Monday, October 22, 2012

IHSW and Some Finishing!!

My weekend of stitching was not too shabby! Although I was busy, I did get some time at night to stitch on Jane.  I managed to finish two pieces too and prep for more finishing for next weekend!

Jane....just the snake and 1 over 1 verse to complete! I'm getting so close!

Plum Street Samplers "Coffee Bean Christmas Tree" I didn't have the rusted bells but I think these turned out nicely.  The green gingham I used for the backing.

I finally finished Le Chalet des Perelles using that perle cotton stuff and some pretty silk ribbon from Vicki Clayton.
My two Autumn pieces.

While I was working on my smalls, look what the mailman brought me!!
My first Prairie Schooler Chart!! Woohoo!! Although I'm a wee bit late getting this, it'll be great to stitch more fall designs for next year.  Now I am trying to choose some cute Christmas ornies to stitch. 

Thank you all for your suggestions on getting "gray" linen.  I'm going to try both Zweigart and WDW and see what I end up with.  If neither are gray, I may just have to do some dyeing of my own!

Hope you all had a wonderful hermitty weekend and that you enjoyed my finishes! I hope to finish some more next weekend...fingers crossed though since it's getting close to report time!



Saturday, October 20, 2012

TUSAL and Pre-IHSW!!

Hello everyone! 

Oh how I've missed you all and your wonderful blogs!! I've been trying to pop in every once in awhile but it has been difficult to keep up right now.  I know you all understand.  My job has been wonderful, however tiring.  November is fast approaching and I will be writing reports soon.  Actually two tomorrow!! The kids are wonderful and they are all I am thinking about. My husband and mom tell me to take some time for myself, and I should I know, yet I cannot help it!! 

I realized the other day... Tuesday to be exact, that it was a New Moon...which meant....


So here are my orts!! There are a lot more than last month's.  Somehow I got some stitching done?!?!

Poor Titus...being teased with threads.

I had to cut this photo session short because after this photo, Titus almost ate some of the threads!!! last post was just before Thanksgiving.  I should probably show you a picture of what we had.  We also gave thanks for many things...I love this time of year!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful...can't believe it was two weeks ago! Wow how time flies!! Here is our delicious dinner that my Aunties made us!!

I also received the most beautiful picture from my Auntie, a very talented photographer.  My header photo is hers too. We are trying to find a special place to hang it.

Love birch trees! They make me so happy!!

I should have taken a photo of my Jane for a pre-IHSW shot, but I didn't.  Instead I'll show you some stash I received. I ordered some Gray Jobelan and wasn't too happy that the "gray" was actually taupe.  Not that I don't mind the taupe, I WILL use it, but I really want some gray jobelan or some soft linen.  Can anyone suggest a linen/jobelan/monaco fabric that is an actual medium to light gray???

The "Gray" is on the right and the blotchy Creme Brulee is on the left, my first LHN chart!!
I also ordered some R & R Reproductions Creme Brulee 40 ct and noticed some brown blotches on the fabric.  I asked the lady at 123stitch and she said it's part of that fabric.  Of course she offered me to return the linens if I don't want them...but I'm too busy to package and mail off stuff! Plus I figure why not use that fabric for some coffee dying or a prim design??! Right!?

Here's Titus getting into the mix of things!!

Okay I'm off now...need to finish my pillows I'm making!

I'll update on Monday! I'm hoping to get a lot done on Jane!!

Hugs to you all :D

Anne and Titus

Forgot to add this adorable picture of Hamish

Monday, October 8, 2012

Stitching, Thanksgiving and a Glorious October

Good Morning!!

I have quite a bit to share with you, stitching-wise, so grab a cuppa coffee or tea, just like Mouse says and enjoy the pictures. 

Autumn has arrived and I'm loving it! So far, we have had a month of brilliant sunshine during the day and chilly mornings and evenings.  That's my favourite kind of weather.  I can't wait for tonight when we go to my Aunt's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Lots of turkey, roasted veggies and I'm hoping for some pumpkin pie..MMMM!!! I love Thanksgiving and am very thankful for my family, my husband and my job I have been blessed with.  Even though the job is difficult (with the organizing and the paperwork and trying to help each child) I am so grateful to have it.  I am also grateful to be working with supportive admin and staff. The ladies I work closely with, have been wonderful and I wouldn't know what to do with out them!!  Who could ask for anything better?!!

So onto stitching.  I have yet to actually finish anything, but I have prepped for finishing.  I'm hoping that next weekend I can carve out some time to get some sewing done.  All the projects are finished in my mind so it's only a matter of sitting down and getting to it.  

I love this gingham fabric I picked up.  Now all I need to find are some brass/rusted bells.  Not sure where I can pick those up.  I may have to make some.

Here's my autumn pumpkin design.  I love the leaves in this fabric.  The lady at the fabric store loved my stitching and helped me pick this out.  Check out Jenny Penny's Autumn Pumpkin finish! She did such an amazing job!! I love the blue she chose for the bird's chest.

A wee bit late but it will be finished for next summer, my Summer Quaker design.  

I considered starting the Autumn Quaker however, I have too many other things on the go and should really start thinking about Christmas stitching instead.  It's all about planning ahead!!

Now my Jane.  I am almost finished with her but have been putting her off lately.  I worked on her last weekend for a bit and then stopped at the vase.  Check out Margaret's finish of Jane Philpott! We wish we could place our Jane's together and admire them both!! Dearest Margaret finished hers in record time! Then again, I tend to get distracted by other projects and not stay focused like she does!!

At least that big bird is done and he has some friends to hang out with him.  I really loved stitching this section.

I also started a Quaker biscornu.  I'm nearly finished with just one more motif to stitch.  I love biscornus and can't wait to stitch it together. This was such an enjoyable design to stitch and it went quickly too. I love Stacy Nash Primitive designs and will be buying more in the future.
Stitched on 32 ct Natural linen with DMC threads
Carolyn from ....just one more stitch kindly sent me the pattern.  Thank you again Carolyn!

Remember my Knotgarden and the saga of the scroll rods??!?! Well.........I got the scroll rods adjusted by my cousin and after a LOT of fiddling around, Knotgarden is up on the rods!!! Even though one of the ends of the scroll rod screws needs to be taken out a bit, I can actually work on Knotgarden again! Last night I stitched on it and am pretty happy to be using my lap stand.  It's a very handy tool!!
Although I need those clippy things to make the fabric more taught, it works.  I'm happy!!

Stash buying.  I've been a bad girl...hehehe! I bought a couple of charts through the Scarlet Letter and can't decide which sampler to start first.  

Meet Hannah Brassington.  She's a purdy girl. I just looooove the border and that lion/cougar cat guy!!!

Marion Robertson is another gorgeous sampler.  I adore the house, the colours and motifs in this sampler.
I am hoping to start one of these samplers in the new year.  That is my plan.  I figured that it's a plausible plan and it also gives me time to order the materials.  It's just a matter of choosing now. 

I think that's all to share with you.  I'm off now to do some research for my kids and some planning.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!!!