Friday, November 13, 2015

Ummmm....It's Been Too Long!

Wow, over two months since I've last posted.  What can I say? Babies take up a lot of time and time just zooms by when you're a zombie!! Or what I like to say "Mombie"! Nathanael is now 5 1/2 months and we are in the thick of sleep training both for nighttime and naptimes.  I've had to try a number of different methods and try to steer away from rocking him to sleep as it's no longer effective. This lil' guy has had a number of issues that have interfered with him learning to self-soothe: mainly me, construction that had been going on for 3 months beside us, colic, GERD and well just being a baby.  So I've been attempting the pick up/put down method and going in every 3-5 minutes until he falls asleep on his and today for his morning nap...wait for it...I only went in once!! NO BATTLE TO SLEEP FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. SSH.....maybe I shouldn't have shouted that and jinxed myself.  Well, it's one small feat for a mamma who is at her tethered end.  I want to be able to craft again!! Speaking of crafts, I am almost finished the granny stripe, only 4 more stripes then the border! I finished the PS santa and put in some stitches in Sarah Chapple but that's about it.  Nothing else has been going on.  I feel bad that I have neglected this space and all of my stitchy friends.  Did you know it was my 5th blogoversary on September12th?? I missed that too! If I had more than a 1/2 hour stretch at a time to do things I would have planned something as I want to get rid of lots of charts and things.  Well maybe in the new year when he's a bit older.  

Would you like to see some stitching and baby photos? Well here's a few! Be prepared for an onslaught of photos!

First the stitching and crocheting:

Sarah Chapple's border meets which is always exciting for us stitchers!!
Sarah Chapple: the border meets!!!

Added a few stitches into Sarah Emery

 An autumn stitch which is sort of Halloweeny but since I like crows and don't celebrate Halloween, I consider this more of an autumn stitch

 Helped my mom start Autumn Fraktur by PPS

 Kinda jealous that I'm not stitching this...but perhaps I will be as she hasn't really stitched it since!

A finish...finally! I love this PS Santa!

Now onto crocheting.  I finished Nathanael's Granny bunting which looks great above his crib.  He enjoys looking at it too!

More Granny stripes have been put in since this photo was taken so no need for an updated one.

Now onto some Autumn and baby photos.  We had a deliciously warm October so lots of walks around my neighbourhood.  However, November has been cold and rainy so not as many walks as we'd like.

Shades of Red

A gorgeous churchin my neighbourhood with a brilliant sunset sun shining through the trees
Baby photos....

Ground control to major Tom...hehehe

Having a laugh with Great Nana
Well that's all my dears.  I hope you enjoyed the update.  If you want to follow me on Instagram my username is @annithadoll.  Much easier for me to post onto Instagram than find some time to do a blog post, although I do miss it! 

Hugs to you all and from Titus too!!


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

love the photos of Autumn and your baby is beautiful he has daddy's eyes. love Titus he's sweet hugs

The Maiden said...

Look at that cute pudding face! Once he really starts to eat cereal sleep training will get a lot easier. I used to nanny and specialized in infants and toddlers, I found a "lovey" helps. A small stuffed animal or blanket that he can use to self soothe (if he is really struggling you can wear it in your shirt so it smells like mom. Sigh, crafting will have to wait but look at all you have accomplished with that little human!

Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely update, Anne! Your son is so adorable and precious. Crafts will wait; enjoy your time with your son.

C Reeder PhxAz said...

So good to hear from you again. You get lotsa room as a new mom to post sporadically! Love seeing the photos too. Hang in there. We have not forgotten you.

woolwoman said...

Please blog when you can Anne - I don't do Instagram. OMGosh - your baby boy is SOOOO darling - what a cutie pie - so adorable. Brilliant blue eyes - he's a knockout. How is your DH doing ? Well I hope. Love Sarah Chapple - exquisite stitch. Hope your mom (or you) get back to that beautiful fraktur - it's lovely. So glad you find a little time to crochet and knit - your stripy afghan is very nice and what a cute photo opp with the baby. Glad you enjoyed a beautiful autumn. I bet you will have the best holiday season ever.
Hugs Mel

Vickie said...

Yay! Sleep progress! Hang in there dear. It will get better very soon.
I am impressed you do find time to craft. Good for you!
Love the picture of Nathanael and Great Nana. :D

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely to read a post and see more photos of your little man. He really does look like a little old man with his flat cap and tweeds! Similar style to my cousin's little boy.

Mine were still feeding to sleep at that age so we had no need to worry about sleep training. Once they were weaned from mummy I did gradual withdrawal for my older son, he needed me in the room to start with. My younger son was happy with a song, a kiss and a cuddle. We'd sit outside the room and hear him making noises as if there was someone in with him! Rather weird LOL

It is great when the border meets up isn't it?

Barb said...

Great hearing about your life Anne! But you are so right, babies take lots of time. That baby is absolutely adorable. I loved the family pictures. I do hope he is sleeping better soon. My daughter was a sleeping challenge too when she was a baby. Very nice stitching, at least you are getting a bit done!

Penny said...

First of all Nathanael is absolutely adorable!!! Hopefully the sleep issues will continue to get better. :) Love all of the pictures ~ Sarah Chapple is a gorgeous sampler! Love the granny stripe blanket too. Take care and enjoy every minute with that sweet little boy!

Margaret said...

I can't believe Nathananael is 5 1/2 months old already! Time passes so quickly! You know both my kids suckered me into various things with the sleep issue. Driving them in cars to make them fall asleep, having them in bed with me (which I swore I would never do with the second but did), etc etc. Good for you for sticking to your guns and having a first successful naptime! Good luck -- hope the training goes well for both of you! Love the crafts you've gotten done -- and the baby pics are adorable!

Agi said...

He is such a cute one! Don't worry, crafting will sort itself out, never let's itself to be forgotten :) And you can start crafting with Nathaniel in a few years: my son was 2.5 when he wanted a needle for himself. I added him the biggest one without a pointy end (n. 18 or maybe 16), knotted some thread into the needle not to let it slip out, he got my smallest frame and was happily "sewing" next to me.

Kay said...

Such a beautiful baby. I am really impressed you have any time to stitch at all. When mine were babies they all reached a year old before I managed to do their cross stitch birth samplers.

Carol said...

I so needed this post today, Anne... After the heartbreaking events in Paris yesterday, I needed to see that darling baby of yours to be reminded that there truly are sweet and innocent lives still left in this world...

Nathanael is so, so cute--I love his little hats and chubby cheeks. So cute how you're taking monthly photos with the yarn marking the months, too. Motherhood and crafting combined :)

Your blanket is so pretty as is your stitching progress! And, yay! A finished, PS Santa--I need to stitch him, too.

Continued luck with the sleep training--my third was a horrid sleeper after two excellent ones. Very tiring for mom... Hang in there!

Please give your little one a special hug from me--wish I was close enough to do so myself. A baby cuddle is just what I need right now :)

marly said...

Your Chapple is the nicest I've seen color wise. Great linen color for this piece. Your sweetie is the cutest little guy, and your photos are just darling.

Barb said...

What a precious baby boy you have! He is absolutely adorable! Thank you for,sharing these sweet, sweet photos of him with us.

Annette-California said...

Your post lifted my heart this morning after the tragedies in Paris yesterday. Nathanael is beautiful and such a happy baby. Hope his sleeping progress continues and it will my dear!
I am so impressed you have been able to do needleworks. All your projects are lovely. Congrats the border matched up on Sarah!
Thank you for sharing each and every photo. I keep saying that every photo I see of Nathanael is my favorite -LOL! Well it's true!
love and hugs Annette
ps YOUR doing great mommy!

gracie said...

How wonderful to see a post from you. I do hope things settle into a better routine for you...I adore seeing pictures of the handsome boy.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Nathanael is gorgeous! He looks like such a happy little baby. Love all your pictures. You've actually managed to do some stitching! I'm so impressed. We've missed you around here :D

Cath said...

Beautiful pictures , lovely stitching and a gorgeous boy. You are very lucky . The sleep thing will get better , meanwhile try to rest when it's baby nap time. Easier said than done I know, as you have so many other things to catch up on.
Most of all , enjoy this time. I really miss the baby days. Before you know it, he will be a stroppy pre-teen ,lol.
Take care xxx

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Wow you did great stitching. ... all very beautiful.
You have a fantastic family and I wish you all the best.

Justine said...

Aw he's such a handsome and happy looking baby! Everything passes with babies so soon he will be napping and sleeping without difficulty I'm sure. They are hard work but so so worth it.

I think you've done really well to keep up with any crafting at all! Your Sarah Chappel is looking lovely and the bunting looks like a lot of fun.

Leonore Winterer said...

So many great pictures...looks like you and your boys are having tons of fun! I'm glad to see you're finding at least a little time for crafting as well :)

Julie said...

What a sweetheart your little chap is, he looks a very happy and contented boy. Such lovely pictures you have captured of him, they certainly grow quickly.
Gotta love a border that meets the first time!
Lovely PS Santa.

Melissa said...

Hi Mombie! lol. Oh, the life of a new mom. Hang in there. Oh but he's a cutie pie though - those eyes!

You've been busy with your crafts.Don't beat yourself up. I love how Sarah is looking, she is Queen Gorgeousness for sure!

Bye Titus. Take care of your Mombie for us! ;-)

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely stitching & adorable granny bunting!!
Your little one is growing too fast :)

Stitching Noni said...

Oh he is adorable!! and growing so fast :o)
Sorry, can't give you any mummy advice as I didn't have wee ones to try anything out on... but I know that whatever works for you all will be the right thing.
I do hear what you're saying about time to craft though... I wish I had more time and I don't have a baby!!
Love your finishes - well done :o)
Hugs xx

Cristina said...

Hello Anne,
First of all, Nathanael is absolutely adorable and he has awesome eyes... so much love in these photos :)
I always look up to all thoses mums who have also time to their hobbyes, maternity is a marvellous and hard work, don't you think?
Your stitches are amazing as always.

Maggee said...

Hello!!!! What a nice thing, to have a post by you! It is not always easy to get it all done, with a new baby! Just take it one day at a time... and everything that NEEDS doing will get done! The rest will wait. Thanks for sharing the baby pictures... he is so cute!!! Congrats on getting any stitching done, but meeting your borders... excellent! Plus two finishes...? Wonder Woman! Big Hugs to you!!

Kaisievic said...

Nathan is so gorgeous, Anne, and don't worry, you will get the sleep issue sorted out - when he is a teenager, you won't be able to get him out of bed! lol! Sarah Chapple is looking stunning and thank you for sharing all of the gorgeous, gorgeous photos. hugs, Kaye

Lumiruusu said...

I just loved all the photos -You have a beautiful Family ..and a sweet baby Boy. The samplers you are stiching all look awesome :) :) Greetings from cold and windy Finland !

♥ Nia said...

Ohhh your boy is so cute!! =) And little.. mine is already 21 months (today!!!) and they grow so much and so fast :p
But you've been a lucky girls, you've been crafting! how I wish I could do the same :p Almost 2 years and my boy is STILL a terrible sleeper! He wants to do anything else.. but sleep, sleeping is not for him :p No matter if it's day or night... so it's been quite a ride so far ;) hahahahah Maybe in 5 years I will get to see how it feels to sleep a full night again.. maybe... ;)
Can you believe I spent a full year without posting any line on my blog?! crazy... so many times I started.. trying now to find my new rhythm and keep up ;)
"This thing" of motherhood is exhausting but also so rewarding =) Their smiles make us forget how tired we feel :))))) Have fun with your little man! Happy December to you three!!! :D
hugs&smiles my friend

Brigitte said...

I'm so late commenting but better late than never :)
What a pleasure to see new pictures of your little sweetie boy Nathanael. And how he has grown. But it will certainly take a while until he sleeps a longer period of time without waking up. It is a hard time for mommies and dads but it will be better, believe me.
Good to see that you can find a little time every now and then to stitch on your projects. And so nice to see Sarah having been worked on.
Have a great advent time :)

Fred Bredberry said...

Nathanael is so lovely! He grows so fast! Jane also wants to take suchlike photos of our coming baby. She's so worried.. I am too, frankly speaking... Hope everything will be perfect. The nursery is ready though and waiting for the baby boy.
With love and sweetness in hearts,
Fred and Jane
Commented last at Winter Poems by Me at

Annette said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL the pictures of your cute boy.. also in stagram. so lovely to see them.
Being a new mommy is all about the baby, it will get easier, believe me.. but one baby is not the other.
Good luck, your a born mother it will go easier every month, more mommy time.. hihihi
Your going great on your crafts.. slowly it will all get a place!!


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