Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Stitching and Sunshine

The sun has been with us for over a week now and it's been glorious!! Needless to say, I have been outside most of the time trying to get as much sun as I can before it disappears. Lots of bike rides, walks, lying on the beach and relaxing with friends and family.  It has been wonderful so far.  I've even managed to kit up a couple of summer small projects to stitch and started two of them.  I haven't achieved a numb butt yet, but I'm working on it!

Last week, my hubby and I went on a really long bike ride all over New Westminster and the Burnaby farmlands.  I love the farmlands.  It's like a whole other world down there.  Quiet, tranquil, peaceful.  There's even an old school that has been boarded up and an interesting place to explore.  I wonder who went to that school and when it got closed.  Here's some photos from that trip, starting with the new quayside dock in New Westminster.  It cost over 5 million to make! (Loads of pictures!!)
 Now the farmlands.
The flower nursery we visited was amazing. I couldn't resist and had to get a couple of herbs!! They are very happy on my windowsill.
Catnip and Tarragon
Stitchy news!!! We spent a day hanging up pictures and my stitching.  It felt so good to get it all up and on display.  Here is my lovely display of all things I love!!
I really love the frame I had lying around that fit the Thankful for Ewe Traveling Pattern.  I initially wanted to make a little box for the design but found this frame so I popped it in and we put it up!! It's a wall in progress...there will be more stitching added to this wall...I say this quietly because my hubby doesn't know my plans!Sssshhhhh!

After seeing all the lovely By the Bay SAL's on people's blogs, I decided to finally stitch up a freebie from By the Bay Needleart.  I am using the recommended DMC threads and am stitching this on 28 ct. Aerial Cashel Linen.  It has a lovely mottled effect like the sky and I think it's perfect for this super summery design.  I almost can hear the waves of the ocean and smell the sea while I stitch this.
Next up is that cute little Prairie Schooler Summer design from the Gift of Stitching.  It was the second most popular design for my giveaway.  I've been loving stitching this on 32 ct. Lambswool Jobelan, the same fabric I used for the little bee fob I made.  I think it's becoming one of my favourite fabrics to stitch on! I already have the finish mapped out in my head after I picked up some pink gingham fabric that will work perfectly with this design!!
After seeing La Maisonnette aux Fraises on both Carol's and Lynn's blog, I've also decided to stitch up this sweet little design.  Je l'adore fraises!!! I have some sweet little polka dotted fabric that will be a great match for this piece. 
I'm not finished yet!! I've got some more to show you! I was really on a roll one was Titus playing with my stash!!
I picked out two Quaker designs that I am going to start sometime this week.  I love this Gift of Stitching design called a Quaker Seasonal - Summer.  I will be using 32ct. Belfast linen with Nina's Threads in Old Berry and Weeks Dye Works thread, Madison Rose.  
The other Quaker design I chose to start stitching is the lovely Quaker biscornu from Stacy Nash's Primitive Designs that Carolyn had so sweetly gifted me.  A lovely piece of Natural linen that Melissa had given me is perfect for this primish biscornu. Thanks again ladies! 
Oh and of course, while I was putting some of my stitching away after their photo shoot, I walked back into the room to find.........GUESS WHO?!!

TITUS!!!!!!!!!! He was rolling around on my stuff!! How did he even get there so fast?! I got to remember to put all my stitching away FIRST before walking into the other room for a second! What an adorable, mischievous munchkin!!!
Um, wasn't doing anything.  Seriously Mom!!
Can't resist this chew toy!!!
After this I grabbed my thread bobbin from him.  I didn't want a disaster to happen!

Hmm, should I post a picture of Jane? Not much progress on her....might as well post one for those who look forward to seeing her...Margaret!!

C'est finis!! I hope you liked my picture heavy post.  I will leave you with a few lines from "An Evening Walk" by one of my favourite poets, William Wordsworth.

How pleasant, as the sun declines, to view
The spacious landscape change in form and hue!
Here, vanish, as in mist, before a flood
Of bright obscurity, hill, lawn, and wood;
There, objects, by the searching beams betrayed,
Come forth, and here retire in purple shade;
Even the white stems of birch, the cottage white,
Soften their glare before the mellow light;


Vickie said...

ooOoo! An Evening Walk is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I must check it out in it's entirety. Beautiful pics and projects happening too. Your wall and display look great.

Annie said...

Looks like a wonderful summer happening in your neck of the woods. Just sitting in front of that wall would make a wonderful summer for most people! Beautiful display.

I've finished the By The Bay SAL too. I've got it out, waiting to be finished-finished. I'll get in the mood for that at some point.

Lots of fun stitching going on there too for you and Titus to share!

Anonymous said...

That's such a lovely poem - thanks for sharing! Your photos are stunning.

Lovely projects and gorgeous stash.
Titus is very cute, my cat likes to lie on my fabric while I measure it!

Giovanna said...

Great show - all of your WIPs are so lovely!

Nurdan said...

I love your today's post!

Great pictures, interesting places, herbs, flower nursery, elegant finished and framed works (frames are indeed suited perfectly), lovely WIPs!!!

But, among those amazing stuff, Titus takes the first place. He is so adorable with his wonderful blue eyes:))))

Margaret said...

Thank you for including my Jane fix. lol! She's looking great! You're definitely progressing with her. Good for you for getting out and enjoying the sunshine too. I guess your temps must be nice as well. It's better here than it used to be, but still too warm for my tastes. I love your sampler wall!!! Looking soooo good! Of course it's a work in progress! That's a given! Love all your other stitchy projects too. But Jane still wins my heart. She's definitely getting to the top of my todo list.

Parsley said...

Oh what fun you had on your outing! And lookie at your stitchy helper! Gotta love that face!!

Having a cuppa and going to work on my neglected WIP tonight.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Lots of new starts - I'm so excited for you - the summer quaker looks real pretty - love the colours - have fun with all your stitching! :)

Melissa said...

Oh, Mr Titus is as cute as ever. His fur looks so luxurious!

That bikeway/walkway looks fantastic. I think I saw a bit about it on the news last week. All I need is a bike. (That's my excuse!) It does look like a lot of fun though.

Love all the stitching, especially Jane. The new starts look great. I love the colours you chose for the Quaker! When I get back to work I will get some of Nina's threads!

Thank you for the poem. It's perfect! Enjoy the sunny days while they are here!

Barb said...

Great WIPs! Isn't it nice to have good weather here in the NW. I really enjoyed your bike ride photos!

Lesleyanne said...

Great photos from your evening out. Love your stitching display. Your wips are gorgeous.

Rowyn said...

Such gorgeous photos of your day out Anne, and your stitching wall looks great.

Titus is still one of the most extremely handsome kitties I have ever seen. It must be hard to be mad with a kitty that cute when he sits on your stash. lol

Chris said...

Look at all those projects!! They are all such sweet designs, i am looking forward to seeing your progress!
Jane looks great too.
What a great bike trip. I really enjoy seeing the pics of your travels.
Hugs to you and Titus!

Dani - tkdchick said...

It sounds like your summer is off to a perfect start!!! Great pictures from your biking adventures.

You've got some great projects planned for this summer!!! I hope you have a serious case of numb bum soon!

Angela said...

It looks like you are enjoying the Summer days, great pics!

All of your stitching projects look great and I love the framed collection you have started.

Titus is so adorable.....mine will do this too if I don't put everything up.

Anonymous said...

look at Titus.. isn't' he the cutest rascal?! :D
love your stitchful wall.. enjoy the summer!

Ewa said...

What a little troublemaker! A few days ago Vincent decided to attack College - WITH HIS CLAWS! No damage was done but I nearly died.

Love the pictures from your bike ride. You are so flipping adorable!

Veronica said...

I love picture heavy posts. Your stitching collection looks wonderful displayed on the wall.

Lovely new starts. Titus is just as cute and mischievous as ever. LOL! Just look at that innocent expression.


Carol said...

I can just feel how relaxing and fun your summer has started out, Anne! So glad the weather has been cooperating, too... That bike trip looks wonderful--so many great sights... It looks like you stop and enjoy things more on your bike rides than my husband and his buddies. They just go, go, go!

I'm sure seeing all of your hard work displayed in one area must really be a great feeling. Some days I wonder if I will EVER get my larger pieces framed! I am so into 'smalls' these days that I just can't think about much else. Glad you've caught the Strawberry Cottage fever and are joining in on stitching it. It is a very sweet design :)

Give Titus a hug from "Aunt Carol!"

Melissa said...

Titus that rascal ;)

Love the pictures and the new start, and of course everything else!

You're one busy woman!!!

Happy Stitching


Teresa S. said...

I loved this post! It had a little of everything, even poetry.

Your stitching is so pretty and love the new projects!

Catherine said...

You are definitely having a fun summer! Your bike ride sure took you to some pretty places.
Loved seeing your stitchy stuff and Titus, well, he's just a cutie!

Kathy Ellen said...

What a wonderful post, Anne. Your bike trip looks wonderful.....nothing like touring the countryside for true peaceful tranquility.

Your needlework display is gorgeous, and you must have been so pleased to see them hanging on your wall. I love your new starts, and 'Jane' is coming along beautifully too.

Have a blessed week! Looking forward to seeing more stitching progress next time!

Sally said...

Lovely new starts and projects to be:)

Love your photos from your bike ride.

Meari said...

That dock looks awesome!!

Love your stitching wall. I hung a piece up over the weekend, too. I hpe to have a stitching wall one day.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on all your new projects.

Titus!! Bad kitty, lol.

Joysze said...

Oooooh, I'd love to have gone on that bike ride!! Well, with you pedaling and me as the passenger, of course! In an a/c bike, well, one with an a/c cab for me and you can just bike in the heat while chaffeuring me around. ;)

Stitching looks great, Annie and I love your collection on the wall. :D

♥ Nia said...

Great to see you're having fun!!! Enjoy the summer :D
Great wips! Can't wait to see more progress on your stitching! :D

Brigitte said...

You must have enjoyed your bike ride very much. Thanks for sharing these pictures.
And ohh, so many projects that are just waiting for being stitched this summer. They are all great and so are your WIPs.

Suzanne said...

What great new starts!