Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stitching, Threads and Sipping Red Wine

Is drinking red wine a good thing while blogging?

Hmm.....Well even if it's a no..WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!! I'm celebrating by myself! Isn't that fabulous?!?! Funny how the day you can actually go out and do anything, everyone is either away, or busy.  I think that's what people call....Murphy's Law? No wait...that's something else....what do you call it?


You didn't come here for that, but if you did, grab a tea, coffee or wine like me and sit back and enjoy what I'm about to show you. Join me in celebrating!!!

First off.  I managed to stitch 1 design while at Tatuk Lake (really far away from any sort of cell phone reception..AT ALL!!!! ACK!) I really enjoyed my time with my family and wish it could have been a longer visit.  I fished, as many of you saw in the last photo, I stitched, I played LOADS of crib (only won 2 games...sigh), and made the morning fires without my Dad's firestarter...hehehe! I really wished I had a video of my brother, a firefighter, splitting wood with an axe.  He's got so much strength it's insane.  I think all of us were awestruck watching the log split into two and fly.  SERIOUSLY!!  I had many wonderful walks and took lots of pictures, some of which I will upload and create an album on picasa and link it...not yet though!

Here's my little autumn stitch that I really loved stitching.  It's a freebie from Le Chalet des Perelles stitched on 28 ct. R&R18th century brown, using DMC, NPI silks, GAST and WDW.  My Uncle Paul really enjoyed watching me stitch this piece and liked that I had a beautiful hobby.
We saw loads of beautiful birds flying above us such as Pelicans, Osprey and Sparrows.  My camera couldn't zoom out enough to catch the Ospreys diving down to catch the Kokanee salmon but I could get this little guy. Isn't he the cutest?!!
He looks like he's pissed at something.  Maybe he doesn't like his picture being taken?!!

Enjoy gives you a good feeling :D
Stunning rainbow hey? There's a photo I'll post of me that my dearest sweet mamma took of me...and you have to laugh.  A BUG FLEW INTO MY EYE PRECISELY THE MOMENT SHE TOOK THE PHOTO.  Okay I'll post it here for your viewing pleasure.
Love it!

Seriously though.  The bug had a LOT of space to fly around in....why my eye???????????????????????????

Okay now onto another freebie I stitched while in the car driving to and from Edmonton.  It's Plum Street Sampler's Christmas Coffee tree that I think was made for me.  I stitched the tree trunk with GAST Espresso, the beans with WDW Molasses, the green is Nancy's Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe..super lush to work with, and the off white is GAST's Oatmeal.  I stitched it on 32 ct Natural linen and loooooved stitching it.  I have a finish in mind but can't get to that until later on in the month. 
I went through the Rocky Mountains for my first time, well my second but my first time was when I was 16 traveling with my Ukrainian dancing troupe and it was night, didn't see a my first time really.  Um where was I.....

Ah...mountains.  Amazing!

The pandemonium of trying to take a photo of baby elk.

Oh, you want a Titus pic? Here is my big, beautiful baby!!
Some stash that arrived while I was in no man's land. 
Um....any of you work with that perle cotton stuff? Or know what it's used for? I tried some last night and I'm not liking it at all.  I didn't know when I ordered it that it would be so thick.  I don't do canvas work and can't foresee myself doing that anytime in the future.  I think I may give them to the 2nd or 3rd place winner...still mulling that part out.

Some Vikki Clayton silks and silk threads since I read on a person's blog (sorry can't remember where) that she is discontinuing her silks line :( Big booo from me since I just found out about her when I ordered her silks for Jane.  Oh well.  Her silks are amazing. I can't wait to work with them.
Looooove the colours!!!!

The last bit I want to share with you is the AMAZING gift that Jo from Serendipitous Stitching sent to me for being her 2000th comment post.  I was tickled pink, literally, when I saw what she made for me.  She also sent me a BBD chart that I can't wait to stitch! THANK YOU DEAREST JO!!!!! 
I love how she made it in my favourite colours and stitched my name! It's very precious to me.  Every little stitched piece that has been made for me is cherished so much.  It's my third piece from someone other than myself and I love it to bits :D 

Okay....I hope you made it thus far and haven't been too bored.  I started looking through the blogs today but had to jet off to go school supply shopping.  I ended up buying a new computer chair that was half off and will be delivered Tuesday.  The Ikea one I'm sitting on is broken and has no back. LOL!!!

Love and hugs to you all 


Edited: Fixed link for the French autumn freebie!


Ellen said...

I love red wine but not when I am stitching, I fall asleep after drinking ha ha!

Beautiful stitching! Love those threads especially the silks!

Lovely gifts from Jo!


Kathy A. said...

Wonderful vacation photos. I love the little bird - he looks so sassy!
Beautiful stitches from Jo. She is such a sweetheart.

Shirlee said...

I've thought of becoming a wino lately with all the stuff happening around here : ) Loved seeing all your pictures & your stitchings are gorgeous! I really enjoyed the photo of the bird & of the Rockies & the rainbow & of course you & Mr. Bug : ) Oh, excuse me ... & Titus! Sophie said don't forget to mention Titus! The photo of Titus is her favorite : )

Nancy said...

I don't think wine is too bad with blogging but I sure don't do it when stitching. I know that I would be frogging for sure. Beautiful pics of your vacation and of course Titus is one beautiful kitty. Lovely pillow from Jo and it is cool how she slipped your name in there.

Gabi said...

Beautiful vacation photos. You spent some time at a very very gorgeous place. Missing a picture of your brother splitting the wood though.
Beautiful finishes. Congrats :)
Great stash too. And Titus is of course most adorable.

rosey175 said...

I can't imagine what trails of insanity I'd stitch if I had more than a sip of wine, haha!

The mountains are truly gorgeous and your stash enhancements were a great welcome home! Perhaps the perle cotton would be good for embellishments on a finished piece? They'd make cutesy ribbons for sure!

EveningEmma said...

The silks look lovely, a pity the perle isn't to your taste. I've never used perle myself, because I wouldn't know what to do with it either.

Nice finishes! Your cat is still cute!

Lee said...

Just a note to say something about the perle threads what count are they perle 8 ? quite versitile threads but not for cross stitch let me know the thickness and i will send you something to stitch using them You mention Ukranian dance group hope you done any Ukrainian embroidery.

Loved the little bird photo.

Emma said...

Looks like you had a great holiday - the scenery is beautiful!

Beautiful stitching too - like you uncle I think people who don't stitch are always amazed how a few stitches make a picture come together! :D

Also, yay for more Titus pictures :D hehehe

cucki said...

Looks like you had a lovely time..
Lovely stitching and sweet stash..the silk threads are looking so sweet..
Lovely gifts from Jo
Sweet kitty xxx

Margaret said...

Oh my goodness! 2 posts! And so much to comment on too! Glad you had a wonderful time visiting with your family. lol about the fly flying into your eye in the picture! I love the freebie you stitched while you were up there. And the pics and wildlife -- sounds and looks like a beautiful place! The no cell phone reception would get to me though. lol! Love the PSS freebie too -- nice colors! The Rockies. Yes, I love them, so pretty and majestic. I've only been to the Canadian Rockies once when I was tiny so I don't remember them. Nice new stash! Nice giveaway prize too! lol about the IKEA chair! I've decided they have nice stuff but it doesn't hold up too well. Ugh. Good luck with your new job!!!

Pauline said...

What a great pictures!
I love your story, nice to read.

Sarah in Stitches said...

You've been so busy! I am particularly in love with your Christmas Coffee Tree. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. Great work, and that stash looks delicious! I bet you can't wait to play around with it all.

Oh, and I think it is Murphy's Law. That's what my mom calls situations like that, anyway. :D

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I think the red wine and blogging works just fine - your post was fun and full of great photos:-) That's a very pretty freebie stitch with the pumpkins.

gracie said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures...for me, make it white wine or Raspberry Sparkletini!

Vickie said...

Such sweet stitching you got done on vacation Anne. I think that is great that your uncle admires your work.
Fabulous photos.♥

Solstitches said...

Goodness, where to start..........
love the two finishes.
Wonderful pictures of your vacation.
You have some gorgeous new stash there and what lovely gifts from Jo.
The pillow she stitched for you is gorgeous.

Catherine said...

Love all of your stitches, stash and winning goodies!! Great stuff.
Amazing photos from your time away. I think we are all curious now to see a pic of your brother!! The rainbow was amazing and your pic in front of it ~ so sweet! Well, except for that fly!

Siobhán said...

Fantastic photos!! I loved seeing them all. LOL at the bug flying in your eye--I've had that happen! Or up my nose, which is like--omg--I've just snorted a bug! LOL Love the new stash and your finishes!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

the coffee cup xmas tree is cute - i may have to stitch that one being the coffee lover i am and what can i say about silks? love them - havn't tried vicki claytons silks but have heard they are nice to work with. you gotta wonder with bugs - if they fly into your eye what else do they fly into?

Parsley said...

The bug in the eye is familiar to me. Ick! I think they go after moisture but yuck and ouch!!!!

Those silks look yummy! I've only used silks once on linen. What fabric do you like to use with silks?

Lesley said...

Great post. I love your holiday photos and your stash is gorgeous. Lovely gifts form Jo too.
I absolutely love your Christmas Coffee Tree.

Tracey said...

What wonderful pics!...I felt like I was vacationing right along with you :-) Thanks so much for sharing!

Your stitching is so pretty! Will have to go and check out the pattern for that freebie.

New stash is always so much fun... enjoy!!

marly said...

Very nice stitching and very awesome photos. Hope to see more!

The Maiden said...

It looks like you had an amazing time (and that brother of yours sounds so hunky!). Only you could fit in stitching in the wilderness, I love both your finishes!

Deb said...

Oh, I think that wine goes with anything that you want to do!! Wonderful stitching and wonderful photos too!

Rhona said...

Wine and blogging is ok, but wine with stitching....that's a no-no. With my luck I'd spill it all over my stitching! :(

Love all the pictures you took - fabulous!

And as for your new stash....drool!!!!

Barb said...

Cute little finishes and thanks for the wonderful vacation photos!

Chris said...

Wonderful post!
I love your 2 sweet finishes.
I love the picture of you too. The rainbow & bug..perfect!
What a lovely gift from Jo!
Have a great week.
Hugs to you and Titus.

Giovanna said...

Love your stitched freebies, and the pincushion you got from Jo - enjoy the red :-)

Meari said...

WOW! Lots to comment on.

First, sounds like you had a good time in No Man's Land. I would've loved it there.

Second, congrats on your finishes. Could you send me a direct link to the pumpkin freebie? I looked on the site and couldn't find it.

I agree... the bug could fly anywhere. Why in your eye?! I hope it didn't hurt too much. (At least it didn't fly into your mouth, LOL)

Beautiful mountain pics!

And as always... Adorable Titus photo. :)

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great time with the family. And how wonderful to come home to stash & pressies in the mail! Titus is looking gorgeous as always. Bet you missed him when you were away.

Carol said...

Your time at the lake with your family sounds ideal, Anne--especially the no cell phone part. I'm so tired of being around family members who are glued to their cell phones (always texting, checking emails when you're trying to talk to them) all the time--how rude! Looks like a lovely trip and I'm glad you were able to get some stitching done, too. Especially love the freebie of the pumpkin and bird--thanks for the link.

Adorable photo of you--bug in the eye and all :) You look so cute in those hats of yours!

Enjoy all those yummy new silks!!

Joysze said...

Wait a minute.... you get to have wine and we have to have coffee or tea???!!! C'mon!!!! What's the fun in that???! HAHAHAHAH!!!!

What did you have in your eye that drew in the bug, hmm? Hmm??? ;)

Did you put real coffee beans on your Coffee Treat, darlin'? Those things have oil in them....

LOOOOOOOOVE the piccies. That bird is hilarious. He looks like he's trying to decide which way and how he should kamikaze down at you. ;)

Lookie at all that stash!!! My, my, my!!!! Perle! I know Martina hasused them before... you just use 1 strand instead of 2. Sometimes it's easier to use a bigger needle so it makes a bigger hole for the perle to go through easier. :)

Nice pillow from Jo, you lucky thing. :D

HMBW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and long distance huggies to Titus!

Brigitte said...

After looking at your pictures of your vacation destination I was looking for more pictures and they were all so awesome that I would have liked to get on the next plane and spend some time there in BC. And ohhh, such great pictures of the Rocky Mountains! You must have enjoyed a wonderful time there. Thanks for sharing.
Great stitching pictures as well.

Carolyn said...

BEAUTIFUL photos and I'm loving your stitchy finishes. I'm going to have to go on a hunt for the coffee tree. I'm sitting here right this second with a cup of coffee and I'm totally a java freak. Great post!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Wow, what an amazing pillow! You're a special person to get a gift like that LOL.

Love the freebie pumpkins too.

I would try using the perle on a low count, like the 18 I used for your pillow or maybe have a go at hardanger?

Glad you enjoyed your break too. And another vote for photos of your brother LOL.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Another great and entertaining post Anne! Your autumn stitched freebie piece looks very nice. Thanks for the link. I've been wanting to do a small piece for fall and this will be perfect. I use perle cotton a fair bit for various stitching projects, canvas work and hardanger. Maybe you'll give it a try? Have a lovely autumn day and thank you for commenting on my blog :)

lynda said...

Love your stitching...sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I didn't know that about Vikki's silks...bummer...I love those!

Linda said...

Great pics from your trip. I love the new stash you got.


valerie said...

Wow, what a great post! So much fun stuff. So glad you had a great vacation and managed to finish two smalls. Love the little autumn one! I've never been to the Rockies but they look amazing!

Isn't Perle a pita? I've only used them for the Shepherds Bush stocking since it's stitched on 18 ct. linen. Otherwise...forget it! The silks look yummy though!

Love the photo of you too even if a darn bug flew into your eye. Bugs, ugh!

And cute pillow and package from Jo. You're one lucky lady Anne! :)

Beauty Bonnet said...

thanks for the heads up on the Plum Street Sampler coffee tree.. hope it's still available! that's a lovely cat.. i say this and i'm not partial to cats..!
i agree, lovely HDFs.. i so hope she changes her mind someday..