Saturday, December 10, 2011

Titus, the new Cat and Our Christmas Tree

Well Hello my lovelies!!

It has been quite sometime since I have posted anything.  Reason being is that I have had been pretty busy with work and whatnot, as well as not much stitching to share.  But I do have big news to share! We have a new cat!!! His name is Titus, the god of the giants.  It also means "saved" in Greek, which is exactly what he is, saved!!! About 10 days ago, we went to meet him from this lovely older couple.  The lady is quite ill and was instructed by her doctor to find a home for her beloved cat.  It was quite an emotional greet and meet.  She adores her cat and was heartsick to have to give him away.  I understood her pain, since we just lost our darling Lucy and I am still grieving somewhat from her absence. My husband really wanted Titus and I was still unsure, however, next thing we knew, he was in our home! For the past week, he remained under our bed, only coming out on the 4th day at night to eat a bit of food.  I was quite stressed about him and hoping that he would adjust to his new home.  We talked softly to him and after the 2nd day, I was able to reach under our bed and let him sniff me and pet him a bit.  On the 7th day, he really came out and checked out our bedroom and even our living room! He is quite the big cat! Very fluffy, very purry and very cute!!!! I have started to bond with him and am really loving his quirky character!! He head butts with such a force that he almost knocks us over!! He also does this odd doggie growl, remember growly grey cat? He only growls though when he hears our noisy neighbours walk up and down the hallways, which is really funny.  I've never had a male cat or a cat that has had to adjust to us.  Lucy just was always ours.  I will still miss her, but this new furbaby, is starting to steal my heart!! He is 5 years old, well trained and is called a Ragdoll cat.  Can't wait to have him fully comfortable with us!!! Here are some photos that are blurry because he wouldn't be still!

So cute!!!
 I promise to get better photos of him in the future.  He really is a riot!! I gave him catnip last night for his first time and he went super kooky!! I have a video of him inching around like a worm but I don't know how to post it.

Well, we got our Christmas tree up! We usually have a large Christmas tree decorating party every year, but this year we wanted it quiet because of Titus.  So we had a few close friends over and had a wonderful time!! It's amazing how fast our tree gets decorated with 5 pairs of hands to help!! I have quite a selection of special ornaments.  Some my mother made for me when I was a girl, and some I bought over the years that are near and dear to me.  We have two beautiful golden birds that perch on the branches.  In our family, bird ornaments are a must on a Christmas tree! I had to continue the tradition!!

Mrs. Claus stitched by my Mother
My favourite blingy gold stars!
Chippy is up and happy with his nut!!
Our Master Nutcracker!
My first Christmas pillow...I really love it!
Daylight christmas tree..not nearly as pretty as it is in real life
As for stitching news, I have started one of Daffycat's reindeer designs but have not finished it yet because I have to stitch it at the computer!! BLECH!!! My printer ran out of ink and I keep forgetting to take the cartridge out to be refilled, therefore, I have to sit uncomfortably stitching.  Now the weekend is here, and I am extremely busy.  My mom is in the city and it's her birthday today, plus we have church tonight and tomorrow morning and big dinner for my mom at night! It will be fun but no time to get anything done!  Luckily my mom is going to come over next week and help me sew up all my projects so I have it all ready for the 25th.  We don't celebrate Christmas on the 25th seeing as we are Orthodox.  But I do give gifts to my friends and other non-Orthodox family on the 25th.  We celebrate on the 7th of I have some time yet to finish my immediate family's gifts!!

I have almost caught up with my blog reading and am really impressed with everyone's stitching! It's been great to read everyone's Christmas traditions and seeing the lovely trees all dressed and sparkly!!

Don't miss Dearest Cucki's giveaway! She is the loveliest person and is having a generous giveaway!!

Take care everyone and I will post again mid week! I am going to Tori Amos' concert on Tuesday night!!! It will be my sixth time seeing her play live.  She is one of my favourite musicians!

With lots of love and hugs!!



Margaret said...

My DH loves Tori Amos! Have fun at the concert! Congrats on your new family member too. Titus looks so pretty! Hope he's adjusting well to you all. It's so sad that the poor woman had to give him up, but it's good he has a new, loving home. Love your tree and the decorations -- so pretty!

Mouse said...

ooooo he is a real cutie pie and sounds like he is settling real well :) love the tree and the decorations ... hope you enjoy your celebrations and the concert too :) love mouse xxx

Theresa said...

Your cat is just precious. Love his colors. Your tree looks wonderful. I have mine up I still need to decorate it.


Chris said...

looks like Titus has found a wonderful new home.
The tree is amazing. I enjoyed seeing some of your special ornaments.

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so glad you have given Titus a good home! He looks like he's full of mischief once he gets comfortable!

I have been busy too. Now we are on a week's count to our boy coming home! O my - I'm beside myself! ;-)

Happy Birthday to your mom and have a wonderful time!

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Titus is so cute! He sounds like a wonderful cat, so glad he found a good home with you.

Your tree looks great and wonderful ornaments!

rosey175 said...

o man, loving Titus! Ragdolls are supposed to be quite affectionate so you'll probably get headbutted every other minute once he really gets used to y'all, haha.

Love your Christmas decorations, especially the Mrs. Clause! We probably won't have much out this year due to moving so I'm living through everyone's wonderful posts!

rosey175 said...

Claus, not Clause. Oy, I must be tired, haha~

CindyMae said...

Titus is gorgeous! It can take an older cat, especially one that has only had one owner, some time to get adjusted but it sounds like he is well on his way.

Lynn said...

Congrats on the new addition to your family! Titus sounds and looks like an awesome cat. It won't take long before he has adjusted to his new surroundings. Did I tell you that my cat Clarisse is a Ragdoll? They make amazing pets!
Your tree is so very pretty Anne! I'm hoping to get mine up this coming week.

sana said...

So cute kitten! Wonderful tree.

I love the decoration of your tree.

cucki said...

hello dear, very sweet cat..she is so sweeeeeeeeeeeet..kisses for her xxxxxxxx
the most beautiful tree..i love all the decorations..everything is looking so beautiful.
thank you dear for posting about my giveaway on your very sweet.
keep well and have a lovely sunday.
big hugs cucki xx

Teresa said...

How lucky Titus is to be part of your family. I am sure you will all be bonding soon.
Love your tree and the Mrs Claus ornament.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Carol said...

Titus looks like he's starting to feel right at home with you, Anne--how lovely that the elderly woman knows her beloved pet is in good hands.

It was fun to see your pretty tree, ornaments and decorations. One of my friends is Greek Orthodox and doesn't celebrate until January either... How nice that you have such a wonderful heritage and strong family traditions :)

EvalinaMaria said...

Congrats on a new addition to the family! Your tree looks beautiful, what Titus thinks about the tree? Is he behaving?

Terri said...

The Ragdoll kitties are the best! they are so sweet and loving, but very independent - what cat isn't? LOL! He sure is a cutie and congratulations!

Your decorations are lovely! Have fun at the concert!

Joysze said...

Awww, look at Titus!!! He's darling, Annie!!!!

Your Christmas decor is out of this world, love all the closeups.

Happy Birthday to your mommy!!

valerie said...

Titus is so cute! I am glad you're able to give him a good home! Love your tree! It's lovely esp. with the hand crafted ornies. I am familiar with Russian Orthodox since my best friend in high school was Russian. Wow, did her parents throw the best orthodox christmas parties! Woooo! :)

Have fun at Tori Amos! I love her!

Human interest said...

hello titus, greeting from indonesia ... :))

Sally said...

Awww Titus is so sweet! It sounds like he is settling in nicely.

Love your tree!

Veronica said...

Titus is so adorable. Love his fluffy fur. Your tree looks great. I enjoyed looking at your ornaments.


Siobhan said...

A big welcome to Titus! I'm so glad that you gave him a home--I'm sure it was heart wrenching for his former owner to have to give him up but it must have eased her mind so much to know he was going to be loved.

Lovely decorations and tree!

geeky Heather said...

Oh, what a beautiful boy Titus is!! I have always wanted to have a Christmas tree decorating party! I even have a fantastic idea for the invitations. Hmmm...maybe that's a good goal for next year since all the Harry Potter movies are out and I won't have to worry about throwing any more huge parties in November. =)

Patty C. said...

Beautiful Cat-

You did a lovely job on your first Christmas Pillow ;)