Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Blustery Day and Some Stitching

Hello my dears!

It's a cold, blustery day today.  The kind of blustery day where you need to hold onto your hats and piglets!!
I think I need to grab a kite and go fly it with my friend! My hubby and I have a large selection of kites and have been flying kites for the past couple of years.  It's so much fun to fly kites!!
In terms of stitching news, I have been stitching only on Jane and not much else.  Last night I wanted to start Chatelaine's Knotgarden but realized, after counting my two pieces of "large" fabric, that I don't have fabric quite wide enough for the design. This is usually the case with me not paying attention to the ACTUAL measurements of designs and linen!!! Soooo, now I need to get new fabric! But after speaking to my hubby, since the Chatelaine is for him, he said that I already have a BAP to work on and there is no need to start another one. Well, he does have a point! We'll see how my progress goes on Jane for the next couple of months and if it's moving along quickly, I'll consider purchasing the fabric for the Chatelaine then.  Too bad.  I really wanted to start it!! For now I'll concentrate on her and my Rak's and other small projects.  Speaking of the RAK's, I just got the fabric to finish them!! I think the fabric will be perfect for each design!! I also got some backing fabric for my mom's snowman ornie!! Yay! So close to ACTUALLY finishing it!!

Here's some progress photos of Jane, snowman bling, thanks to Carolyn! And my sister's little pincushion I made for her.  She loves it!!
Stitched on 36ct linen, Dinky Dyes Silk in Rain Forest and DMC 152
Finished with a pearl, button and some old fabric my mom gave me
LOVE that flower!! And that tree took me two nights to do! Phew! Tons more motifs and stitching to do!! Wait til you see Adam and Eve.  They are a hoot! I love how Jane chose her bright pink threads for the skin tone! You'll have a good laugh!!!
Look at that cute fabric I found! I bought a bunch so I can make some project bags with it.  I really want to expand my skills in sewing!!
Sweet Titus posing for me! Right now Titus is playing with one of my eye make-up brushes and tickling my toes with it!!

And last but not least, another cartoon from the thrift find magazine!!

Don't we all feel like that sometimes!!! LOL!!!

Bon soir mes amies!! I will be visiting your blogs later on this evening...I know I'm a bit behind on some blogs but isn't that always the case?!!!

PS: I am slowly switching to gmail and have added my new account to my profile.  If and when I use my gmail to respond to you, just make sure you check your junk mailbox cause you might find me in there!!


cucki said...

hello deary, i really love your sweet is so sweet..
i really love the pin cushion and your stitching so is so sweet...
very beautiful kitty..
and the cartoon is so cute..yup..i feel like that all the
have a lovely day deary..
hugs cucki xx

butterfly said...

Love all your stitching , so neat and beautiful.

Julie said...

The pin cushion is pretty and the Snowman sure blings.
You are getting a nice selection of fabrics.
I look like the cartoon after counting 32ct Linen. ;)

Maggee said...

That little pincushion is too cute--who is the designer? I absolutely LOVE flying kites! Haven't thought about it in years, but my son and I loved doing that!! Food for thought--thanks!! Hugs!

Nicola said...

Kite flying is such fun. Titus is beautiful as is your stitching. Wishing you a good weekend.

Autumn said...

I love how you vinished your pillow with the button. Your kitty is so CUTE!

Margaret said...

Jane is just gorgeous. Sigh. That flower. Ahhhh. Lovely! Love your sister's pincushion as well! And the snowman. That fabric is really cool! And Titus -- he's a gorgeous kitty! It was quite blustery here today as well. I don't like blustery these days after all the experiences we had last year. Ugh.

Annie said...

What a gorgeous pin cushion! I love ones finished in that style.

Super cute snowman and great progress on Jane.

We had the biggest winds of the winter today. I'm proud I'm still standing!

Titus has really become quite the model!

Melissa said...

Hello, Anne! Indeed what blustery weather and crazy on top of that! I wonder if we will have the flurries they have forecasted.

I love that first pincushion you made, so sweet. The snowman is cute and Jane is coming along beautifully!

Rowyn said...

That is so cool that you fly kites! I tried to get my DH interested in kite flying a few years back, but he wasn't keen. My Dad used to fly one for us when we were kids, and it was fun!

Titus is such a beautiful kitty, and I love all your stitchy pieces.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I just love that colorful kite in the blue, blue sky!

That little pincushion is adorable!

What cool fabric you found!!!

Ellen said...

Great weather for kite flying!

Beautiful pincushion, love it! Looking forward to your sewing, that fabric is cool!


Catherine said...

I love Pooh and his friends! It has been blustery here since last evening! Beautiful stitches and kitty!

Teresa said...

I love a blustery day.
Cute pin cushion, great fabric for the snowman.
I really like the stitching fabric, such a wonderful find.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Chris said...

The kite flying is very cool. What a great way to spend time together.
Wonderful stitching progress!
I love the fabric and that comic :)
Thanks for providing a smile.
Hugs to Titus!

valerie said...

Seriously windy here too! I went out yesterday and the sun was shining and the apartment was toasty but the moment I hit the sidewalk, I almost froze my hinney off and blew away. Ack! lol

So many wonderful things in your post. Jane is looking gorgeous! And that pincushion for your sister is so soft and dainty. Love it!

Fun fabbie and that Titus! Cute as always!

Joy said...

Love the tree on Ann... And your pincushion is lovely. Sweet kitty.
It's blustery here today, but warm enough for a nice walk out doors.

Deb said...

Jane is looking wonderful. It's amazing how long some things seem to take to stitch especially when we don't think they'll take that long at all.

Your pincushion is lovely too!

Carol said...

I can see why your sister loves the pincushion you made her, Anne--it is just lovely :) And how cute is that fabric--perfect for any stitcher!

You'll love gmail--good luck with the changeover :)

Veronica said...

First off... LOL! That comic is hilarious.

Secondly, I love, love, love that pincushion you made. The soft colours are gorgeous.

Jane is coming along beautifully. I completely understand your urge to start a new project though. Don't we all? ^.^

That's a great looking piece of fabric. Do you know the designer/fabric company? I'd love to get some too.


♥ Nia said...

"hold onto your hats and piglets!!" ahahahha :D
Lovely stitching =) I love your snowman and the snowflake fabric is perfect!! :D
Is that a fabric with the different kinds of stitches?! How cool!! :D
Have a great week sweetie :)

Joysze said...

Hey Doll!!! :D That comic reminds me of me. LOL!!!!!

You'd NEVER be in my spam folder. ;) Awwww, pish posh to Lee about KG!!! Isn't he a killjoy, hehehehehehe. He's got a point though, but still. ;)

Titus.... man, I love Titus, from afar, or my eyes will get so swollen I wouldn't be able to SEE Titus. LOL!!!

Stitching looks great, darlin'. The pin cushion is darling!!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Jane is just gorgeous and yes, the flower is so pretty! Love the pincushion you made for your sister. I used to love flying kites at Virginia Beach - especially when my boys were little. It is a lot of fun (until they go in the water)!
Your Titus is beautiful!

Sally said...

The pincushion you made for your sister is beautiful. Jane is looking so pretty and that snowman is so cute! Love the fabric :)

Pumpkin said...

Your cushion is adorable!

Great progress on your pieces :o)

OMG! I just LOVE that fabric!!!! Where in the world did you find it?

Cristina said...

I like all your works, but the pin cushion is absolutely beautiful!

Siobhán said...

Beautiful stitching! That pin cushion is adorable. Neat fabric find! I can't wait to see what you make with it. Titus is adorable!

Kate said...

Such great fabrics :)

Ewa said...

Your blog is just so pretty to visit. Not only is your stitching gorgeous, but the way you display it is exquisite as well. I think Knotgarden is going to get started sooner than you think. Hubby will cave ;) Boyfriend kept saying "no new patterns, no new patterns" but when HAED released Middle Earth guess who was the first to give me puppy dog eyes!

Mangogirl said...

hey :D gorgeous stitching :D and such a cool fabric!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Just found this post through Veronica's blog! Love that fabric! Any chance you know who the designer is? I'd love to find some too! TIA!