Monday, September 13, 2010

Spilled Juice!!

Nearly keeled over last night as I spilled juice on my computer last night.  Luckily I was fast acting and managed to get off the majority of the liquid, then turned my laptop over so the remaining drained off.  I was also fast enough to turn off the computer, one of the first things a person should do if they find themselves in the same position I was in last night.  Phewwwww!

So, I am trying to figure out how to add things onto this blog and cannot understand how to add the gidgets?gadgets? to my blog.  I've begun to add some of the blogs I visit but there are many more to come and right now I'm busy transferring over pictures, files and music mp3's to my external hard drive in the event that juice decides to take a trip into my laptop's hard drive.

Yesterday was not all bad. I managed to stitch up a beautiful little blackwork design for a Christmas ornament I'm making for my sister.  I still have the other square to stitch then I can put it together!  I had to find some aida cloth to work on instead of linen.  Still waiting on my order to come in a couple of weeks.

Until then,



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