Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Stocking and ISHW

Hello my lovelies!!

Beware! Loads of pictures in this post!! Grab some tea/coffee and settle in!!

It has been quite the eventful week!! I'm pleased to say that I finally finished my husband's stocking!! Yahoo! I received a lot of help from my mom when she came over on Tuesday to fix the tension on my machine as well as give me tips on sewing.  It was hard for her to not do the entire stocking herself!! Even though she let me do the sewing, I could feel her wanting to get her hands onto it!! I think she really misses sewing. Although I made a couple of boo-boos along the way, like cutting the batting too small twice, I managed to get it done! Now I have to still make my sisters placemats and my auntie's table runner.  Luckily I still have some time until January 7th to finish both projects.
Since we don't have a fireplace or a mantelpiece I decided to prop the stocking on the tree to take a decent photo.  It doesn't stay in the tree just so you know!!

I also stitched up my Dad's ornament but still need to actually finish it, which I may do on Monday seeing as I want to keep to stitching this weekend for the ISHW.  The design is from Daffycat and if you ask her nicely she will send you the pattern.  Please abide by her requests and only provide a link to her site and do not upload the pattern. I really had fun stitching this design and I think my Dad will love it too!
The photo doesn't do it justice cause the colours are really rich and very Christmasy.  Oops I forgot to iron it!!

I also started my Mom's ornament and I think I can show it here.  I'll just remind her not to visit my blog until she receives the present!! It's from the JCS 2010 magazine and she actually pointed out that it was her favourite ornament sometime ago.  Too bad I'm not organized enough to start my ornament stitching in the summer!! Oh right, I was traveling around in the summer....well maybe I should start them in January!! One of these days I will get it together!!

I'm stitching it on some 28 ct lugana that Joyce sent to me and it's 1 over 1 so it will be a tiny ornament!! Thanks Joyce for the lugana!!! I'm loving it a lot!!

Onto framing.  So last week I bought a couple of frames from Michael's and spent some time putting some of my old finished pieces into frames.  I finally got my geisha girl her frame and guess what?! The backing of the frame barely, and I mean BARELY, closes and looks like it is ready to explode at anygiven  moment! I'm seriously frustrated with finding a frame that works with cross stitch.  I really can't afford the crazy costs of getting my smaller pieces professionally framed and to find any sort of box to mount the pieces on is also proving to be difficult.  Our city is somewhat craft unfriendly! Anywho, griping aside, the Geisha will have to be satisfied until I can find a better frame.
This BBD freebie design I decided to give to my friend for Christmas, along with some linen and threads to her so she can start cross stitching!! This frame wasn't too bad and it wasn't a struggle to get the piece to lay flat and FIT the frame!! She loved it and is excited to give cross stitching a go!! Woohoo to converts!
PS: photo taken on skytrain because I forgot to take one at it's a bit blurry with all the motion.

More fun news to share.  Yesterday, while I was with above mentioned friend, we went into the most darling little store that was filled with tons of curios, antiques and the most fabulous Christmas decorations.  I also found some antique mini sewing machines but didn't take a photo of them.  The machines were going for $500!! The antique lace spools and thimbles were upwards to $100!! Canada seriously???? Why is it that you have to charge SOO much for everything??? Anyways, we did stumble upon some really cool retro baubles that were exactly like my Dad's ornaments!!
I loved those fishing lures!! I thought about getting my Dad one because he's a fisherman, but he is so particular about what lure to use with each fish.  I may run back there though and get one anyways. They just look so alluring...hehe! I need to call him up and tell him about the decorations and how expensive they are now!! He will get a kick out of that!!

Okay, nearly done.  Just wanted to mention how amazing the Tori Amos concert was!! The string quartet she had with her were genius!! She brought out a lot of her old songs which made us go wild!! I think this is my 5th or 6th time seeing her, and so far it's been one of the best concerts yet!! The venue where she played is one of the best in Vancouver.  It's called the Orpheum and it has the most beautiful ceiling and decor.  The acoustics is perfect there, hence why our symphony plays there all the time.  Here are some photos of the night.  One of the photos I took before the show started, included the annoying girl that hooted and yelled at the most inappropriate times during the show.  We all sort of secretly wished that the usher would usher her out!! I really don't know why people didn't tell her to be quiet.  She was so disruptive! I get that she was excited, we all were,  but lets keep the hooting and "I love yous!!!" to before and after Tori sings!!

Wow! I'm finally done!! I'll be posting a little update on my ISHW progress on Monday. Hopefully I will get my mom's ornament stitched!!

Take care,

Happy Stitching!!


Um, I forgot to add what project I will be starting in January....maybe I'll let you guess!! It's one of the patterns I bought this year.  That's my hint :D


♥ Nia said...

uhuuuu! Congrats on finishing your husband's stocking!! :D
I love that cute snowman in blue, I want to stitch it too!! :)
Gorgeous ornaments!! :D Great find!!!
Enjoy your weekend!!! hugs&smiles, Nia

Mouse said...

wooo hooo on finishing DH 's stocking ... cute ornaments you are stitching / stitched yet to be made up and cooooooo those things were expensive ... love mouse xxxx

Margaret said...

DH's stocking is really nice! I love it! Congrats on finishing it! Love the ornies you're stitching for your parents too. The framing is lovely -- hope the Geisha doesn't pop out. I know your friend must love the BBD piece! Love those xmas decorations and the lures too. I think you should go back for some. Glad the Tori Amos concert was good. Too bad about the annoying person though.

sana said...

Beautiful stockings!! I like these lures too!!

Carol said...

How nice that your mom was there to be your personal stocking sewing tutor, Anne--it looks just great! And I think it is so sweet that you stitch both of your parents ornaments. I'll bet they really look forward to them each year...

Siobhan said...

I just left a comment and think it is off in cyber space... but apologies if this is a double! I think your husband's stocking turned out great--love the fabrics that you used! Nice job on the ornaments, too, I'm sure your parents will love them. The framing turned out great, too!

cucki said...

wow congratulations for finishing your is so sweet..
very beautiful ornaments and a great find..
have a lovely sunday..
hugs cucki xx

Chris said...

Glad the stocking is finished and ready to go. All your stitching is beautiful.
It sounds like you have been having great fun with friends and at the concert.

Sally said...

What a beautiful stocking and great stitching on your ornaments. I wanted to get Daffycats reindeers stitched this year but I'll have to do them next year now!

Rhona said...

Your hubby's stocking turned out beautifully! Well done!
Love your geisha - so glad she has a frame now! And that will be wonderful having a friend who is a stitcher too - just think of all the mischief you can get up to together!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great job on the stocking. My mum is doing her best to teach me when I need sewing help instead of doing it for me.

Daffycat's reindeers are great! That little snowman is going to be adorable.

Mangogirl said...

wow youhave been really busy :D Those look gorgeous framed.

valerie said...

Woohoo! Love DHs stocking...the fabrics are awesome. I'm sure he loves it. Your finishes and wips are so cute! I've had that problem too with readymade frames. Sometimes, I just put a paper back instead but it's convenient to have the stand part. So frustrating! They should really make them deeper!

So glad you had fun at Tori's concert even with the crazy chick and her woohooing and i love yous. :)

Diane (di) said...

Love, love DHs stocking. Beautiful finishes and your geisha... jaw dropping. Gorgeous work (and the snowman is so cute)!

Joysze said...

Oh, well done on the stocking, Annie. :D It's gorgeous!!!

Love the reindeer for your dad and I ADORE your mom's ornie. How cute is that and those tassles are TO DIE FOR!!!!

Hmmm framing, did you wrap the stitching around the cardboard that comes with the frame? Don't use ALL the stuff they put in there cos it gets too thick. I usually have to pull out the last layer, and it fits pretty well, then get some brown paper, cut it to size and glue it to the back. Great job on geisha and the BBD. Looks awesome. :D

Ooooh, i see those ornies a lot too... seems they're coming back in style...

Joysze said...

Tori Amos concert..... glad you had a great time, cept for that one chick. Some ppl...

And oh.... duh me... that's a pic of the snowman from the magazine. I bet yours will be so much cuter. Over 1... don't you just LOVE over 1 stitching? :D

Annie said...

I think I missed this fabulous post. The little stocking is adorable. I can just picture your Mom hovering over you giving tips and restraining herself from taking it over.

Daffy's reindeer is the cutest and I love that snowman ornament myself.. it's been on my to-do list forever.

The Geisha girl looks amazing. That's one great finish.

Happy Holidays!

Joke said...

Your stocking is so beautiful! I really love it. And you went to a Tori Amos concert, lucky you!!

The Maiden said...

Love your finishing on the snow man! Your husbands stocking would make even elves envious and the Daffycat Design is wonderful, so poised!

Virpi said...

That stocking looks great and so does all those stitchings. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lynn said...

Way to go Anne, the stocking is amazing! You've done a marvellous job on it.
The ornament for your Mom is really cute. I love blue and I'm thinking I should stitch this one for myself.
Loved seeing the retro ornaments! I think several of those are still residing in my Mom's basement. She hasn't used them in years.
Glad to hear you enjoyed the concert. It looks like a lovely venue.
Merry Christmas!