Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celtic Knots


I stitched up two cute little Celtic knots for a scissor fob that I am making.  I love all Celtic patterns and especially loved this one.  I stitched two sides, one in a dark red and gold, the other in a dark purple and gold.  I am thinking about trying my hand at making a twisted cord, but we'll see if that works! The pattern is from this wonderful website that is called Dragon Bear. It talks about the history of samplers from various parts of the world and is quite a good read if you are interested in the history of samplers.
DMC Threads stitched on 32ct Sandstone Linen

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Meadows08 said...

Will you make these into scissor fobs or something? There are twisted cord making tutorials out there. It's not hard, it helps to have an extra pair of hands too.