Saturday, January 17, 2015

First Post of January!

Well, it's the middle of January and I am finally posting.  I've wanted to post on a number of occasions but in between packing, working, horrific indigestion, a bought of flu, I haven't had the oomph to do so.  Let's see, I had my birthday on the 3rd, which was quiet as usual, Christmas on the 7th, also quiet since I wasn't feeling all too well, and my third ultrasound, baby is beautiful and healthy so far.  Lots to celebrate and be thankful for amidst the turmoil of our house.  I packed a lot of my stitching stuff away, and am now regretting that since I've wanted to start so many things, but I do have my current projects out so I've been working on those when I can.  

January is one of those months that I begin to feel the first sprout of glee at the prospect of Spring.  I saw the teeniest buds of snowdrops poking through here and there which means crocuses will be on its way soon too.  There's always a sense of awakening with the coming of Spring and of course this year, it'll be a big awakening...possibly keeping me awake all night! I look forward to the birth of our child.  Not the actual birth, but the after part of course! 

Now I do have a few things to share with you all.  Back in November, I finished a little BBD pillow for dear Jo as a little thank you for the fertility gift she sent to me way back in April.  When I was prepping the package for Jo, I heard Titus leaping onto the pillow and rolling around onto the package.  Uh oh! There were three pins in the pillow and then there were two! I couldn't find the third pin which freaked me out.  I checked Titus all over to see if a pin was sticking in him and thank goodness, there wasn't one.  He seemed fine and not like he just ate a pin, plus that would be very out of character for him to do that.  He does like to eat toilet paper, but not pins.  Anyways, a few weeks ago as we were packing, I moved some books over and found the pin! Phew...what a relief to me!  Silly cat!

I also received two amazing gifts from two amazing ladies, Melissa and Vickie. Vickie is so sweet to have sent me yet another lovely little ornament to celebrate our new family. 

We will be putting this on our tree for this year's Christmas.  Thank you my dear friend, we will treasure this ornament for many years!!

Then I had the unexpected pleasure of having a tunic made to fit for me by the creative seamstress Melissa, from Words and Blooms. Other than my mom, no one has made clothes for me before and I have to say, Melissa, you did an amazing job!! I love my tunic and it looks great on me with room to grow too! The fabric is a pretty sky blue with whimsical blossoms falling all over.  Very comfy too!

I did make one new start this year.  It's the BBD freebie "Souvenir de France" for one of our French immersion teachers who will be retiring this year.  I chose a scrap of linen and GAST Blue Jay to make it with.  I hope she will like it!

A Sarah Chapple update.  I stitched a lot on the borders and just started the second vase last night.  Instead of pulling her off the qsnaps to show the border, here's just the vase.

I'm really loving stitching on Sarah as I know I won't get much of a chance once Bean arrives.  As for Bean, I've been thinking of making things for him/her but have held off because I don't have a baby room yet, so no clue how to decorate it.  I thought about making some bright coloured Granny square bunting triangles to string up in the room for a burst of colour.  I think I'm going to start some tonight and see how it fairs.  All my yarn is in a plastic bin which I've kept out so I can still craft.  Maybe starting with the bunting will inspire me to make more things for Bean.  I'm just not good at making clothes and stuff like that.  I so wish I mastered knitting ages ago!!

I borrowed Lucy's photo of her granny bunting triangles to show you what I mean.

Not my photo...Lucy's from Attic 24
I hope you have enjoyed this little update from me.  I wish it was more packed full of stitching but there you have it.  I also felt guilty for posting as I have been so behind in blog commenting it's not funny.  I did spend some time last weekend going through and reading/commenting and it was fun! I'm amazed at all of you who have been keeping up with the 15-30 starts this month in honor of Debbie.  She was such a lovely lady who has inspired us to continue making new starts!!

Hugs to you all!!

This photo I took makes me think of an inky watercolour


Ranae said...

Happy belated birthday!!
And congratulations to the new family addition
You lucky gal to get such nice stitchy gifts
I'm sure your granny triangles will come out beautifully
Good luck

Linda said...

Belated Happy Birthday Anne. Your stitching is gorgeous. Lucy makes such pretty colorful designs. I had to laugh about Titus. I have a cat that eats toilet paper.


Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Anne,
Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! I guess the fertility gift worked :) Sarah Chapel is looking great, but I agree you won't have all that much time or energy to work on it soon. And you'll have to make a birth sampler.

Barbi said...

Aren't you the cutest little pregnant lady!? So cute! I've had a pin disappear on me as well, always afraid that Lulu (my dog) had found it. so glad you found yours.

Catherine said...

Great post ~ loved seeing all the goodies ~ and you look fabulous!

Jacquie Morris said...

Oh wow! Happy belated birthday wishes :)
I am so sorry but I only managed to look are all of your beautiful photo's today.... See I am dyslexic and find the font really difficult to read... Sorry :(
But... I loved ALL of your photos, such lovely stitching too.
Oooh yes a bump!! Your looking really lovely being pregnant too... The saying is 'glowing' and you are!!
Smiles :)

Vickie said...

Look at you little Mama! I am so happy for you three. So glad things are going well, if hectic.
That bunting will be wonderful.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday!

Pretty stitching and crocheting. Sounds like things are going pretty well.

That photo of you is just too cute! Your baby will appreciate that someday!

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday,if a bit late.It was mine on the 3rd too:-) also quiet.
Lovely stitching on Sarah Chapple,I love the colours.
Thst is a lovely photo of you at the end of your post.

Barb said...

A very happy belated birthday to you. Sarah is looking lovely as are YOU! The granny triangles will be a colorful addition to the little ones room! Take good care of yourself and the little Bean!

rosey175 said...

Sneaking in a birthday, how dare you! :D Happy one, a wee bit late! That bunting sounds like a fun idea and thank goodness you found that missing pin! My friend had her naughty kitty ingest not one, but THREE needles and had to have surgery! It's hilarious that he likes to eat toilet paper though. Mine go for corn cobs (???????).

That GAST thread is beautiful eeep.

Mouse said...

have to say love your wee bump ... glad to hear you are feeling a bit better ... and love the photos and the stitching and the gifts Phew think that covers everything oooo nope love that bunting :) love mouse xxxxx

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Lovely gifts, the tunic looks great on you. Hopefully the indigestion will go as soon as baby arrives, that's usually the case:-)
I love those blue eyes, Titus is a handsome fellow.

marly said...

Lovely gifts for Bean's adorable Mom. Happy belated birthday!

Maggee said...

It is so nice to see that you are doing lots to keep busy, but also preparing for Baby Doll... (oooh...hmmm....)Sarah Chapple is coming along nicely, and the bunting will be so cool if you get it done! Big hugs to you and the Bean!

Margaret said...

Ok, remember one thing once the little bean is born. Do lots of exercises to curve your spine back into its regular curvature. I never did, and I think my back suffers for it. lol! I'm sure you're in better shape than I ever was anyway, so you'll be fine. Love seeing pics of you all preggers! lol! Melissa is such a sweetheart to make you that tunic! Happy belated birthday! And of course Sarah is gorgeous! I so need to get to her. Sigh. Love your blog header. Titus deserves his place up there! (Are you moving? What's this packing? Shouldn't you be resting? (Sorry, that's the mother in me coming out.))

Kay said...

Happy birthday. I love the BBD designs especially, I did the Paris one for a friend and now seeing yours think I must do one for myself.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year. It will be a great year indeed. You look great. Your pins and needles come out great.

Julie said...

The tunic looks perfect, a pretty colour.
Belated birthday wishes!
Wonderful stitching, brightly coloured bunting will be perfect for you new arrivals room.

Melissa said...

You're looking great Anne! I know you feel tired but also you are trying to do A LOT, it seems! Take it easy on yourself.

The BBD pillow you made is cute. I'm sure your friend will like the Souvenir de France pillow. Sarah's looking pretty. Vickie's gift is very nice - she does such lovely work. Glad you like the tunic!

Now, have I covered everything? Oh yeah, Titus! Hugs to the handsome boy!

Sarah in Stitches said...

You look amazing, Anne! So glad to hear you and the baby are happy and healthy. Your stitching looks beautiful! I think the bunting is a wonderful idea too :D

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a lovely baby bump! I must send you my scary 38 week photo sometime LOL

I was so relieved that you found the missing pin, it's one of the reasons I use the secured needle method of stitching. I used to have a cat and now I have two children! Needles going missing is not fun.

Just out of interest, how many scans do you get as standard? In England we get one at 12 weeks and one at 20 weeks and that's it unless you are higher risk. The fashion now is to pay for the 3D scans and get a weird photo of your baby's face!

Angela P said...

Happy Belated Birthday Anne :) Everything you posted about is lovely. That bunting would look great in Bean's room!

Lois said...

What a lovely gift for Jo! I'm glad everything is going well with the pregnancy. Remember to take time for you! Sounds like things will be busy in these upcoming months! Love the tunic Melissa made for you - perfect for your growing bump! I do love the bunting - it will be perfect for the baby's room.

Mii Stitch said...

Happy belated birthday!! It's so nice to read about you :)
Great stitching and I can see baby bean is growing nicely, you look blooming marvellous :) xoxo

Mii Stitch said...

Happy belated birthday!! It's so nice to read about you :)
Great stitching and I can see baby bean is growing nicely, you look blooming marvellous :) xoxo

Rhona said...

Happy Birthday! Pregnancy seems to be suiting you - you look great! Love the idea of a crochet bunting. it would be lovely and colourful in baby's room.

Carol said...

What sweet gifts you received from Vickie and Melissa, Anne--you look wonderful in that new tunic! I wonder how Titus will react to the new little one? Should be interesting...

I hope you can find some moments to relax over the next few month--I can't imagine how very busy you must be. Good luck with the rest of the packing up--do you move in February?

Have fun with that cheery bunting--I love it :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm glad to hear all is well with the baby and that everything is progressing as it should! Your stitching is looking great.

Melanie said...

Looking good!!!!!!! :)

woolwoman said...

glad you had a nice bday and glad you are doing so well. Nice to hear all your news. Love the bunting granny squares - sounds like a good idea to me!! glad you can continue stitching a bit, its good for the soul. Will you be doing a birth sampler for the Bean? Cheers Mel

Brigitte said...

Oh Anne, so wonderful to read your post and to learn that you and the bean are happy and healthy. And it's visible on you, lol.

You have received two great gifts from Vicki and Melissa, both of them such thoughtful stitchers and blogging friends.

Good that you are stitching away on some of your projects, there won't be much stitching time after May, I think, lol. A little someone will keep you busy then :)

And this colourful crocheted bunting for the nursery is such a lovely idea.

Andrea said...

Look at you with bump showing!!

Lovely gifts. Take time to relax too, not too much packing ...

Stitching Noni said...

Happy Birthday!
And look at that baby bump :o)
You are looking great!
Hugs xx

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Anne.

Lots of lovely things to look at. Beautiful BBD finish and lovely WIPs.

Your tunic is beautiful.

Annette said...

What a beautifull post!!
Love to see you and your beautifull belly!
Glad all is going well with the baby!!

Your on a roll.. have fun with your crafting!!
Can't wait to see the next update

Lumiruusu said...

What lovely post again -all the stitchings are adorable and your Kitty is very beautifull-Just look at those eyes 1

Chris said...

Lovely update Anne! I hope that you are feeling better. Your stitching is looking wonderful, as are you!
Hugs to you and Titus!

Karoline said...

I hope everything is continuing to go well with you and bean.

Your projects are looking great, especially Sarah.
You got some great gifts, especially the tunic from Melissa