Monday, June 18, 2012

IHSW Results and Giveaway Fob Finished!!

Hello my fellow hermitters and stitchers!!

A big warm hello to all my new followers! I am flattered that you like my little blog and thank you for joining.  Remember to join my giveaway and the other giveaways posted here------------------------->>>>>>>>>

Sooooo busy with only 8 more days left of school! Loads of reports and administrative duties to perform.  Filing out applications for positions next year.  Signing up for some course work in September and thinking seriously of when to do my Masters.  Yup.  Lots of things to do and think about!!

Today was quite the day...I have to say this before I head into photos of my progress.  It started off fine, as usual, with my coffee, a Titus snuggle and all my buses/skytrains/transfers were on time and went smoothly.  Until.....I got a text from a fellow teacher who also commutes telling me that there was an accident on the bridge and that she was stuck on her bus for over 1/2 hour and barely moved an inch! Uh oh I thought.  What will I do?! I stayed on my bus for awhile until I realized we weren't going to get anywhere fast, so I asked the bus driver to let me off, knowing that walking would get me to the other side faster.  So, off I went, hastily walk/running towards the street that would take me to the bridge.  It only took me 10 minutes to get to that street! On the way there, I passed a massive gridlock of cars, trucks, buses and people wearing worried and angry faces.  The stress didn't phase me though.  I figured, why bother getting upset because I left a message with the school informing them of the problem and I knew they would understand! So off I trotted, with the wind blowing my hair all around me, my clothes sticking to me from perspiring and the black clouds behind me, taunting me, threatening me. I passed a crowd of people at the foot of the bridge waiting for the bus and told them "Come join me for my walk over the bridge!! Your bus won't come anytime soon! Might as well!!" And off I went.  As I was walking, I noticed a crowd of people behind me.  Glad they took my advice because not one of our buses made it across the bridge! The view in front of me was astounding.  North Vancouver was twinkling in the bright, morning sunshine and behind me was ominous black clouds of rain.  I made it across the bridge in 30 minutes, hopped in a cab and made it to the school by 9:15! Not bad at all hey?!!!

My photos do not do the splendor justice.  At all.

Pretty crazy start to my day!!

Stitching!!! I stitched as much as I could this weekend, with only a few, irritating, interruptions! I finished the giveaway fob!! Woot Woot!!!! I hope you like it! I think it's adorable and kinda wished I made myself one too! I guess that will be another project for me to do sometime in the future!
Those are the threads needed for the Bee Chart and I picked up those lovely gold scissors for the winner!

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Good Luck to all!!

Guess what?! The border on Jane MET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put in the stitch that brought the border together in last night.  I was very excited!!Here's my IHSW progress.  I think I did fairly well! Pardon the wrinkles and the poor photos!

Love that big flower even though it took me over a week to do and I had many froggy visits!!

Big hugs to you all and I hope to catch up with everyone in the next couple of weeks!!

Anne and Titus sends a big hello and thanks for all the love!!


valerie said...

Wow, what a morning but good for you for making the most of it and encouraging others to! Congrats on your Jane border meeting've gotten so much done on her!! I missed IHSW this feels so weird. I miss's been so crazy busy!

Melissa said...

Yay on the borders meeting up on Jane! A Double Yay for your adventures this morning! I hate it when traffic problems happen especially on any of the bridges! Good for you!

Your little fob looks really sweet. Isn't that always the case that we want to keep something we stitched for others. That's a sign that it's a really good thing you've made!

Soon you will be able to relax and enjoy the 'summer'! Take care!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

congratulations on your finish - am loving the sampler is looking gorgeous - but then I do have a soft spot for samplers - take care and make sure your lamp is nice and bright so as to scare those pesky frogs away!

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, what a crazy morning you had! I love it when you see a thunderstorm one way and bright sunshine the other way - it is such an amazing sight to see! Thank you for sharing the photos :o) Well done on your plan to walk - sounds like it was definitely the right thing to do!
Your scissor fob is gorgeous - the giveaway winner is going to be a very happy person :o)
Happy dance for you too... such a relief when a border lines up! Well done - it looks great

Big hugs to you and Titus xx

Pauline said...

Great story!
And your stichings looks also great!

Rowyn said...

Loved your story. Good on you for turning something negative (traffic delays are never fun) into something positive.

Great news that your border met up. It's always a relief isn't it? lol

Lesleyanne said...

Great photos. Your fob looks great. Isn't fantastic when your border meets up.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, what a morning you had!
the photos are great!
your scissors fob is very pretty.

Anonymous said...

lucky you were heading towards the blue sky, not the other way round! (that'd have been the epic version of your already crazy morning! :D)
scissor fob looks really sweet, you did a lot of progress on Jane, I remember when you started this.. while having flu right?
look at it now! you did a great job!
your giveaway looks so sweet, I might stitch myself a fob with bees if I don't get lucky with yours! :D
happy xxx to you, happy naps to Titus

Diane (di) said...

Yikes Anne, what a morning! Those pictures are amazing and as for your borders meeting up? Is that a fabulous feeling or what. Love, Love LOVE when that happens. :)

(your scissor fob is beautiful!)

Nurdan said...

What a story! Pictures are so interesting and I do like the scissors fob very much! More over your stitching is just perfect!

Kaisievic said...

Smart thinking, Anne, walking across the bridge instead of being frustrated on the bus. Your giveaway fob is gorgeous - I have everything crossed that I might be lucky enough to win it.

Jane is looking good,too.

You will have a lovely long holiday now, won't you? Is that how it works in Canadian schools?

Catherine said...

What a way to start your day! You must have felt like the Pied Piper leading everyone across the bridge!
Your fob is adorable! And yay on the border meeting up!! Isn't it a great feeling? Beautiful stitches!

butterfly said...

Beautiful fob pop me in for your give away .
Well done on getting your stitching to meet up no matter how hard I try mine never come's together first time. Hugs.

Annie said...

Well you must be the original 'make lemonade out of lemons' girl! Nothing beats a good walk for me, and Vancouver is such a beautiful place to do it.

Cute little fob. And congrats on getting the borders to meet! Always reminds me of the great railroad in the US that was build from both coasts with fingers crossed that it would meet in the middle!

Chris said...

Yea! I am so glad that the border met up!! Such a relief. She is looking beautiful.
The fob is pretty fabulous too.
Lovely pics of the bridge. It is frustrating to be stuck in traffic.
Hugs to you and Titus!

Vickie said...

Sounds like you handled the stressful morning well. Hey, you got exercise in alright!
Hooray for the border meeting up. Your work looks great. :)

Margaret said...

Oh wow! What a crazy morning for sure! You were smart to hoof it like that. Love the fob -- very pretty! And Jane. Ah Jane. She is gorgeous! So glad the border met up -- that is always such a relief!!

McKenna C. said...

Great story! Were you wearing heels? Because that would just blow my mind! Don't you just love it when borders meet up?! Oh I love the fob!


Bea said...

Love the fob - it's so pretty. And well done on the border meeting up. I always worry - sure I've made a counting mistake somewhere!

Erica said...

Lovely progress on Jane!
Isn't it a relief when the border lines up!
It's always a big Pheuuu! for me!

Mindi said...

I always breathe a huge sigh of relief when borders match up! Jane is looking gorgeous.

Julie said...

What a morning you had.
Cute fob and glad Jane met up where it was suppose to.Its really coming on.

Shirlee said...

Congratulations on your great attitude amid the traffic standstill! Congratulations also on your border matching up! That always worries me as well : ) Jane is looking beautiful! Great fob : )

Mouse said...

eee you were the pied piper of North Vancouver

well done on not getting stressed by it all too :)
congratulations on finishing the fob and working on your hermitting piece :)
Bentley says Hi Titus :) love mouse xxxxx

Giovanna said...

Love the fob, and love the sampler - beautiful stitching!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What an adventure you had to start your day oh boy!!! I'd be one of those frustrated people stuck in my car at least with the bus you can get off and just walk!!!

Your fob is adorable and congrats on the border for Jane meeting up!

Veronica said...

Despite the fact that you were perspiring, it looks like a lovely walk :)

Gotta say that scissors fob you made is so sweet! Wanna win the giveaway so badly ^.^

Yay for the borders meeting up on Jane. That's certainly a relief. I guess that's why I hate stitching borders so much. Besides of it being a repetitive bore, there's always the stress of fear that it won't meet up hovering over you.


Carol said...

I love the picture I have in my head of you leading a pack of frustrated commuters across the bridge into the city :) Very impressive to have walked that far in the heat, too...

Your bee fob is adorable, Anne--you'll have to make another for yourself for sure. And your Jane border meeting up is cause for celebration indeed!!

Enjoy the last few days of the school year...

blue star stitcher said...

I am glad your borders met up, it is looking great! I love the idea of walking to work (though not when i'm running late) and wished I lived closer so I could do it everyday.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great story! I have this vision of more and more people following you with the ones at the back saying "where are we going?" and the ones at the front saying "follow the walking woman, she's leading us into the sunshine". A bit like the Life of Brian where he gets alot of unwanted followers LOL.

The borders meeting up is such a relief, I always stitch borders last so there's less counting.

♥ Nia said...

Lovely finish :)

Suzanne said...

What a story!! Great news with the borders meeting, that's always a good thing.

Ewa said...

Oh man, sounds like just another day in San Francisco traffic. Can't say I miss that part of California. Beautiful photos, though! Your stitching looks wonderful! I'm so glad the border on Jane met up :)

Valentina said...

In my six years of university I've always commuted with the train and had problems like yours countless times! I'm glad that now I can reach work with just 20 mins of car!
Hurray for the meeting borders of Jane! It's always a great relief when the borders meets!