Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Passion for Fashion

Hello everyone!!

Time has slowed for me a bit after that hasty post!! LOL!! I should always remember to "Not be Hasty" like Treebeard says in LOTR!!

Yes, thanks Treebeard, I'll remember!!

Since I can't show my secret stitching, I'll share with you my first love: FASHION!!!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved fashion.  As a child I wore a tea cozy on my head, you know, to change things up a bit!! If I remember correctly, I put anything on my head!! My first influences in fashion were of course my mom and my Nana.  Both my Nana and I have been watching Fashion File.  since I was 8 or 9 years old.  I still remember the beginning track: Obsession by Animotion!! Love that song!!

When I was around 15 I bought my very first Harper's Bazaar.  We've had a very long relationship, me and Bazaar.  I'm still getting the mags today thanks to my hubby who forgets to cancel the subscription! It's the gift that keeps on giving (as we both exclaimed at the same time last night!!) After my hubby and I had a Valentine's udon noodle soup, which was really tasty, I flipped through my latest Bazaar and began to think  back to my very first one.  I even remember purchasing it at Shopper's in Pine Center Mall during lunch break in grade 10 I think. I was very into grunge and this magazine, and Vogue's, gave me inspiration.

The cover had Christie Turlington on it and it was magical.  I even remember the smell of the magazine. The memory of opening up that magazine for my first time is still fresh like it was yesterday.  One of the dresses featured I wanted for my grad. I  had a seamstress try and remake it. The dress didn't turn out exactly as the one in the photo, but it was still gorgeous and unique! That's how obsessed I was!! Unfortunately, my mother purged my room a couple of years ago and threw out all my old Bazaar's!! I knew that they were taking up space, but I would have loved to have kept at least a couple of the memorable ones.Sniff sniff....
The page after this one had my dress...but alas I can not find it online to show you.  That dress holds a special place in my heart. This one is by Valentino and I think Julia Roberts wore it to the Oscars that year.

Fashion and fashion magazines in the mid to late 90's were the best.  They had the best models, designers and photographers.  Two of my favourite models were Helena Christensen and Nadja Auermann.  Nadja had seemingly long legs that went on for miles!! Helena was just perfection to me.
Helena Christensen
Nadja Auermann and her legs!
Then I met John Galliano.  I know he is in cahoots right now with the horrible comments he made...just google John and comments and you'll see what I mean.  But he is pure genius.  Just full of himself....well aren't they all?
The colour of that dress Shalom Harlow is wearing is probably one of my favourite colours hands down.  I know the dress is sheer, but the delicacy of the dress is like a moth's wings fluttering in the night. 
Here's another gorgeous dress I wanted, by Versace.  I'm not a fan of Versace, but this Spring collection, I think it's 1993 and the next few following collections, were some of the best by Versace. Now with Donatella holding the reins, I'm not too interested in the designs. 

I could go on forever about fashion...I think I'll do a focus post on some of my favourite designers, models, mags, photographers, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc in the next little while.  Although I'm a follower of fashion, I'm not as brave as I once was in my early 20's.  I no longer pair up a slip dress with Doc Martens, rhinestone necklace and a faux fur jacket anymore.  Instead, I've become rather tame in my style of dress.  Mainly due to my profession.  You can't be outrageously dressed while teaching kids!! They couldn't pay attention to the lessons if you were!! 

I'll leave you with some lovely photos my hubby and I took during our Valentine's walk yesterday.  I hope everyone had a wonderful lovey wuvey day!!!!
I love this part of the Fraser River
Some kind of blossom tree that smells like honey!
Rhododendrons already?
New Westminster Quayside

Oops!! Almost forgot to mention how I discovered GOOGLE READER!!! WOOHOO!! I'm caught up with blog reading!! I spent most of Sunday (after canceling plans to take me time) to organize all my blogs I follow!!! It feels awesome! I went through over 800 posts!!! Now, oh, it's at 28.  A much more manageable number!  How I didn't use this before I'll never know.  There were some blogs I would always miss seeing and commenting on for whatever reason.  Now I can visit all of you in a more orderly fashion!

PS A Big Hug and Thank you to Carolyn!! She is going to send me the petite beads!! Aren't stitchy friends the most amazing people in the world?!!! Thanks so much darlin'!!!!

Hugs to you all!!


cucki said...

Such a sweet post:)
Big hugs cucki xxx

Fee said...

Thanks for sharing all that - I think fashion mags like Harpers are objects of art often, the photography, the dresses, just so good to look at.


Teresa said...

I enjoyed reading about your love of fashion. Sorry about your old magazines.
Love the pictures from your walk.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Margaret said...

Google Reader is a must. I use it and wouldn't be able to follow all my blogs otherwise. Fun post -- I've always enjoyed fashion as well. Most definitely! Do you watch Project Runway? :D

Laura said...

Love this post!! I love reading about the fashions you like...those dresses are all beautiful! Love the memory of buying your first Harper's Bazaar! Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Loved your post Anne! The photos are fantastic.
I'm glad you found Google Reader. It makes life so much easier!

Joysze said...

You DO love fashion, Annie. Oh... I don't know, I think the kids would love to see you dressed up all funky and stuff. ;)

Great pics... ADORE the one of you. :D

Joysze said...

Hit publish before I said...


Ewa said...

Love the fashion post. I like to be fashionable, too, but I find that if I put on something nice people seem to think I'm out of place or presumptuous. I have all these nice clothes that make me feel pretty but at the same time I feel kind of awkward wearing them because there are people next to me who are wearing pajamas in public.

So I stand up a little straighter and do my best to rock it.

Nadja's legs are unreasonably long. I mean - WOW.