Monday, November 29, 2010

Estonian Snowflakes

I found these wonderful snowflakes to stitch up from the amazing Needleprint site.  The snowflakes were fun to stitch and I am thinking of how to make them into ornaments. I'm a bit slower than most with finishing, but since I've started this blog I can happily say that I have been finishing projects! I have finished a second pinkeep for a friend and can only show the back of it, since the front will give it away.  Once Christmas is over, there will be a lot of pictures of the fronts of the pinkeeps so look forward to January!

Question: How does one stop the fraying of cord? I knotted the cord that is on the pinkeep but I am concerned that it will come undone.  Will craft glue work?

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anna s. said...

Well yes, I use a glue for textiles that becomes transparent when dry, but I proceed *very* carefully, often tacking it in with the tip of a nail/pin so it doesn't show up later!