Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pascha (Easter) Weekend!!

Post edited because I just won a hidden giveaway from Daffycat, aka Sharon!! Wow! This is my first giveaway I have won and my first piece of stitching from someone else other than myself!! I was just thinking today as I was writing this post about making something to giveaway, however, it would have to be a good finish to even qualify. I'll mull over the biscornus and if they turn out well, perhaps I'll send one off to continue spreading the kindness that bestowed upon me.
 Thank you again Sharon for this lovely surprise!

Hello all!

Just wanted to say how amazed I am that I have 36 followers! Wow! Thank you all for joining my humble blog.  I now realize I have an audience so perhaps I should update everyone with what's been going on, with stitching and life.  I have been pretty busy these past two weeks with working, church and with family.  My mother has come down from Prince George for Pascha.  Pascha to the Orthodox is the most important time of year, and it certainly is for our family.  We have very long services so that has taken up a lot of my time.  This weekend we start our Paschal service at 11p.m. and it goes until 1-2 am in the morning. When the service ends we are all joyful and break the fast with diary (yahoo!), meat (yahoo!!) and wine (double yahoo!!!).  After 40 days of being vegan you can bet I'm looking forward to my Nana's famous pancakes, kuleech (Russian pascha bread), and syrnee pascha (phonetic Russian spelling of our really RICH AND TASTY cheese spread).  We will be busy preparing for the big day with cooking, dying eggs and praying.  

So with all of this going on I won't be stitching to much.  But here is a few things I have been working on but haven't finished yet.  I'm really eager to make my biscornus.  I decided to make two.  One design is from Barbi and the other from Chatelaine.  I will send Barbi a picture of the completed biscornu because she likes to have pictures of her designs.  Recently, I have become very interested in Chatelaine designs, but they seem so expensive and detailed that I thought I would try out a little one first before I attempt a larger one.  There is a blog of Chatelaine stitchers you should really take a look at.  The designs are beautiful and so ornate!

Tanglewood progress

Barbi's design

Debi's Roses from Chatelaine freebie designs

Blurry close up of my first Algerian eyelets!!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!    Христос повышен!!! (Christ is risen!)


Rhona said...

Congratulations on your win...what a lovely surprise for you.

mdgtjulie said...

Grats on the win, and everything looks great. I'm glad you could spend this important time with family!!

Sara said...

Bravissima e buona Pasqua (anche se in ritardo). Ciao

Patty C. said...

Beautiful work !!