Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kooky Tanglewood Dog Finished


I am sorry I have not posted in quite sometime.  I have been very busy and have not done too much stitching.  What I have done though is finish that funny, kooky tanglewood doggie who is all caught up in a ribbon.  I added the grass and thistles and only have two more thistles to finish.  I am still waiting on my other threads, the important ones, the tanglewood tree threads!  Hopefully my stash will arrive this week because I cannot continue stitching my tanglewood until I do (sad face).  So to tide me over until I get my threads, I began a new project.  I thought it would be good for me to try stitching a needlebook!  I have seen some beautiful examples of needlebooks and am not quite decided on how I want to make it.  I used a freebie from the Swappon site and was inspired by Lynn B's blog.  She has a wonderful blog that is full of great tutorials and she makes the cutest, prettiest smalls. Hopefully my needlebook will be finished soon. I am the queen of procrastinating finishing! Remember that lovely Valentine's pattern I stitched?!? Well, I still haven't finished it into the little pillow I planned to make.  I think I will make next weekend my weekend of finishing!

Take care and keep stitching!


Kooky Doggie Tangled in Ribbon
Thistles and the Kooky Doggie
The beginnings of my first needlebook


Melissa said...

Good morning, Anne! You are making good progress with Tangelwood! It is frustrating to wait for threads (I know all too well!) but hopefully this week you and I both will get our stash in the mail!

Nice start on your needlebook. Don't worry - we all have things we want to finish but haven't as there are always more wonderful things to stitch! :-)

Bec said...

He is kooky! lol
Looks great though. Can't wait to see it once it is finished.
I hope your threads turn up very soon.

Your first needle book looks great!I love the colours.