Friday, August 17, 2012

Part 2: 34 Degrees, A Summer Finish and IHSW

What to do on a super hot Friday? Stitch and take cold showers!!! That's about all I can do at the moment.  I may take off to a mall or the library to get some respite from our apartment but that means walking in this heat! I'm looking out our window and I spy some juicy blackberries...perhaps I will pick some! Gotta love those blackberries!

Last night, I stitched my little hot heart away and finished up Summer Quaker.  I did a lot of it while camping but just couldn't quite finish it in time.  I'm now mulling over how to finish it because there are 3 other seasons to stitch and I should probably do something that I can repeat easily.  Well, I'll let it come to me as it usually does over time.  I really need to get cracking on stitching Fall pieces. It seems that I'm always a month or two behind!! For now, feast your eyes on the lovely berry and rose colours of Summer Quaker.  

Now onto some lovely stash and gifts I have recently received.  Before we left for our trip, I received my amazing win from the most generous lady, Nancy from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I chose a selection of threads including Nan's Red which I have been wanting for awhile. Wow does she include a lot of thread! I definitely will be purchasing from her in the future! I also selected some trims and have been dying to feel the chenille trim and cluny lace.  I can't wait to make some cute Christmas ornies and use those trims!
Oh! Who's that sniffing my trims?!??!!! 

I also ordered some threads and fabric from Needlecraft Corner for my pattern The Magic Garden Sampler.  Funny thing is I didn't see the other column of threads so I actually ordered only half the threads.  Sigh.  I'll have to order more another time! I really love the customer service from Needlecraft and how fast my orders arrive from the States.  Stash fast is a good thing!
Titus the Stashoholic
There's my big fluffy boy!!!! He's a stashaholic can't you tell?!!!

Bear with me, I've got a little more to show! So just this morning the sweetest little package arrived from Portugal, from the sweet and very creative Nia!! She sent me the cutest little giraffe thread winder with my favourite DMC thread wrapped around his neck like a warm scarf! I've named him Georgie the Giraffe and he's just too cute! THANK YOU NIA you made me smile and my day!!!
Georgie the Giraffe and cute postie from Nia
Last note!! It's IHSW weekend and I have all of Saturday booked...insert frown here.  I'll be working on either Jane or Knotgarden or both as much as I can squeeze in.  Here's a look at Jane.  I managed to stitch a bit on her last night in the cool night air.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend stitching!!

I almost forgot something! GASP! Thank you to my new followers for joining my blog and a big thank you to all for looking at my camping pictures.  If you haven't seen them yet, you can take a look at the post below :D

HUGS from me and Titus!!


rosey175 said...

Haha, it's so weird to see posts about hot weather (we're usually the ones boiling alive) when we're a magnificent 76*F! Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything. ;)

I dunno if it's just me, but I'd never be able to stop fondling those floss from Ms. Nancy, ahaha!! They look so luxurious and scream snowy, wintery conditions!

Georgie the Giraffe is too cute! Keep him on hand and have him peeking out from random places on your finishes, haha. "WHERE'S GEORGIE?"

...I may or may not have had too much sweet tea this afternoon. ;) G'luck with your IHSW, even if it's just an hour! :D

Margaret said...

Love your summer Quaker finish! Love the new stash too. Such a bummer that you didn't notice the other column of fibers for your new stitch. Ugh! Jane is looking so pretty! I love the blue mixed in on that flower -- can't wait till I'm to that flower!

Vickie said...

Oh no Titus!! He's all roly poly in your stash! =) Wow! Summer Quaker is fabulous with those threads. I really like those colors. I'm with Margaret, I like that flower.

cucki said...

i love your summer quaker finish..i love your new stash so much.
aww i like that flower too.
big hugs xxx

Ivana said...

Beautiful embroidery! Very nice photo with a cat :-)

Annie said...

Your stitched piece is just gorgeous. And so are those new threads.. such luscious colors! Hope that kitty doesn't get them tangled up!

valerie said...

Titus is all "my stash, hands off mom! It's mine to roll around in!" He is too cute! Love your summer finish and progress on Jane! Congratulations on your winnings! Happy weekend!

sana said...

Beautiful quaker . I love colors of berry and rose ,too.
Georgie is lovely!!!

Gabi said...

Your Summer Quaker is gorgeous. Congrats. Love also your new stash. Jane looks great too.

Shirlee said...

I always seeing that Titus is doing : ) Cute giraffe thread winder & beautiful threads! Enjoy your stitching!

Melissa said...

Hello, dear Anne!

Where do I start? The stitching are all lovely. Love the colour of Summer Quaker! Gosh, I hope one day to be able to enter Nancy's contest but I can never leave a comment. One day!

Yes, Drema is the best with customer service and I'm glad your first experience buying from her was positive.

Titus - he's a convert to stitching! lol. Gosh he must be feeling so hot in all that fur. The other day when I got home (tired and hot) I found our kitties sprawled out on the window seat beside the window "crack" to enjoy the cooler air and they were totally wasted from the heat!

I am looking forward to a bit of rain for the plants as well as clearing the air!

Enjoying your stitching Saturday! I'm getting my haircut today so may feel cooler after!

Rhona said...

The giraffe is just so cute! Love your Summer finish, those colours are gorgeous.And as for all those delicious wonder Titus wants to keep them, who can blame him!

Anonymous said...


Lovely finish and adorable kitty.
That thread winder is very cute!

Holly x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Summer Quaker is lovely, I do like seasonal designs.

The threads you received are gorgeous too. Happy Stitching!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Quaker Summer is a lovely finish and stitched in a pretty colour.

My Saturday was all booked up too so I'm squeezing in as much stitching as I can today.

Great new stash what fun! Dont you wish we could roll in it like our cats?

Mindi said...

I love your Summer Quaker finish, the colors are gorgeous. Titus is so cute with your new stash, and I'm glad you recieved threads from nancy, she really does send a lot on each skein.

Chris said...

Quaker Summer looks great. Pretty floss choice.
Lovely new stash! Titus is definitley enjoying it.
Have a great week, I hope that it cools off.

Carol said...

Aww...Titus always makes me smile, Anne! He sure knows the good stuff when he sees it :) You got some wonderful things--love those pretty colors of Nancy's threads that you chose and the trims are so pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them...

Your berry colored finish is so, so lovely... Sorry about the heat. We've cooled off down here and I'm actually a bit cold today...

Hope your week is a good one :)

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

The Summer Quaker turned out very pretty with those threads and I love how you arranged your photo - like a picture from a magazine :)
I do love your Jane and can't wait to see more updates on her - I ususally use 123stitch for my purchases as I find they are the most reliable and cheapest on shipping -

Sally said...

Summer Quaker is gorgeous. Love the colours.

Gorgeous threads and lace from Nancy. They are so pretty.

What a sweet giraffe from Nia!

Jane is coming along beautifully.

Solstitches said...

What an adorable little gift from Nia.
Love your Quaker finish and you are making such great progress on Jane.
Lovely giveaway goodies from Nancy.

Valentina said...

Titus the stashaholic cat, he's adorable! And yes, you're right, stash fast is a good thing, I had to wait for 19 days a fabric, thank you italian postal service, but it finally arrived, so I'm now ready to start ATW!!!

Catherine said...

Great post! Oh my gosh, Titus is all cute rolling around in your stash and what lovely stash it is!! Hopefully you'll get the other half of your threads soon enough.
I hope you have some relief from the heat ~ it's been a long hot summer, that's for sure.

Julie said...

Been catching up with your blog. :)

Looks like Titus just loves those lovely coloured threads as well.

♥ Nia said...

Ohhh so much you have to share :D and I'm behind on my blog reading! Sorry sweetie =/
I'm so glad you like my little gift :) It's a small thing but I think It's different and it would be a special gift =) I'm very happy to know that you like it :D
Lovely stitching and great new stash!! I loooove those threads! :D titus is one of us, addicted hahahahaha

Cristina said...

In Spain it's really hot too!
I love that Summer Quaker, how about a pinkeep finish?

Joysze said...

Hey love! LOOOOOOVE that Summer finish. :D

(Yes, I'm still working on my 900 blog posts... ROFL!)