Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stash and Finishing

So it has been a week since I have posted anything.  I was quite sick for awhile and now I have a lovely, lingering cough.  On the bright side, I have finished the second side of the ornament and found the ribbon and piping I am going to use for trim.  Once it is completed I will post pictures of the ornament.  I have also been busy working on finishing a couple other projects, mainly back stitching, something I wish I could enjoy, but I just don't.  Perhaps it's because some of the charts I have are difficult to read and therefore difficult to figure out where to back stitch.  I try to do it free style and sort of see where the stitches should be.  I have a lot more success with the free style method than following all the crazy coloured lines all over the chart! 

I also have some exciting news, I received my stash from Traditional Stitches yesterday!! Once I organize the threads and linens, I will post some pictures online.  I am trying to figure out what design and linen to use to make my mom and mom-in-law's Christmas gifts.  I have an idea of what to do, but need to play around with the colours and linens.  I wish I had more! But alas, I must wait till after Christmas to purchase anything more.

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