Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Teaching, Kids, And The Things They Do

I just have to share this bit with you all today.  So here I am teaching at a literacy center, where the kids all have chores to do.  I tell one of the fellas that he has to water the plants.  He tells me he doesn't know how to do it, at that point the aid and I chuckle and tell him "Use the jug fill it with water and pour the water into the plant!"  As he is filling the plants with water, I check each of them to see if they are damp when I notice (here's the bit) that he filled the PLASTIC FLOWER VASE WITH WATER!!!! So cute! I tell him that "these are NOT real flowers honey! Feel them! They are plastic!" He replies "Well someone was watering them before! Look at the other vase it's full of water too!!"  So someone else in the class started the "watering the silk flowers" trend well before this lil' guy.  I think they need a lesson in what's real and what's not real!

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