Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trying to vamp up my blog

I'm liking the background but not really liking the really bright white columns.  Anyone know how to change that? I would prefer it to be a light grey background so my eyes aren't blasted by my computer screen (and probably yours too).  I can't seem to find where to change that...a little direction would be greatly appreciated!!

As for stitching, I am still waiting for some things to arrive and have just celebrated Christmas yesterday.  It was a fairly quiet Christmas but lovely all the same.  My husband and I really wanted to be up in Prince George with my family where all the craziness was happening.  My father decided to build a fire pit in the backyard amidst the snow! They were supposed to cook wieners but I heard that there was more drinking and silliness happening in the snow instead!  Perhaps next year we will make the trip up to good ol' PG and join in the revelry!

Itching to stitch....need fabric....need threads.

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Meadows08 said...

I don't mind the white, it makes everything else easier to read :)

Do you celebrate Ukrainian Christmas?