Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glitches and technical frustrations!!

Hello all! I've been noticing that the blogs that I have been following all switched to my google account, so there was no link to my blog.  I linked the blog to that account, but now I've been having revisit all the blogs to switch to the picture I use now.  So silly and frustrating that I have to deal with technical stuff! Also I'm wondering if there's glitches with joining my blog? If so let me know, there is an email attached to my profile.  If there is one then I need to let the technical support know about this.  I think I'm plagued with glitches.  This one is a funny one though.  So the other day, um maybe three days ago, I texted the bus stop to see when the bus would come, three times, and lo and behold I receive the times one day after another, the last one coming in this morning at 4:30am!!! So when will the glitches stop I ask you?!?!? Have I done something to piss off the computers, satellites, phones and other electronic devises? If so I am sorry for what I might have said or done in anger! I take it back!!!

Okay, so not much stitching lately.  I put in my order for threads for Tanglewood but it won't come for 3 weeks!! So in the meantime, I finished my aunt's "A" and maybe I should take this time to finish up some of the smalls I stitched over the holidays.  Also I received a most wonderful gift to make my own lil' quilted bag from a dear friend.  I can hardly wait to start the project!

Take care and keep stitching!!

"A" from Sajou Alphabet
The colours are so lovely but the camera doesn't capture it properly.

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