Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow in February

Big, fluffy white flakes are swirling down from the sky.  Not a usual occurrence for the Lower Mainland at this time of year. Perfect for snuggling in a blanket, watching Downton and stitching....except for the fact that I should be starting my report cards!! There's always next weekend to do them.

I had the desire to do a few posts this week however I have been busy with work and helping my little brother who is here for six weeks doing a plumbing apprenticeship.  The math they have him do is crazy hard! Thankfully, the school provided a tutor for free and he is less panicked! Me too since I was about to try to learn crazy plumbing math in a day!

I wish I could show some of the stitching finishes I have done but I have to wait until the recipients receive them first.  I'm made some progress on all my projects.  Oh, and I received my yarn order from Loveknitting!!  The service was so fast! I got it within 2 weeks of ordering.  Lately I've been having a hard time with some of the cross stitching companies.  I've placed orders back in January and have yet to hear back from 1 and the other finally sent a chart.  Loveknitting is in Great Britain so how it can get here faster than the States, I have no idea! 

Wonderful, cheery colours that I can't hardly wait to start working with.  I need to get some counters for the first chain but Caitlin suggested I could use paper clips, which is an awesome idea.  Thanks Caitlin for the tip!! She's been making beautiful progress on her granny stripe blanket. 

Stitching updates.  I've actually made a lot of progress during IHSW but I'll show the progress tomorrow.  

Knotgarden: filled in green.

LHN's February: stitched hearts.

JCS: added more beige to the peacock.  He is frustrating me to no end.  I have to keep frogging his silly body over and over.  I think it's the chart.  The symbol is a tiny dot and even though I scanned it, reprinted it and have been shading in what I've stitched, I seem to be having problems with seeing the dots!! I haven't been wanting to work on it lately.  I may skip the peacock and start another motif.

Magic Garden Friday night SAL with Maggee:  stitched the bug, and started the glove. I so enjoy stitching this design.  Each little motif, creature is a pleasure to stitch!! I don't want it to end!!

Okay, fast blogging now.  I need to get ready for our blini breakfast after church.  Lent is starting in two weeks so we always have blini before Cheesefare week.  

Someone asked me for a photo of the pretty wagon cart I use for my monthly display.  Sorry I can't remember who! I have a terrible memory!

Beautiful wagon wheel cart

March display
Random photos:

Beautiful linens I bought from 123stitch from dear Mouse.  Thank you so much Mouse!! I will be using them for all sorts of projects!


Hubby being funny:

 He's feeling better.  The inflammation is going done! WHOOOOOHOOOO!!! But predinsone is crazy.  Let's just leave it at that!

Titus on my granny blanket:

 A murder of crows:

And I'm done!!
Thank you all for your lovely comments! I finally responded to all of them and visited some blogs.   I'll be back tomorrow with IHSW progress pics!!




Giovanna said...

Lovely yarn, and gorgeous colours.

jacquie morris said...

Really lovely wool you have there, the colors a beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you make :)

Happy knitting :)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching, Anne! I agree, if the peacock's giving you so much trouble, move on to something else. When a piece of stitching is being difficult I usually "ground" it and put it away for a while. :P That's a lovely wagon wheel cart you use! What a wonderful piece of furniture. :D

Annette said...

good luck for your brother.. I'm so happy i'm done with school, never again.. not for me..
good luck with the snow..
beautifull pictures of your WIPs ans stash.. you will have a awesome time watching the snow and crafting!!
happy pic of hubby, he looks good

Carol said...

I love your teacart, Anne! I have my grandma's and I treasure it (plus the wooden top of it is where I photograph 95% of my finishes so it's put to good use :)

Great to hear about the good service from the yarn shop. I've had some very frustrating experiences with a couple of U.S. stitching stores lately--talk about slow service! The only one I can really rely on it 123 Stitch so I think I'll stick with them from now on.

All of your stitching looks so nice--yes, skip that confounding peacock now and move on :) Enjoy your snowy day and here's to your dear husband feeling better and better--what great news!

Emma/Itzy said...

Some great progress you made and I love the colours of the wool! x

Chris said...

Lovely stitching progress! I hope that your brother does well with his apprenticeship!
Titus looks very fluffy.Glad to hear the your DH is feeling better!
Have a great week!

Chris said...

Lovely stitching progress! I hope that your brother does well with his apprenticeship!
Titus looks very fluffy.Glad to hear the your DH is feeling better!
Have a great week!

Melissa said...

Anne, I love that bowl of yarn - it's a bowl of candy but no calories! The tea cart is a treasure!

Look at that snow today! I love it though I say it because I know it won't stick around too much longer.

You're busy gal with your stitching and work, and helping your brother! Good luck with his studies!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a lovely post full of very neat things. Oh the dreaded report writing - I used to get through it by giving myself regular treats - it works:-))
Titus looks so good on that bonnie blanket.

Annie said...

More snow..ugh..we are expecting more this week too.

Love the beautiful yarn colors. Very cheery.

Lots of pretty stitching happening too.

Glad to hear that DH is improving.

Margaret said...

Snowdrops! Wow! I'm envious. We have so much snow on the ground here there's no way a snowdrop could find its way to the surface. Love that yarn! Love Titus on your blanket. Love your stitching! So happy to hear about DH feeling better! Hooray! Love that pic of him. lol!

Barb said...

You got the snow this time, not as far South as Seattle(we live almost directly across the sound from Seattle). I do love all you stitching projects and the yarn if so pretty. Good luck with report cards- I don't miss that about teaching!

Louise said...

I just love all the colors of yarn you have received! Your stitching is gorgeous. Love your blog!

Angela P said...

I love all those yarn colors! Lovely progress on all your stitching projects :)

Ele said...

Lovely yarn, and great stitching progress!
I really like your march display :)
Have a good start of the week

butterfly said...

Lovely post , love your wool what fab colours lots of lovely WIPs and wonderful photos thanks for sharing.
Wishing you a lovely week.

Julie said...

Lovely selection of wool, so pleased to read you had good service from here in the UK. Lots of lovely stitching progress.
Hope your brother does well in his classes.
Titus is a sweetie!

Vickie said...

Oh, your wagon wheel cart is lovely.
So very, very glad DH is improving.
Blini were delicious! I will email you with more. ;)

Lesley said...

I love your wgon wheel cart it is beautiful and the wool colours are gorgeous.
You are stitching lovely designs,the more I see of the sampler stle ones the more Inwant to stitch one:-)
So glad hubby is feeling so much better and the medication is working. I have had the same meds when my asthma has gone out of control..the first time I took it I had so much energy I was stenciling the kitchen cupboards at 2 in the morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, glad you did :) looove your blog and your projects. Will be back ^_^

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Good luck to you and your endeavours.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Shirlee said...

A fun post my friend! Loved seeing all the photos! The one of hubby is a hoot! What's up with the prednisone? Lovely stitching projects & gorgeous bouquet of yarn : )

valerie said...

Good luck to your brother, Anne! I am sure he will do great. Look at all that lovely yarn. The colors are so bright and cheery. How in the world do you get so much stitching done?! Altho it would help if I picked up a needle and thread once in a while. Glad to hear that hubby is doing better...he looks in great spirits in that photo. And floofy Titus! You tell him he's getting fur all over your pretty blankie. LoL

Stitching Noni said...

I must say snuggling down and watching Downtown Abby would be far better than writing report cards!! :o)
The colours of your wool are fab!
Your stitching is lovely - shame your peacock is giving you so much grief!
Love hubby's pic
Hugs to you and Titus xx

Suzanne said...

Lovely yarn colours! Nice work on your stitching and love the granny blanket photos, Titus and all.

Brigitte said...

That yarn you bought in the UK looks terrific, all these bright colours. I can't wait to see what you will start working on with it.

I used to order from US online stores but have to say that I had never problems with their service. But then I had trouble with German Customs so that I stopped ordering from overseas and I also stopped doing exchnages for the same reason. That was years ago and since then I've been ordering from an Italian online store. And boy, are they fast. And generous. Once they sent me the wrong chart and when I told them about it they immediately sent the one I had ordered and I even didn't have to send the wrong one back.

I love your March display. That tea cart looks really gorgeous.

Great to see your husband getting back his health!