Saturday, January 30, 2016


Eek! Over two months since I've last posted! If I thought I had no time back then, boy do I not now that my boy is into everything and I'm making all of his purees which means more dishes, washing and planning.  In the evenings I don't feel like stitching at all. Instead I've been vegging on reruns of the Office or playing with my essential oils, making bath salts, sprays and massage oils.  I did put in a few stitches the other night on Sarah Chapple, finished one Christmas stitch and the border of my granny stripe.  Yup, that's all the crafting I've done.  My mojo is gone and who knows when it'll come back.  

Thank you to those who have stuck with me.  I've noticed over 20 people dropped my blog, which is odd because when I was more active, I usually deleted a blog if they hadn't updated in 2 years! I've also noticed on Instagram, because of my Nathanael pictures, I've lost loads of stitcher friends.  Which is fine because if you want your feed to be purely stitching, delete the cute baby feed!! Odd how people are.  Anywho, that's my rant and again, thank you to those of you who continue to stay in touch with me during my first year as a mother.  It's definitely challenging but so rewarding at the same time.  

So Nathanael has been an early crawler, stander and basically, getting into everything.  He babbles and said "Mum!" last week which melted my heart.  He loves the water and so we took him swimming which is such a fun family activity. He loves most food but isn't too fond of avocados, peas, beets or green beans.  But what child is?!! We'll keep trying though! He gives big smiles to everyone, loooooves guitar and is clapping all the time.  What an enchanting age.  I wish I could time freeze and stay in this stage forever.  Without further ado, here's a plethora of photos, including some minor stitching ones.  

Cut out backing fabric have yet to sew them together

A finish that was supposed to be done in 2014

The vine on the left is finished, just need to add the flowers!
There's a border but I forgot to take an updated photo
Not into these photos anymore
After the hand flapping, he destroyed the string
Not interested in looking at Mama now
Swim time with daddy

Having the time of his life!

He's a big boy eating toast!

Me and my precious boy

Nana and Nathanael

Touching plants at the mall

Loves his kangaroo jumper

Titus and me on Christmas morning..N was asleep

Christmas time

Ukulele lessons

Papa and Nathanael

Titus and N

Couldn't resist adding this photo of his blue eyes!
Made some wool dryer balls with essential oils

Sleeping boy...rare

Chilly park day

I'll try to update a bit more often but it's hard to do being so busy.  I go back to work in May - insert major waterfall tears here- and will be even more busy! 

Hugs to you all!!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Lost Bloggers are because Google has made yet another unnecessary change and deleted anyone who doesn't have a Google account. So it will be people with Wordpress blogs for example. They can still follow you via their Feeders or email notifications.
I lost about 15 myself.
Anyway, it's lovely to see so many pictures of the little man. Wait until he starts really talking, it's a magical age!
And stitching pics too! Love the Noel design.

Linda said...

Your son is adorable Anne. My favorite has to be the one with Titus looking down at him. I have lost 33 followers because of Google. Congrats on the gorgeous finishes and progress.


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Good to see you posting and don't worry about losing people - I like a blog that has a mix of themes and not just the one thing. I think it makes for a much more interesting visit.
I love the photo of Nathaniel and Titus - babies are hard for cats to adjust to sometimes but Titus looks as though he's doing just fine.

Barb said...

The only thing that is really important is your absolutely beautiful, precious boy, your hubby and you. We are just happy to know you are all doing well and thank you so much for sharing your pictures. Stitch when you can, post when you can but mostly enjoy this amazing time in your life!

All the best to you and your. Beautiful family!!

Cindy's Stitching said...

He is beautiful. times goes so fast. you have some beautiful finishes. you will get your MOJO back In time. thank you for posting beautiful pictures of your family.

Cath said...

Beautiful pictures.
Don't worry about lost mojo , make the post of this precious time with your boy. They grow very quickly and all too soon you will be wondering where the time went . Crafting can come later when you are watching his sports or whatever .xxx

Vickie said...

Can I just say I love the "Papa and Nathanael" picture. I stopped stitching for years due to us having the three kids close together. Finally I had time again. But you can never make up that time with baby.You will have to be oh so very brave going back to work. I did it....for several months, that's all I could take.

cucki said...

Your baby is so beautiful. times reallygoes so fast.
you have some beautiful finishes..I love them all so much..I so much love beautiful pictures of your family.
Big hugs x

Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful family photos you shared! The loss of followers has to do with Google and not with you. What super finishes you shared! Your mojo will return; it just wants you to treasure the time with your family.

marly said...

Love seeing your little angel. Sarah is fabulous. From all I've seen, yours stands out. Must be a different linen color. Take care!

Margaret said...

I hear you on the followers, blog and instagram. I know I lose followers on IG whenever I post family or NYC pics. I don't care. I post what I want. I've lost lots of followers on my blog, I'm sure, because of my knitting jag. Too bad! lol! I love your pics of Nathanael and don't want you to stop! He's such a cutie! He's at that perfect, fun age too! Definitely enjoy every minute! I love your attitude toward motherhood -- I think you are getting more out of it than I did. Good for you! Love your stitching, and I love the pics of the cute blue-eyed boy! Don't think about going back to work just yet. You still have a few months to go!

gracie said...

I am so happy to find your post today...I love every picture of the Handsome Boy...keep them coming. Our blogs should be about whatever we wish...friends will be interested in what is happening with us and what we are doing...I know that is how I feel...

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh my, he's growing so quickly! Has it really been 8 months already? Such a handsome little man!

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Little boy is so beautiful
Very lovely child
He is a little man :-)
Congratulations for yours projects

Brigitte said...

So wonderful to see a new post from you. And I was hoping for many pictures of your little boy - and wasn't deceived. He's such a handsome little man. And quite obviously he keeps his mommy and papa very busy, lol. But is there anything in the world that can compete the sweetness of a little child? The time and mojo for your hobbies will be back, you just need some patience.

Jo has already said it in her comment, it's Google who has deleted our followers. I have lost at least 30 followers but don't know the exact number. And I don't care. there are so many other readers where you can follow blogs. My blog roll is in Feedly and they haven't deleted anything so far. And I don't care about the bloggers that have deleted themselves. They certainly have their reasons to stop following my blog. I think Margaret is right - it's your blog and you can blog about whatever you want to. So I'm looking forward to your next post with pictures of your little boy.

Julie said...

Motherhood is the best thing ever and the days that come along are so precious. I didn't craft for a few years when my children were young, there are too any other things to do when they are napping.
Such a wonderful assortment of picture you have chosen to share with us. What a lovely family you are and your little man has the most delightful smile ever. Love to see a pic of Mr Titus, he is as handsome as ever too.
Best wishes to you all, grab those moments with each hand and hold on tight, children grow so quick and soon they are adults!

Emma/Itzy said...

Yes, as Jo said it's a silly google thing that will be the reason for the lost bloggers, I lost over 20!

Of course you are busy and enjoying this precious time, and rightly so! Enjoy :) We will still be here once your mojo returns x

Although I must admit it was lovely to see Titus again <3

Rhona said...

Such wonderful pictures, Anne! Your son is adorable....and those! He'll be breaking hearts when he's older :) Enjoy every minute of him as he'll be grown up in no time.

Maggee said...

Hi, Hi, Hi!! What a treat to see a post from you this lovely day! I took the follower gadget off my blog ages ago... don't really care about how many are following me! So long as those who do, enjoy the posts! (all this to say I have no idea if any fell off!! ha!) Love love love the pictures of Nathanael, and your family!! He is growing fast! If he is crawling and pulling himself up, it will just be a short time till he takes his first steps! Be ready! As for your stitching, I like Noel the best of the three smalls, and Sarah Chapple is gorgeous!! I had no time for hobbies once I started raising my family... they were grown when I began stitching! No worries... Big Hugs!

Melissa said...

Hi Anne! It's great to see your post and catch up with little 'big' Nathaneal! He's a cutie pie, growing and thriving. Don't think too much about going back to work, just enjoy your time with him. I had taken a year off too with my son. What will you do about childcare?

I lost followers too and only found out this week that it's because of changes with Google.

Take care. One day we will meet up before you go back to work. Maybe Spring? lol.

BTW, love Sarah C. Soooo pretty!

Annie said...

As everyone noted, you probably still have the same number of readers, just not same number of 'Google followers'. Big deal.

So not a lot of stitching and crafting, but some cool things anyway. It's to be expected with a major life change like a new prince to raise. And he does indeed look princely!

Merry Wind Farm said...

I love your Sarah Chappel linen and threads. What is your linen and did you change the threads? Beautiful! And baby is adorable :)

stitchersanon said...

Well, as a reasonably new grandmother, I love the piccies of your little boy. I seem my blog has lost a few as well but I suspect it may be that blogger is deleting accounts now used over a certain period. Or maybe I smell rofl. Love the stitching too.

Thoeria said...

Oh my Anne....your little man is absolutely precious and adorable!! Enjoy every moment with him :) They do grow so fast!
And stitching pics too! :)
As Jo said....there has been some changes made that's caused followers to be dropped....funny how the techies always feel the need to fiddle with stuff that's working perfectly and don't need fiddling with!

Barb said...

Great to hear from you Anne and what a precious little boy!! I love seeing his pictures. Many of us have lost followers too. I think it is bloggers doing-not sure. If you remember, I too put photos on my blog that are not just stitching. I love the pictures of the beautiful area that we share(the Pacific NW). Plus I love my garden. I think of my blog as sort of a diary for me. So keep those baby pictures coming!!!!!

Ali said...

Gorgeous pics of your precious wee boy. I can remember well those first tiring years, enjoy every minute though. Well done getting some stitching done it is more than I was ever able to do during those early years lol.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Gorgeous stitching and crochet! I know what you mean, I've been trying to treasure every minute with the little one, no matter how tired I am. I know he's not going to be this small for long! He's already grown out of his first set of onesies, which broke my heart. Oh, and I've also lost about 15 followers, so don't worry about it!

Mii Stitch said...

Your loss of followers is mainly due to Google "messing" things up again. We've all been affected by it!
Great stitching & finishing!
Your little one is growing too quickly :)

woolwoman said...

precious child Anne, those blue eyes are definitely so beautiful. Love seeing all the photos thru the past few months of growing up. I doubt anyone intentionally dropped your blog because of baby photos. It's a special time in your life and if they dropped for that reason - who needs them anyway. Love all your stitchy photos too. Sarah is just gorgeous and all the Christmas things, lovely! The baby with the afghan is a great shot - shows them both off so well. Glad to hear you are doing great and keeping busy (haha). Good to see a post from you and hope you will come back when you have time to show off that darling baby boy. Take care Mel

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Nathanael is a darling! He has the most beautiful eyes. Love all the pics of him! Being a mom is such a hard job - rewarding, yes but exhausting all the same. I didn't stitch or do anything much, except play with the boys when they were little. When I would get time, I was too tired to focus. Stitching, like dust, will always be there. Time with your child, will not because they grow so fast. It really does go by in a blink! Enjoy every exhausting moment!

Von said...

I enjoy pics of babies and children! Keep posting, my dear! :)
Savor each moment with Nathaniel and let everything else go by the wayside as much as you can.

valerie said...

It's so good to see you post! Nathaneal is getting so big and is soooo cute! Love your ornie finishes and Sarah is looking stunning! Just think...not much farther to go. I'm loving your granny stripe. I decided that once I clean/purge/organize my apartment and stash, I'll treat myself to a yarn purchase to try my first granny stripe blanket. :) Hang in there. I lost my stitching and blogging mojo most of the last year and have recently found least the stitching part. The blogging part is still hard! lol

Veronica Ong said...

Some beautiful finishing coming up... Looking forward to them :)

Nathanael is just too adorable. Love that photo of him and Titus.


Astrids dragon said...

Cute finishes, don't worry about the mojo, it will come back! Enjoy your time with Nathanael, it goes by so fast.

Carol said...

Oh, what a treat on this cold February morning to see that adorable little one of yours, Anne!! He is just the sweetest--even in his crying photo... I can see how proud you and your husband are of your little miracle and it makes me so happy for you :)

Yes, the lost blogger followers--not sure why Google is doing this to us! I lost over 80 :( I hope they find other ways to read my blog...

Your life is so busy now that I'm amazed you find any time at all for your stitching, Anne. I remember nap times very fondly because I would just sit and stitch, but you said Nathanael is not a good napper. That is hard on you, I'm sure... Just remember--your time will come :)

Sending my love and best wishes for a Happy February!

♥ Nia said...

Ohhhhh I understand you sooooo well :D
Can you believe my little man is almost 2?! In one month will be his 2nd bday!! They grow up so fast... enjoy every little moment sweetie ;)
Your precious boy has the most gorgeous eyes!! :D He is adorable!! =) Lourenço loves the water too :) and hates to sleep, night or day! LOL They are a lot of work, it's true :p but they are also a world full of joy!!!! :D

Annette said...

Ow boy he is getting big!!
Love all the pictures!!
In your very busy life you still get time to craft, and make so many great pic's!!
Enjoy your time..
He is such a happy boy

Stitching Noni said...

Oh my goodness, your little man is the most adorable boy! I just love all the photos of him!! He is so cute and growing up so fast... goodness no wonder you don't have anytime to do any crafting these days!!
It is lovely seeing your stitching and knitting updates as well :o)
Take care and big hugs to you all xx

KimM said...

What a sweet post. Love your stitching, but really love the pictures of your wee one. How adorable is he? I understand how you feel - wanting to freeze time. I also know how difficult it will be to go back to work. I shed many tears when I had to go back to work when Sarah was 6 weeks old. I was fortunate my best friend could take care of her for four weeks...then to another sitter. Ah, those were the days. Now Sarah is 32 and has a wee one of her own. Doesn't seem possible. I'm not that old 😄

EvalinaMaria said...

OMG, the baby is adorable! Time to update your blog honey (smile)
Well done!
Evalina, This and that...Random Act of Stitching Kindness

phann son said...

Good to see you posting and don't worry about losing people - I like a blog that has a mix of themes and not just the one thing. I think it makes for a much more interesting visit.