Monday, April 11, 2011

Tangled Branch and Cherry Blossoms

Alright! I got the bulk of the right branch finished today! The outlining still needs to be done, but I think I'll do that after all the branches are complete.  I've been still messing around with various different butterfly designs to cover up the stain.  I made two but feel they are too geometric for this piece.  I searched for a few designs on the internet but found nothing to my liking.  I may keep one of the designs I made, we'll see how it turns out!

On to other news, I made a purchase of Q snap frames, linens and my first SILKS!!!!! I am pretty pumped to try out silks for my Queen E design by Plum Street Samplers.  I am also thinking of making a few more smalls while I have my big projects underway, that way I won't get bored! My husband wasn't too happy with the purchase though.  He says I have enough linens (um only 3-4 plus some scraps!) and threads to make more projects and that I should use up those first before I get anything more!  Hmm, we'll see about that! He likes that I do stitching, but doesn't understand the need to have supplies at hand for inspiration.  I'll have to work on that with him, hehehe!

And lastly, spring is in full bloom, albeit cold, but blooming nonetheless! On one of our few sunny days, I stayed around downtown while on the way home from work and took some pretty photos of daffodils and cherry blossoms, my favourite tree (along with the magnolia).  So many people were taking photos of the trees with great cameras and all I had was my, sigh, cell phone camera.  One day soon, after we purchase the rest of our supplies for our bike trip, I will get a new camera.

Take care!



Sharon said...

Tangelwood looks great. I think you did pretty good with minimizing the stain.

Melissa said...

You're doing great with Tanglewood, Ann!

As to your husband - ha ha ha - he has noooo idea that this is only the beginning !

Even though you only took the photos with the cell phone, I think they look great!

Sally said...

Tanglewood is looking lovely.

Bec said...

Tanglewood looks great! I really can't wait to see the finish

hahaha when will husbands learn!

Gorgeous pic of the Cherry Blossoms! They are my favourite... next to frangipani's and orchids lol