Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time Flies By Too Quickly

Good day to you all!!

I'm finding that TIME is my enemy as of late.  Between working everyday, being on transit 3 hours a day, busy weekends, I have little TIME to be crafty or to sit and relax!! I noticed my last post was over a week ago! YIKES!! The blog reading/commenting has also been behind, like usual! This morning I was stalking your blogs when I noticed that over an hour has gone by and I still haven't showered or gone grocery shopping for our home.  My plans for baking/sewing/stitching have been dashed!!Then a good friend of mine called and wants to meet for coffee, so of course now that's what I gotta do!! So here's a VERY quick post (I really have more to say and will at some point soon I hope) showing you all a couple of things I did manage to get done the past 10 days.  I've been thinking of rewarding a couple of my regular readers and took an evening to take out all my stash and print off a ton of freebie designs and set to work kitting some smalls! What fun that was!! Even Titus got into it!
All my specialty threads
 If you notice in the top right hand corner, I have an old Valentine Sampler Girl freebie pattern set up to get sewn at some point.  I wanted to get this done today, but no can do.  I loved seeing all my specialty threads strewn about when I noticed I have LOADS of Pink?!?!? I'm not even a huge pink fan.  What I really need to add to my collection is more Purples and Blues and Reds and, well everything!!
Aren't I cute Mom?
Due to keeping the RAK's secret for now, I can't show any pictures of the little pieces I'm working on, nor will I give a date when I will complete them!! LOL! It will happen in my own time, when I get the time and inspiration to finish them.  I also started a cute little small for my sister.  I've been wanting to make her a little something for awhile now and am pleased with the chart and the colours I chose for the design.  I can give you a sneak peek of it, because I don't think my sister regularly reads my blog (she's a busy radio director).
Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments on the last post about my Dad's moose hat.  He was tickled that people loved it!!!
AHH, time, AHHHH....

Okay,'s an update photo of Jane.  Got her name in and almost finished the lettering!!

Update on War and Peace: Read 28%!! It feels like I've read more though, seriously, I feel like I've read over a 1000 pages, which I haven't, but it soooo feels like! I have been enjoying the book so I'm okay with that!!
Ack, I really wanted this post to go smoothly, but now I'm panicking for time and my mind is going blank. So silly too because just yesterday I was so creative in creating stories with two intermediate ESL girls and was hoping to share one of the stories I created from a simple sentence!! I'll share it another time!!
Some photos of where I've been working up in the mountains.  The scenery is so breathtaking and the pictures don't do it justice at all.

Some signs of spring in my Nana's garden!! YES YES YES!!! Finally!!!!!
Okay! Last but not least, I need some beads. I would like to do a trade!! Remember my mom's snowman ornie I finished? Well, the beads the pattern calls for are Mill Hill Ice Petite Beads Size 15/0 2mm, since it is stitched 1 over 1, you need the tiny beads.  I have been searching for tiny beads here in Vancouver and bought some beads I thought could work with the ornament but they are too large.  They are Crystal Silverlined Delica Beads, 5 g, and I think 4 mm as the bead lady told me.  I put them up to the ornie and they TAKE over the design compeletly.  My question is if anyone has some of those petite beeds, they can be crystal, white, whatever, would you like to trade me?  I don't want to purchase them from 123stitch because I would need to buy other stuff too and I can't do that right now.  My beads I purchased were 4.50 :( The beads online are like a dollar.  Just let me know and I would be so grateful!!!

I hope to do a proper post soon!!

Take care and happy stitching!!


PS: I've tried editing my post quickly before I clicked post and I noticed a gazillion, grammatical mistakes!! Please excuse me if I forgot a bunch!! I really hate not letting the writing flow and focusing on sentence structure and grammar.  Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I have a package of the beads you are requesting..However I live in the USA. Is this going to be a problem?

Jane is coming along nicely. Love the picture of your cat what a cutie. You have some gorgeous flowers coming.

You can find my email on my profile of my blog if your interested in the beads.

Pumpkin said...

LOL! You seem like you are in panic mode for sure ;o)

Love the picture of Titus!

Your sampler is just beautiful and coming along nicely.

I can't believe you have flowers!!!! We have no snow but I would love to see some color out there.

Margaret said...

Love your Jane!!! I so want to stitch her someday. Sorry you're finding it hard to find time to do fun things. I don't know how you do it with all you do! Titus is so cute -- it's amazing you can lay out threads without him going for them! And flowers -- ah flowers! I'd love to see some around here!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've only got Ice in the standard size not the petite. Sorry.

Love the stitching and the cute cat pic too!

Topcho said...

Oooh, Titus is so cute I want to huggle it and cuddle it!!!
Sorry for the silliness ^^""
Jane is coming along very nicely and I love the colours for the project for your sister.

Vickie Niggemann said...

Titus is just gorgeous! :)

sana said...

I wish it had 25 hours a day only on weekends. Flowers in your garden is cute. . I love the snowdrop!

Nicola said...

Titus is a beautiful cat. I am sorry but can't help with the beads. You sound so busy, I do hope IOU manage to get some ME time in.

Lynn said...

A quick glance at the kitty nosing through your stash and I thought it was Clarisse for a moment, lol!
Titus is a seriously handsome kitty!

I do hope things calm down some for you soon. You seem run off your feet!
I loved your pics of that gorgeous view. Lovely to see signs of spring too!
Sorry, I just checked and I can't help you with the beads. I hope someone out there can.

Meari said...

Titus is so helpful, isn't he?

Wish I could help you with the beads, I don't have them in my stash.

cucki said...

i love snowdrop so much..
sweet stitching and sweet cat picture..
hugs xxx

Carol said...

It is so hard to find time to stitch and blog when you work, Anne... And you have a three hour commute??? I can't even imagine!

Spring is not even close here--it has been snowing non-stop since Friday. But, what a lovely pure white landscape we have outside :)

Lovely progress on Jane...sure hope someone can help you with the beads. I checked my stash, luck.

♥♥♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥♥♥

Rhona said...

I certainly don't envy your three hour commute!
War and Peace is one book that I would love to read, but have never managed to get through it. I did like Anna Karenina though, so maybe I should give war and peace one more try!

Hope someone can help you with the beads....bloggers are such wonderful people! Your stitching is wonderful - as always!

Annie said...

There's never enough time for everything we want to do. I feel so guilty whey I craft because I know I'm neglecting the things should do, but don't enjoy. And a three hour commute certainly cuts into all kinds of time!

The sampler is looking great!

Kathy Ellen said...

Pretty colours you've chosen for your sister's 'surprise' small. Oh, and 'Jane' is coming along so pretty too.
"War & Peace" has always been one of my very favorite novels....just wonderful! Titus is a real fluffy cutie pie!

Blessings to you, Anne!

Veronica said...

Oh yes, Titus is too cute! Yummy threads you got there. Jane is progressing beautifully. Thanks for sharing those lovely spring photos :)


Ewa said...

You need to drop some lavender into a bathtub full of hot water, light some candles, and SOAK :) You'll feel better for it. Maybe a glass of wine, too. I'm sorry I don't have the beads you need, but I hope you find them soon. Take some time out for you, you deserve it!

Joysze said...

I hear ya about the lack of time... :( sorry bout the beads, honey.... I don't have any. Yanno, have you thought of using French knots instead? I totally spazzed out the other when we were talking about it and didn't think about that.

Titus.... OMG... How gorgeous is he????????

That scenery on the way to work is gorgeous, girlie. It's a wonderful you make it into work... And your nana's flowers... Gorgeous!!! :D


Always smiling said...

I have snowdrops too, in spite of the snow fall we had... lovely scenery.
Found your blog through Jo's

If you solve the shortness of time, please let me know because I need more time too!!LOL

Chris xx

Wagapapa said...

Your stitching looks great!

Hope you find time for relaxing-cooking-stitching etc. I don't even find it sometimes.

I'm sorry I cannot help you with the beads but I have read a lot of girls that will solve your problem.

It must be nice working in sucha a beautiful environment.

have a nice day! xoxo

valerie said...

OMG, Titus is so cute! And how does time go by so fast? I feel like you. So much to do and not enough time for stitching. The horror! :)

Love your scenic photos!

geeky Heather said...

Adorable kitty!!! =)

Did you find someone to send you beads? Let me know if not...I can send you some (you don't need to trade me...I nearly have beads coming out my ears)!