Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Start on My First Ever HAED!!

Hello all!!

I have to give a big warm thank you to all who commented on my Tanglewood as well as those who have given me their condolences on Lucy's passing.  It has meant a lot to me to receive hugs, thoughts and prayers from all of you, so MERCI BEAUCOUP MES AMIES! I am still trolling around looking for frames for Tanglewood, but I may have to take it in to a framer to make a frame for me, then I'll do the framing myself.  Perhaps.  I don't know.  On such an epic piece of stitching, I don't want to make any mistakes!!! My indecisiveness can get the better of me. 

Also a big hello to my new followers!! I have been trying to add people who join my blog, but sometimes I don't know where their blog is.  If you want people to know about your blog, you can link your blog to your profile page:    1.Click on your "Edit Profile", which is beside your picture
                      2. Click "select blogs to display" button
                      3. Add your blog! 
Voila! Now I can find your blog and become a follower! There have been some blogs that has taken me almost a year to find and add myself as a follower. Now some people may not want to do this, and this is fine, but I thought I might give out a helpful tip to those who may not know about this feature.

Alright, onto stitching news.  After finishing Tanglewood, I began a new big project, or BAP, which I think means Big Ass? Project.  I can't think of anything to substitute the A for other than that word, so now its stuck in my head when I see BAP. Now that I think about it, maybe it means Art?  Anywho, I began Tea Bath Fairy. Wow.  Loads of confetti.  Tiny stitches.  Endless pages. My eyes hurt.  Needle is bending.  My husband shakes head.  Whew, what did I get myself into?!! That aside, I kind of enjoy the pain of the project.  I think I made it more difficult on myself by choosing to do 1over 1 on 28 ct. Evenweave.  I fiddled around with different counts and ways of stitching, and settled on 1 over 1.  Now I'm deep into it and I can't go back! To top it off, I was looking at starting the Jane Philpott Sampler and thinking of buying 40 ct linen!! I'm mad!! PS, this sampler with the threads and fabric is pricey...may have to save up for it for awhile.
A few more thoughts to add here. My auntie was cleaning out her basement and found a never used sewing basket, and guess who she gave it to? ME! I was elated to have this basket as it looks just like my mom's and my Nana's.  Yesterday I spent a lot of time organizing the basket and loved that my stash was no longer hanging by the wayside on my sewing desk. I also was given my grandma's retro cigarette bowls, which I use for decoration of course! I love the bright orange colours!!
So beautiful!
Look at it all neat and tidy!

As for the autumn pattern, I found the designer!! Yay!! Its from With Thy Needle and Thread, and I think I'm allowed to post a link to her website.  I may have to edit the last post and take off the picture because I'm not really sure about this comment: IMPORTANT ~ this chart is for your own personel use. Chart may not be printed and sold, shared electronically via email, websites or blogs, or used as a free hand out.  Hmm.  Can someone clarify that for me because I just wanted to find out who the designer was and I don't want to be doing something illegal.  I never take a pattern that isn't posted as a freebie from the designer, and I always send a picture of the finished work to the designer, because, well they ask for it and I like to show them what I did with their design.

Some stash I've been meaning to post.  Thinking about a quaker design with the threads.

The Jane Philpott 1837 Sampler
I think I have stitching ADD.

Cheers and Hugs!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Dance! Tanglewood Completed! Great IHSW Weedkend!

The epic journey of Tanglewood has been completed as of today.  With the IHSW weekend, I managed to finish the clouds off and think about what to do with the stain.  So today, I added my name and year to the bottom, and stitched a butterfly to cover the stain.  I tinkered with my initials over it but the stain would not have been covered very well, hence why I chose the wee lil' butterfly to float into my Tangelwood! The stain will be a fond reminder of my darling Lucy and not at all a blemish to the piece.  I remember all the trials and tribulations I had whilst stitching Tanglewood, and I can hardly wait to find the perfect frame for my first major project!

Started February 2011, Finished August 22, 2011

Stitched on 32 Sandstone Linen with Carrie's Threads
Not only did I complete Tanglewood on Sunday, but I also worked on the Queen's Sampler.  The Queen is nearly complete and I only have a few more motifs to add and it too will be finished!

My brain is already over flowing with ideas for new smalls for this autumn and winter.  Along with Chatelaine's Tiny Rose Mandala, HAED's Tea Bath Fairy, I think I will start on a cute autumn pumpkin and crow pattern that is a freebie (from where I don't know and if you do let me know!), and start on Shepherd's Bush Tiny Garden. With a massive finish like I had today, I feel the need to tackle more!!

Take care!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Back from Camping: Two Part Post

Part 1: Good News Post

My view
Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I have been in blogland.  Trying to catch up on everyone's posts, but blogger is being stupid and not updating my blog roll! So I have to go to my dashboard and individually click on people's blogs to see if there are updates! Anywho, technical blogger issues aside, I have come back from a week camping and cycling in Porpoise Bay, BC.  My husband and I visited Porpoise Bay last year for our anniversary and loved it so much, we just had to return! This time, we had a whole week to relax and camp and cycle back and forth into Sechelt (which is about a 10-15km ride everyday). When we weren't in town, I relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the quiet peace you can't get in the city.  Wow could I breathe better!! No stuffed nose!
My Man boy flying kite
I have to say this: My husband is an AMAZING camper!! He is like the MacGuyver of camping!! Not only did he pitch the tent and set up everything, but he cooked everyday, started the fire, fixed bikes with his tools, made a cover for our tent in case it rained with fishing wire and electrical tape, carried massive amounts of weight on his bike (mainly beer and ice), set up a washing line, cleaned the dishes (although I helped) and made sure I was comfortable.  Who could ask for a better man?!!!!

Hwaja chilling at the beach
Our friends joined us the following weekend, as well as my Uncle Peter.  We had a blast exploring the forests and the salmon spawning grounds.  Our friends brought their little Chihuahua named Hwaja and he got his camp on!! He loved every minute of it and was such a good little doggie!
The only thing he didn't like was being told not to wander off to the other cyclists camps.  He wanted free range!!

Here are some more photos of my trip.
Witches hazel growing on trees, means the air is fresh here
Salmon spawning grounds
Beautiful boats lined up by the shore at Davis Bay
Hubby riding up epic hill

It was a lovely trip and I am quite proud of myself for cycling all the way there and back.  My legs were like jelly when I arrived home, but it felt amazing.

When we arrived home, I had the best mail ever! First, Teresa, from Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches, sent me her Shepherd's Bush chart Tiny Gardens!! How generous of her and I can't wait to start this adorable little pattern! I'm thinking that once I'm finished with the chart, I can send it off to the next person who would love to stitch it too! Make it a traveling pattern?! The next RAK, is from my good friend Joyce, from Random Ramblings.  We have developed a lovely friendship and she has been so kind as to send me some of her 25 count lugana for stitch HAED patterns with! I couldn't believe how kind both these ladies are and I hope to use their charts and fabric really soon!! Hugs to you both!!! 
Fabrics and chart from Teresa and Joyce!
Also I need to add that Joyce is hosting this month's ISHW!! So hop over to her blog and join in the fun! I won't be able to hermit until Sunday but I can't wait to hunker down and do some stitching.

Okay, onto Part Two: Bad News

After a wonderful camping trip, our beloved cat, Lucy aka Luchia, passed away at my Nana's home.  We left her with my Nana, knowing that when we came back, we would have to make the tough decision to put her down.  She was 17 years old at least.  She could have been much older.  I think she waited until we came home to go to sleep.  It was Wednesday early afternoon, when she took her last breath.  My darling Lucy, you were loved so much and we can't believe you are gone.  My precious orange creamcycle kitty, I will miss your purrs, head butts, little paws, your meows, your love and affection. 
We are beside ourselves with grief and it is surreal for us to have her gone.  Today I have stopped crying because I need to be happy for my friend who is getting married tomorrow.  It will be good to distract myself and think of something else. 
She is buried under a tree and her little spirit will live in that tree.  Here she is a few years ago.  I can't post recent pictures of her, because she was so thin and it hurts me to see her like that.  I want to remember her like this:

Take care, love your family and animals because we never know when they can go.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wedding Heart Framed, Sunshine Coast Here I Come!!!!!

I arrived back in Vancouver on Thursday and spent the day holding my hubby close to me.  We missed each other so much after twelve days, we didn't want to be parted again. After a day and night of snuggling, I spent my Friday traveling on stinky transit :( I really didn't like being back in the city, especially on the skytrain.  It made me tense again, trying to jostle in and out of the skytrain, buses, and stores.  Because I am so small, people tend to bump into me and actually run me over!! With my shoulders tender, I found my way to Michael's so I could find the perfect frame for my friend's wedding heart that I finished in Prince George.  With a lot of humming and hawing for 15 minutes over one so-so frame, I glanced up and saw a gorgeous hanging frame on the side!!! I grabbed it with glee, placed my piece inside to see the effect, and was overjoyed to find that it fight PERFECTLY!!! YAY!  With my frame in hand I also decided to pick up the 30 + DMC threads for an HAED pattern that my mother bought for me!!! It will be my first HAED piece ever! I can see the addiction to those patterns and I have already made a wishlist with beautiful pieces that I dream of completing. Anywho, HAED obsession aside, when I arrived at the counter to pay for my purchases, they had a 15% teacher discount flier! Whoohoo!!!
Ashley's Wedding Heart
I added the little heart charms to the pattern for a personal touch. I think they look gorgeous, even though I couldn't manage to lay them perfect, they are charming!

In other stitching news, I did actually throw some stitches into Tanglewood's sky.  I'm nearly finished so I will wait til it is all completed to reveal the finished piece.  But that won't be until later on this month.  I won't be able to keep up with anyone's blog or my own until after August 21st.  I have tried to comment on everyone's blog, but I am very far behind! Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post.  Your comments encourage me to stitch more and to finish my pieces!! So again thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Tea Bath Fairy, isn't she darling?!
Tiny Rose Mandala by Chatelaine, Freebie
Oh, and I also started another Chatelaine freebie, Tiny Rose Mandala, stitched on 32 ct Opalescent Lugana.  I find this fabric very hard to work with because it is so stiff, but I really like the sparkles!!!!
My morning sun on the side of my parents' house, PG, BC
Take care and happy stitching!!!