the Lucy we love and know. Once the kitty crisis passed, I set my self upon the three projects I promised to complete before Christmas. I'm amazed that I am ahead of schedule and can actually fit in 3-4 more projects for more friends and family.  Two of the pieces I have not "finished" but I did prep the pieces for what I have in mind, so I am on the way. I've been itching to buy some more linens and threads to make some cute Christmas ornaments, however I stopped myself from pressing the "buy" button! Anyways, here are some photos of the ornament, and the two pieces.The ornament is the last photo.
  "L" from Sajou Alphabet Stitched on Raw 28ct linen

                                              Rose Garden by Blackbird Designs
                     Stitched with R & R Reproduction linen 30 ct Valentine Blend
                                    Threads Crescent Colours in Jakey Brown

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