Monday, May 26, 2014

Mayday Weekend and BBD SAL

Hello everyone!

It's been quite some time since I've posted.  Life has been a whirlwind of activities and decisions.  Thank you all so much for your support and advice on all of my decisions, both in life and in stitching!! I appreciate the love from our blogging community.  Couldn't ask for better ladies to be friends with!! HUGS!!! I've also tried to respond to all of your comments however, I've noticed some I don't get in my email account.  Very strange that I don't get all of them.  

Anyways, to bring you up to speed in my corner of the world, my hubby and I went to Porpoise Bay for the May long weekend and his birthday.  Although it rained off and on, we still had a good time.  We explored a new area that was "off" limits and may even camp there next time! I stitched on the BBD SAL and actually changed the thread for the 4 sided stitch using a darker gold thread that didn't disappear in the Buttercream linen.  I added a few more stripes to my granny blanket but am thinking that the larger it grows, I may have to leave it at home instead of taking it with me on my travels to and from work.  Work has been stressful too, since we are being locked out by the government.  Still no agreement has been made and now the government is blackmailing us into accepting a deal and if we don't, our wages will be deducted 10%.  Big Jerks in my opinion!! So we are going on a rotating strike this Thursday, which also means I won't get paid for that day.  Sigh.  I guess I can't buy some lovely cotton yarns I spied or any stash for awhile.  Okay, enough rambling, onto the photos which are the best part of posts!! Eye candy!!

Finished 4 sided alphabet
Camping and stitching!

 Granny stripe progress! Loving the colours.  I have 8 more to put on then I can repeat!!

Added a few flowers to Sarah's border.  These flowers take an age to do.  I thought I'd be whizzing through this sampler but rather I'm plunking along. 

Started my mandala with some pretty cottons I bought at Urban Yarns...very expensive though! There weren't any bright colour choices so I picked colours that are reminiscent of the sea.

Birthday man

Photos of flora and fauna from Porpoise Bay

Canopy of Maple leaves

Wild Hearts

Miniature world of moss and sprouts

Hairy trees
Watched a storm roll in

The fluffy big boy Titus

That's all for now.  I know I've been very bad with commenting/blogging and I mean to check out everyone's posts soon!! Hugs to you all!



Mouse said...

well I shall start from the end and work backwards aaawwwww ... ooooo .... cute .... great view for stitching and bummer re the pay ... hope they sort themselves out soon :) ((HUGS))) love mouse xxxxx

Giovanna said...

I've started the BBD sampler too - it's so pretty. Yours is looking lovely. So do all the other WIPs too, and I love the colours of your mandala. I hope the situation at work gets solved - sounds pretty stressful...

Annette said...

I havent comment in a week. Or reply mails. Did most dring the say. Now in my night shift Will look at a few blog that came tonight.

What terrible from your work. Hope better days Will come soon. updated. We are here for you!!
Good luck Thursday!!

Congratz to hubby!!!
He looks great. Both young are you. ;)

Lovely pieces your working on!!
Your crochet blanket Is really looking so awesome. Wonderfull colors. Yes that Will get very big for travel.

You nature pictures are awesome. Love the one at the beschikbaar.

Hang in there dear friend.

Barb said...

That looks like a wonderful week-end! I really enjoyed the photos! Wonderful stitching. The square stitches look great!

Margaret said...

Love that afghan and Sarah! Nice SAL piece too, and the mandala -- love it! Happy birthday to your guy. Titus is adorable -- look at that pose! Mia says hi to him! Sorry about your stress at work and all. Such a bummer. :( I don't understand the attitude of the world -- our teachers are the most important people, way above people like actors or athletes. You all should be paid the most of everyone!

Penny said...

Lovely stitching on the Blackbird SAL! And what pretty colors in your afghan - granny stripes can be pretty addicting. :) Nice colors for your mandala, too. Happy birthday to your husband! And Titus is just a handsome fella. :) Hope everything works out with your job - work stresses can be the worst.

butterfly said...

Lovely post Anne , beautiful stitching and photos , granny stripes is growing lovely colours . Mine is getting heavy too to carry around hugs.

cucki said...

Aww such a sweet post my dear and beautiful stitching :)
Granny stripes is looking so sweet
Big hugs x

Chris said...

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your comments on my blog. I buy my yarn from various sites but cotton yarn from Hobby Craft which is a shop in a near by town. I searched for crochet DK cotton and sells it and bright colours too. My mandalas are acrylic yarn as I have such a large stash I would feel guilty if I bought more yarn.. Once they are painted with PVA glue they will be stiff.. I like your seaside colours for your mandala, very pretty.

Krista said...

Wonderful projects you are working on and lovely progress! Your BBD looks so pretty. I am also working on it as well. I enjoyed the 4 side stitch but still prefer the usual xxxx's.

Mii Stitch said...

Looks like you had a great camping trip! Lovely stitching & I just love your granny blanket :) Big hugs to Titus, so cute! xx

Annette-California said...

Your BBD SAL piece is looking beautiful. I mis read the instructions and where you did the lovely 4 sided stitch I did cross stitch and then the 4 sided stitch. OH WELL! SO sorry about your job and losing pay. Geez. Your crocheting is gorgeous, love both the granny stripes wow and your new sea piece:)
Lovely stitching on Sarah's border too. Loved all your photos.
love Annette

Pull the other thread said...

Hope all is going well for you both. Lovely stitching and crochet. Super cute fuzzy kitty.

P.J. said...

Thinking of you as you weather this government storm. Nice progress on your SAL. Your Granny Stripe is yummy and I just love the colors you picked for your mandala!! Very pretty. Thank you for sharing your nature pics and Titus. Happy B-day to your man. :)

Julie said...

Lovely stitchy stuff happening and nice crochet, the mandala will be so calm and peaceful looking and the blanket is growing so quickly.
Hope the school stuff gets sorted quickly for you.

Vickie said...

Your Granny Stripe is awesome. Love the mandala colors! Happy Birthday late to Lee. :) Still praying. ♥

Maggee said...

As always, you are busy but productive. The BBD alphabet sampler is looking good! And I really love the colors of the mandala... love all things beach! The Granny stripes are gorgeous... how many colors will you have before you repeat, I wonder? Glad you and hubby got to go camping. I remember those days... Now I am all about comfort! Ha! As for the blogging and commenting... I am going to post about it, but basically there have been some BIG changes made by google, yahoo, aol and hotmail that are affecting so many! I have changed my blog to a different email (hopefully)--I think it will take a day to be in effect. But if you have set your blog to send you an email when you get a comment, then you must change THAT email to one that is NOT one of the big four above! Hugs!

Melissa said...

I love that last photo of Titus. Looks like he's praying...for a good settlement in the teacher's negotiations!

I had to laugh that you went on a camping trip and had to take stitching along! Nice progress on the BBD piece. One of these days I may learn to crochet - I really like that mandala.

Take care.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Good for you for camping and stitching! That 4 sided alphabet looks great!

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching! I love the colors you picked out for both the mandala and the granny stripes. I've actually been thinking of knitting a blanket like that, with thin stripes of different colors. We'll see... I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with the government! That's awful. Update us after the strike on Thursday, and good luck! :D

Ali said...

The BBD SAL sampler is on my to do list as well I really like how yours is turning out. Love the bright colours of your granny stripe it's going to look great when done. Oh my those gorgeous gorgeous colours you've picked for the mandala!! They just sing to me I love those seaside colours! Thank you for sharing

Lesley said...

Lovely photos,looks like hubby had a great birthday. I like the progress on your granny Stripes and your stitching is very pretty.The border for Sarah is so delicate.

Andrea said...

Great photos. Your stitching looks like it is coming along wonderfully well. Love the yarn colours for the mandala, just gorgeous.

Melanie said...

Lovely batch of photos!
The mandala colors are perfectly 'seaside' to me. Very soothing.
Hope the work stress gets better for you soon!!!!! :(

Ann at Beadlework. said...

That's so unfair about your job, our system is so different over here - I taught for around twenty years. I love your mandala colours, so muted and classy. Who looks after Titus when you travel - does he stay home with someone popping in?

Angela P said...

Love the pics from your camping trip! The BBD sampler looks great as does the granny stripes :) Take care :)

geeky Heather said...

Why is it so hard for the work people to just let us do our jobs?? I feel your pain, although my company is being very nice right now because they just had an organizational shakeup and are worried we will leave! The stitching is lovely...I would be to scared to take mine camping...I'd probably spill something on it or a bear would eat it or something!! =)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Margaret is right, teachers should be paid much more! People whinge so much when they go on strike but what option do they have?

Anyway, your stitching is lovely and Heather is so right, beware of bears!!

Shirlee said...

Loved seeing all your photos my friend! A happy belated birthday wish to your hubby! So sorry about the stress at work. I pray it will soon be a thing of the past. Give Titus a pet for me : )

Karoline said...

Happy birthday to your husband, looks like you had a great trip. I hope the work situation is sorted soon.

Your projects are all looking lovely

Brigitte said...

It must have been a great weekend to celebrate your husband's birthday. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures.

BUt not so good to read about the working situation. Sometimes you don't have any other option than going on strike. But not easy to go through it, I can imagine. NOt from my own experience because here teachers aren't allowed to go on strike. BUt I hope that the problem between the schools and the government can be solved soon.

You made some nice progress on your projects, stitching and crocheting ones.

Carol said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog reading, Anne! Don't know where the days go some times :)

I'm so sorry to read about your job situation. I hope things work out for you soon... less stash money = :o(

Your blanket is so cheery and fun--I'll bet just looking at those colors makes you smile. Beautiful stitching, too. And the photos from your Porpoise Bay trip are wonderful. Sometimes bad weather photos have a beauty all their own, don't they? I wish your DH a wonderful birthday and a happy year ahead!

Enjoy your weekend, my friend!

Meari said...

Beautiful photos of Porpoise Bay, and of Titus, too.

Your WIPs look great.

Sorry to hear about work problems. It's never good for anyone involved when strikes happen.