Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday Fun then sickness

So I had an amazing birthday on the 3rd with family and friends.  On the second, my aunt took me, my husband and my nana to the boathouse for lobster...yum!!  The next day my friends came over to play games and drink coffee and tea.  It was really nice to see lots of people come out to celebrate my birthday, which is rare seeing that my birthday is so close to New Years and most people are pooped out from the holidays.  Unfortunately, the next day I caught some sort of stomach bug, or perhaps it was the two raw oysters I had on the 2nd that made me sick.  I don't know.  But I will tell you that I haven't been sick like that since I was a little girl.  To top it off, I got a call from the school district to work for the next five days which I had to decline!!!  Luckily, one of the principals of a school called me and wants me to work for her for the next 6 Thursdays at her school, so all is not lost!  Funny that even while I was sick, I wanted to stitch but my achy body wouldn't allow me to even lift my arms up!

I have a few stitching plans for 2011.  If I am correct, my mother bought me two charts for Christmas, which I won't receive until next week (we celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January).  One is "Tanglewood" by Ink Circles and the other one "Queen's Sampler" by Plum Street Samplers.  I spotted the Queen's Sampler on Meadow08's stitching blog and fell in love with it.  I can hardly wait to get the charts so I can order the linens and threads to start stitching.

By the way, I got yet another Traditional Stitches gift certificate from my friend in Prince George for Christmas!!!! I have a lot of fun shopping to do and some great stitching ahead of me!  I will post pictures of the goodies I get once I receive them, then I will motivate myself to finish the projects this year.


Loretta said...

Hope you feel better soon and can get back to stitching. Take care!

Meadows08 said...

The Queen's Sampler is beautiful!!! I'm really excited to see your progress. All the red is stopping me...

Have fun shopping at Traditional Stitches! They're great there, so helpful. I was lucky enough to be in Calgary a year ago and made a trip out there. :)

Rhona said...

Hope you're feeling better, nothing worse than wanting to stitch but not being able to!
Looking forward to seeing the Ink Circles design...they are gorgeous!