Saturday, October 20, 2012

TUSAL and Pre-IHSW!!

Hello everyone! 

Oh how I've missed you all and your wonderful blogs!! I've been trying to pop in every once in awhile but it has been difficult to keep up right now.  I know you all understand.  My job has been wonderful, however tiring.  November is fast approaching and I will be writing reports soon.  Actually two tomorrow!! The kids are wonderful and they are all I am thinking about. My husband and mom tell me to take some time for myself, and I should I know, yet I cannot help it!! 

I realized the other day... Tuesday to be exact, that it was a New Moon...which meant....


So here are my orts!! There are a lot more than last month's.  Somehow I got some stitching done?!?!

Poor Titus...being teased with threads.

I had to cut this photo session short because after this photo, Titus almost ate some of the threads!!! last post was just before Thanksgiving.  I should probably show you a picture of what we had.  We also gave thanks for many things...I love this time of year!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful...can't believe it was two weeks ago! Wow how time flies!! Here is our delicious dinner that my Aunties made us!!

I also received the most beautiful picture from my Auntie, a very talented photographer.  My header photo is hers too. We are trying to find a special place to hang it.

Love birch trees! They make me so happy!!

I should have taken a photo of my Jane for a pre-IHSW shot, but I didn't.  Instead I'll show you some stash I received. I ordered some Gray Jobelan and wasn't too happy that the "gray" was actually taupe.  Not that I don't mind the taupe, I WILL use it, but I really want some gray jobelan or some soft linen.  Can anyone suggest a linen/jobelan/monaco fabric that is an actual medium to light gray???

The "Gray" is on the right and the blotchy Creme Brulee is on the left, my first LHN chart!!
I also ordered some R & R Reproductions Creme Brulee 40 ct and noticed some brown blotches on the fabric.  I asked the lady at 123stitch and she said it's part of that fabric.  Of course she offered me to return the linens if I don't want them...but I'm too busy to package and mail off stuff! Plus I figure why not use that fabric for some coffee dying or a prim design??! Right!?

Here's Titus getting into the mix of things!!

Okay I'm off now...need to finish my pillows I'm making!

I'll update on Monday! I'm hoping to get a lot done on Jane!!

Hugs to you all :D

Anne and Titus

Forgot to add this adorable picture of Hamish


Nicola said...

Your aunt is a gifted photographer, the beech tree shot is amazing.

Mii Stitch said...

Nice little update, it was nice to read about you ☺

Mouse said...

oooo love that photo you auntie did ... cute orts and poor Titus ...
mmmmm re the blotches on the fabric that's because it is handdyed .. and the gray think zweigart do a nice light gray ... check sew n sew's website or 123stitch (whoops you did .lol) will have a sneak round for you ok :)
don't over do the work side of it !! order of the mouse xxxxx

Vickie said...

I am so glad for you that work has you so enthralled.
Was Hamish visiting?
Your Auntie sure has a talent for photography.

Margaret said...

Who's Hamish? He's so cute! Sorry if I should know. Love your TUSAL photo session with Titus! lol! Mia would definitely be trying to eat the ORTS too! Not sure about the grey fabric. WDW Confederate Grey tends toward grey, but I don't think it's a pure grey so it probably wouldn't do. Love your Aunt's photos. I love birches too! Don't know why -- they are so pretty and special. I always think of birch bark canoes. :D Your Thanksgiving looks delicious too!

Krista said...

Hi Anne, I am new to your blog. Love that pic of birch trees, it is gorgeous! Titus looks cute covered in orts, I don't think my Gigi would have sat still for that! lol!

Carol said...

Is Hamish your dog, Anne? Isn't he just adorable!! As is Titus (don't want any hurt feelings amongst the fur babies, do we?)...

Lovely feast at your Aunt's and oh, her photos are lovely!!

That is so funny, I just did a small piece on R&R Creme Brulee, too--not crazy about working on it. It was so stiff and almost seemed stretched out. Think it really is meant for a more primitive style of stitching than I do :)

Hope you can find some tips on a good gray fabric...That LHN piece is adorable--enjoy stitching it!

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday--take some time just for Y-O-U!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

"Stuff on my cat"! Have you seen that website?
The photos are lovely, artistic Auntie.
It is so difficult buying fabric online, the screen colours often don't match the actual colour. I have found that putting a piece of coloured card behide the fabric when framing works well. I had some blue fabric which was too grey but mounted on bright blue card looked perfect!

cucki said...

awww the photos are so sweet..your aunt is so artistic..
that LHN piece is so sweet--enjoy stitching it..hugs xxx

Linda said...

What cute pics of Titus with your floss. No way any of my cats would let me do that. The floss would be history. Hamish looks like hes posing for a photo shoot.
Great new stash.


Barb said...

Great photos!! I taught for 30 years. You are doing great. I don't think I would have had any time for a blog. I'd have been lucky to find time to do a bit of stitching!

Siobhán said...

I enjoyed your update! Your aunt is an amazing photographer--that photo is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


This is my first visit to your blog.
Your TUSAL report is great - Titus is gorgeous!
Love the birch photo and Hamish is very handsome too.
Your stitching is lovely!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Titus and Hamish are both very, very cute. Typical cat likes to get in amongst everything. My two "help" me all the time. The tree photo is stunning, a lovely gift. Teaching has a way of taking over your life Anne, it's hard to find time for other things.

Annie said...

Gorgeous photo from your aunt. She's very talented.

Ah.. ordering from the internet. It's wonderful to have so many options, but don't we all wish we could see the fabric in person before we buy it.

Titus is cute as ever. So who is this doggie?

Shirlee said...

Your aunt's photos are gorgeous! I always love seeing Titus, as does Sophie : ) I like your comment about the kids being all you're thinking about. You are obviously a GREAT teacher : )

EvalinaMaria said...

Thank you for sharing, love your photos. Did you get some stitching done this weekend?

Deb said...

Love the threads on Titus!! I'm sure that at first he wondered what was going on and then wondered how he could take off with them and play with them!!

Your Aunt is a wonderful photographer!!

Joysze said...

Oooooh, yummy food!!!!!! Titus is like.... "really??? Are you KIDDING me???!!!!" LOL!!!! Poor baby.

Ooooh, gorgeous photograph.... found a place for it yet?

You're right... not very gray at all, girlie... hrmmm.

Titus is so OMG cute!!!! Can you tell that I'm looking at him playing with the scissors? ;)

Hamish.... LOL... what a face!!


Meari said...

Hammish? Who's Hammish?

Cute pics of Titus... naughty kit kat eating thread.

Hopefully, you'll get the right colored fabric. I can't help you there since I don't know much about fabbies.

Veronica said...

Oooh... A Titus loaded post! :D :D :D Well, I find threads yummy so I certainly understand Titus' point of view for wanting to eat the threads :P

Your Thanksgiving dinner looks wonderful. Makes me hungry just looking at it.

Love the photo of the birch trees. Your aunt is indeed a talented photographer.

Not too sure about the fabrics though, sorry :(


rosey175 said...

My cats will 100 million percent eat any floss left out so it's amazing that you were able to get any pictures at all with Tidus!!

The photo o birches is lovely and that food is reeeally lovely but I might be hungry and biased, LOL!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Tito is adorable.
very very lovely
ciao Giovanna

Rita said...

I've always wanted that se had thanksgiving around must be such a happy time:) that dinner looks very yamiii:D

I'm also running out of free time around here!:( And we have christmas just around The corner!!

Your pets are sooo cute!:)

Suzanne said...

Love the photos of Titus and Hamish! Things have been so busy here I have had to choose between stitching and blogging and my stitching has won. I am very far behind on visiting blogs and commenting.

What a yummy looking meal!